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Everything in the current world is changing. We are taking big leaps and the world is now accessible at our fingertips. So why not astrology? Malayalam astrology reports and consultations are now available online. It takes just seconds to generate your horoscope in Malayalam with only your birth details. Get ready to know a new version of yourself. Clickastro presents the free Malayalam Horoscope report (മലയാളത്തിലുള്ള ജാതകം) which provides precise predictions that are simple and easy to understand and provides you greater insight into every aspect of our life.

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Why is Clickastro the most authentic and unique provider of online astrology?

Clickastro has been providing online astrology services for the longest time. It has served over 110 million users and has a knowledge base built up over 40 years of research and development. This establishes Clickastro as a reliable brand in the field of online astrology.

Predictions in astrology are obtained with careful determination of every variable and through the application of complex mathematical equations. The margin of error for such calculations is very small and takes away the scope of human error. Such precise calculations necessitate advanced and specialised astrological knowledge, which we have possessed since 1984.

The Free Horoscope online report that you will obtain is the result of decades of research by over 100 Vedic astrologers. The wisdom accumulated over the past 38 years allows us to summarise your life in 60 pages, using simple words for easy comprehension.

Features of Free Malayalam Horoscope

Your Vedic Horoscope Summary

(Please provide accurate birth details)


You have ___ Yogas in your horoscope

Gajakesari Yoga bestows fame, fortune, power, and success. Find out your Yogas in your horoscope.


You have ____ Doshas in your horoscope

The in-depth horoscope identifies the doshas that you may have and also suggests easy remedies.


You have _____ favourable periods for your career

Aim high career goals with the right career choice. Get the guide to your career success and climb the ladder of success.


You have ____ auspicious periods for marriage

Learn about the favourable and excellent periods for marriages in your life between the age of 18 and 50.


You have ____ favourable time periods for your Business

Learn about the excellent and favourable periods for business and make the best business decisions which will accentuate your prosperity through wiser investments.

Building House

There are ______ favourable periods for house construction in your horoscope

Now you can build your dream home and the most favourable and excellent periods that will help you fulfil this dream.

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House Building

Includes Dosha analysis & remedies:


Analysis of your chart for 3 most significant doshas.


Get astrologically recommended remedy suggestions.

Includes Yoga Analysis:


Analysis of the natal chart for 76 different Yogas in your life

Includes predictions for 40 years:


The Report contains predictions for the next 40 years or up to the age of 90 years, whichever comes first

Includes Easy & Simple Remedies:










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The best possible jathakam report is made available here. The reports are futuristic while retaining the traditional aspects of astrology. I love it when seemingly random events make sense when viewed from a higher plane. Clickastro reports have that effect on you. If you need the best in astrology, Clickastro should be your go to site.
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What’s in the report?

Panchanga Predictions

Malayalam Jyothisham analyses important astrological aspects such as Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, and Nithyayogas based on your date of birth. Their examination concentrates on aspects of your life such as personality, physical characteristics, and so on. The Panchanga predictions provide information on a variety of such topics. The day of the week on which you were born, like the Nakshatra and Tithi, has a significant impact on your personality. Births during Shukla and Krishna Paksha also result in personality differences. The Karana analysis and Nithya Yoga both provide information about the individual's unique effects that will impact his or her life on Earth.

Dasha Predictions

Dasha is the time when a person is influenced by a specific planet. Your free online Malayalam Jathakam contains details on crucial Dasha periods as well as their sub-periods spanning up to 25 years. The report will explain how these events will affect the individual's life. It will help the individual understand the broad trends that can be expected during a given time period. Dasha predictions are valid for 25 years after purchase. It will go over the main Dasha period's impact as well as the various effects of the various apahara periods within the Dasha period. For example, a report purchased in 2022 will include forecasts through 2067.

Bhava Predictions

Bhavas are the houses in your Malayalam Jathakam. Bhava predictions are important since they examine the placement of various planets in your horoscope, which can influence facets of your life such as physical characteristics, character, personality traits, education, wealth, intelligence, family, progeny, health problems, obstacles, marriage, your partner, fortune, prosperity, longevity, profession, income, and so on. Even malefic planets can produce beneficial effects when placed in certain houses, whereas in others, even the most benefic planets can become malefic. Because it governs a person's marriage and married life, the 7th house is arguably the most well-known.

Yoga Analysis

Yogas are particular planetary configurations that have one-of-a-kind, life-long effects. Vedic astrology describes hundreds of Yogas, some of which are strong while others have a more subdued impact. Your free online Malayalam Jathakam analyses the particular Yogas that are specific to you and thoroughly explains how they will affect your life. A person's fortunes can generally improve as a result of practising certain yogas, such as Raja Yoga. Other forms of yoga have a more focused effect, such as those that focus on education, physical fitness, etc. For instance, Adhi Yoga bestows affluence and luxurious life and also helps you enjoy a long and happy life.

Favourable Periods

In life, fortunes constantly change. Every action you take might literally turn to gold at times, while other times everything you do will turn out to be wrong. Your free online horoscope details all of the happy and prosperous times in your life. These include the best times to start a business, get married, have children, or build a house. From the time of their beginning to the time of their conclusion, the various periods are displayed in table format. The favourable ages for marriage are examined from ages 18 to 60, whereas those for careers and businesses are examined from ages 15 to 60. The ages examined for house construction range from 15 to 80.

Graha Dosha and Remedies

Your free online horoscope will examine any Graha Doshas that might be present. Graha Doshas results when planets are placed in the wrong place in the horoscope. For instance, the horoscope indicates Kuja Dosha if Mars is placed in the seventh house. Since such Graha Doshas could have negative effects, it is best to follow recommended treatments. The free horoscope will include any remedies you might require if your horoscope contains any Graha Doshas. The corrective actions could include fasts, mantras, pujas, etc..


The combustion of planets known as moudhyam occurs when they are placed in the horoscope too close to the Sun. For instance, the Moon is said to be combust or in Moudhyam when it is within 12 degrees of the Sun in the horoscope. Your free horoscope examines the overall Moudhyam of your chart in this manner. A person's life may suffer as a result of moudhyam or the burning of planets. The likelihood of conflicts between the planets in your horoscope are also examined. The name of this state is Graha Yuddha. The Graha Avastha comes next. The positions of the planets in each Avastha, or phase of your life, are examined in Graha Avastha.

Ashtakavarga Predictions

Ashtakavarga is an eight-fold classification of how the planets affect a person's horoscope. Based on the planet's placement in relation to other planets and the ascendant, the strength and intensity of the planet are calculated here. Each planet is given a point value between 0 and 8, with 0 denoting its weakness and 8 its strength. Your free online Malayalam horoscope's Ashtakavarga predictions evaluate the planets' overall potency. This helps in predicting potential life events for the individual. The report also offers potential remedies in the event that the impacts are negative.

Transit Forecast

The positions of the planets in the horoscope of the individual are compared with their current positions in the cosmos in the transit forecast. One can learn more about each planet's transit and how it will affect their lives by consulting the online Malayalam Jathakam transit forecast. A person's life may be significantly impacted by the transit of planets like Jupiter, the Sun, and Saturn, for instance. Jupiter transits from one sign to the next in a year, whereas the Sun does so in a month. It takes two and a half years for Saturn to pass through a sign. The planet's influence on a person increases as it moves through a sign more slowly.

Your Malayalam Jathakam: An Overview

We occasionally ponder why we behave a certain way in challenging circumstances or how we can improve. You may be surprised to learn how much your Malayalam Jathakam (ജാതകം) can reveal about your personality and traits. One of the oldest types of divination, Vedic astrology, is the foundation of Malayalam Jyothisham. Your Malayalam Jathakam shows your Houses or Bhavas, Grahas or Planets, zodiac signs, and features of Drishti visually. Each Bhava represents a different aspect of your life and how it is governed by different life events. Each planet distinguishes your life and influences your personality traits and life choices. The 12 zodiac signs represent your strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, characteristics, and general outlook on life. With the free online Jathakam in Malayalam, you can get astute predictions of your personality, choices, likes/dislikes, and so on, and understand your potential to make your future brighter. The Rashi and Navamsa Chakram in your Malayalam Jathakam (മലയാളത്തിലുള്ള ജാതകം) define the positions of the nine planets in your horoscope. It aids in providing accurate predictions by conducting a thorough and detailed analysis of the native's Rashi, Nakshatram, and griha nila. The Malayalam Jathakam by Clickastro explains the significance of the planets in each house and how they affect your life.

Important Features of Online Malayalam Jathakam

Basic Features

The Panchangam predictions can tell you about your basic characteristics. Your body, mind and emotions are framed by panchangam at the time of your birth. This Malayalam Jathakam report gives accurate predictions based on your weekday, nakshatram, thithi, karanam and nithya yogam.

Character and Affluence

You can know about your life and prospects of earning wealth! The Clickastro jyothisham Malayalam analyses your 1st and 2nd bhavams/houses representing the character and wealth respectively. This gives a detailed report on your basic traits, wealth, fortunes, money flow etc.

Kuja/Chovva Dosham

Kuja dosham or Chovva dosham is one of the various possible malefic features in your horoscope. These malefic features or doshams cause some delays and difficulties in life. You can see from this report, your chances of having these doshams and the remedies to tackle them.

Elements of Your Birth Chart (Jathakam Malayalam)

Understanding your birth chart helps a lot as using it, we can figure out – why are we behaving in a certain way, take important life decisions, and become a better human being. You can create your birth chart using the bylaws of Vedic astrology (Jyothisham Malayalam) – one of the ancient forms of divination.

Ideally, your horoscope chart is nothing but a pictorial representation which covers the following 4 components:

Houses (Bhavas)

The Planets

The Signs

The Aspects

The Houses

Your zodiac circle is divided into 12 individual components aka the houses, which are being ruled by a particular sign and represent a certain area of your life based on the earth’s 24-hour rotation around its axis.

First House – Ruled by Mars, it’s also known as Lagna (or Ascendant) and governs your physical appearance and the first impression you make on others.

Second House – Ruled by Venus, it caters to your finances, personal belongings, and also focuses on your self-esteem, and worth

Third House – Ruled by Mercury, it governs your communication style, thought processes, and even cognitive functioning

Fourth House – Ruled by the Moon, this house talks about your emotional foundation, determines your roots, and connection with the ancestors.

Fifth House – Ruled by the Sun, this house highlights your playful side, creativity, pleasure, and romance.

Sixth House – Governed by Virgo, this house talks about your daily life, determines your problem-solving skills, and attitude towards routines, scheduling, and organisation.

Seventh House – Ruled by Venus, it revolves around partnerships, marriage, business partnerships, etc. and checks your attitude towards such unions.

Eighth House – It’s the house of transformation, ruled by Pluto, and talks about rebirths, change, addiction, regeneration, etc.

Ninth House – Ruled by Jupiter, this house expands your belief system, personal philosophies, and rules your higher learning.

Tenth House – This house is governed by Saturn and talks about your career, achievements, fame, or the desire to achieve success in life.

Eleventh House – Ruled by Uranus, it talks about your hopes, aspirations, and dreams you wish to achieve in life.

Twelfth House – It’s ruled by Neptune and highlights your subconscious state, governs your Karma, and your growth.

The Planets

In Malayalam jyothisham apart from 12 houses, the position of different planets at the time of your birth is important. The placement of these planets in your horoscope chart represents different aspects of your personality. Here’s a quick overview:

Sun – The most important planet that defines your likes/dislikes, interests, and how you express and identify yourself.

Moon – It governs your emotional attachments, your habits, your mindset, and keeps a tab on what you’re most comfortable with and what discomforts you. It gives you a complete overview of the feelings you share with others. Feelings of jealousy, anger, fear, great joy, sensuality are all heightened.

Mercury – It defines your communication style, your thinking ability, your problem-solving skills, your interests, and what you’re most curious about. In your online jyothisham, Mercury is either the same as your Sun sign or the sign just before/after your Sun sign.

Venus – It governs your romantic relationships, your luck and fortune, and even keeps your monetary status in check.

Mars – It controls your motivation, your aggression, confidence, your physical strength, and stamina, and how much of a risk taker you are as an individual.

Jupiter – Your ethics, life philosophy, luck, knowledge, etc. are all controlled by Jupiter. It highlights where you’ll receive monetary benefits, and also defines your generosity.

Saturn – This planet talks about your life ambitions, goals, your feelings, etc. and oversees your career, business, and wealth prospects.

Uranus – It’s about change and is known for triggering unexpected events in the life of an individual like love at first sight, accidents, etc.

Neptune – This planet highlights factors like - what inspires you, and what may deceive you. It’s all about illusion, confusion, imagination, and creativity.

Pluto – This planet represents the areas where you feel powerless, where you want to be at the forefront, and where you experience a transformation. It’s about big events in your life discarding the old ones to make room for the new.


In Vedic astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs wherein each sign has its strengths, weakness, character traits, personality, attitude towards life. All the 12 zodiac signs belong to one of the 4 elements – Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Astrologers can easily make predictions about your personality, choices, likes/dislikes, etc. simply by analysing the projection of these planets, the Sun, and the Moon on your natal chart and allowing us to better understand our potential and make the best of our positive traits.


Aspects are the angles which planets make with each other. They indicate the view or Drishti of a planet or a sign. Aspects between different planets and houses are quite common. In Vedic astrology, there are two types of aspects – Major and Minor and it’s believed that focusing on the Major Aspect is best.

Out of 12 zodiac signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn are called movable signs, while Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are fixed signs. The remaining four signs namely – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are referred to as dual/common signs.

Horoscope in Malayalam Based on Date of Birth: How do I interpret it?

An individual’s Malayalam horoscope consists of the rashi and navamsa chakram. The rashichakra is formed of twelve houses representing the twelve zodiacs or rashis, and all the nine planets are uniquely positioned in the rashichakra. To get accurate predictions on a native’s horoscope, all areas of the chart are carefully examined including the rashi, nakshatram, griha nila, etc.

Clickastro offers horoscopes in Malayalam and many other regional languages for easy understanding of the natives seeking to understand the way their life will progress. In Malayalam Jathakam, the significance of different planets in the houses at certain points in our life bring favourable or unfavourable events in life. For example, to predict the time of marriage of an individual, the permutations and combinations of the 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses along with the planets in operation are considered. The 2nd house represents family while the 7th house and 11th house signify marriage and gain respectively.

Some of the questions about life events that Clickastro’s Malayalam Jyotisham can answer are:

How is the state of finances going to be in the native’s life?

Which stream of education should one choose for the best career possibilities?

When will the periods of troubles come into the native’s life and which remedies can help to minimise or avert the problems?

Which is a better career option for an individual – job or business?

Which is the best time to buy land or a vehicle?

How is the native’s marital life going to be?

Frequently Asked Questions On Malayalam Horoscope

Jathakam / Horoscope or Birth Chart – Are they the same?

Yes, your Jathakam or horoscope or the birth chart is a clear snapshot of your entire life and can tell you about your past, present, and future by analysing the planetary positions unique to your date of birth, time, and place. It can also give your insights into your likely personality traits and favourable or unfavourable periods.

How can horoscope reading benefit me?

By understanding your horoscope, you can predict different aspects of life such as your career, business, relationships, prospects and more. Usually, the position of celestial bodies indicates different life events and helps you find solutions to various problems or obstacles that you might face in your life.

What details do I need to generate my online jathakam?

To generate your online Jathakam, all you need to know is your accurate date of birth, time of birth and the place. Each of these details has its significance like the date of birth helps you find the planetary position for the day. The time and place of birth on the other side help you find the Ascendant and other house positions. Once you have an idea of both, you can easily generate your horoscope in Malayalam.

Is online Jathakam as reliable as traditional astrology?

Usually, to prepare your Jathakam, astrologers analyse your data and perform manual calculations to figure out the planetary placements and create your birth chart. At Clickastro, we’ve created software to carry out the complex astrological calculations required to generate your Jathakam. We are tied up with the top astrologers in the country, who have helped perfect and hone our software. Clickastro is trusted by India’s leading Marriage portals for Jathakam and online horoscope services.

What can an Online Jathakam tell me about my future?

Each Jathakam holds the entire astrological data of a person based on their birth information and it can be examined carefully to know the general pattern of one’s life. With our accurate Malayalam jyothisham report, you can get valuable insights w.r.t your career, family, health, etc. You can also prepare yourself for the upcoming twists and turns, favourable periods in your life, prospects of growth, and even about the presence of Doshas in your horoscope with their possible remedies.

How to know if I have any Doshas in my Jathakam?

As per the Vedic astrology, planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Sun are malefic planets. Their presence in your Jathakam can influence your general life chart in myriad ways, usually negative. There are different types of doshas like – Mangal (Kuja) dosha/ Rahu-Ketu dosha, Pitra dosh, etc. prevalent in the astrological world.
Our online horoscope chart can help determine if you have any of these doshas especially the Kuja/Mangal dosha present in your Jathakam or not and also suggest remedies to minimise its impact on your life.

Can I understand my Malayalam Jathakam report by myself?

To read and understand your horoscope report, all you need is the basic astrological knowledge. Once you have the basic understanding, you can easily interpret your birth chart that represents your planetary positions in the 360-degree zodiac. Through Clickastro, you can easily prepare your horoscope chart capturing the entire astrology-based data and read your Jathakam in any of the 9 languages we support.

Why opt for an Online Jathakam/jyothisham report?

The accuracy of a horoscope is based on its calculations. An astrologer usually performs a lot of complex calculations while creating your horoscope and there always exists the probable chances of a human error. However, a good online Jathakam or horoscope assures error-free calculations and predictions.
At Clickastro, we make use of advanced astrology software to prepare your online Jathakam in Malayalam. By choosing this online Jathakam, you can foresee your future and have an accurate account of your life and character.

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The basic and advanced studies are represented by the second and fourth houses, respectively, in your Malayalam education horoscope. This means that it will act as a student's educational manual.

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