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How can Clickastro claim to be the most authentic service provider of online astrology

Clickastro is the longest-serving online astrology service provider. It has served more than 110 million users and has a knowledge backup gained from over 36 years of research and development. This makes Clickastro a trusted brand in the field of online astrology.

In Telugu astrology, predictions are made after ascertaining variables and applying complicated equations. The margin of error is slim. Such precise calculations demand advanced and exclusive astrological knowledge which we have had since 1984.

The Free Telugu Horoscope report you receive is a result of decades of research by more than 100 Vedic astrologers. The wisdom thus gathered for over 36 years enables us to summarize your life in 60 pages, using simple words for easy understanding.

Features of Free Telugu Horoscope

Your Vedic horoscope summary

(Please provide accurate birth details)


You have ___ Yogas in your horoscope

Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga is one of the strongest Yogas in astrology. Find out what yogas you have in your report.


You have ____ Doshas in your horoscope

The in-depth horoscope will reveal doshas if any and remedies if needed


You have _____ favourable periods for your career

Aim for that promotion at the right time. Know when to keep low and when to jump high.


You have ____ auspicious periods for marriage

The best periods for marriages between the age of 18 and 50 are given in the report


You have ________ favourable periods for your business

Make your business grow and prosper by making investments during favourable periods

Building House

There are ______ favourable periods for house construction in your horoscope

Build your dream house during the most auspicious period between the age of 15 and 80 years.

Get your free Telugu Horoscope

Features of Full & Detailed Telugu Horoscope

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House Building

Includes Dosha analysis & remedies:

Your chart gets analysed for 3 most significant doshas.

You will get astrologically recommended remedy suggestions.

Includes Yoga Analysis:

Your natal chart will be analysed for 76 different yogas in your life

Includes predictions for 40 years:

The Report contains predictions for the next 40 years or up to the age of 90 years, whichever comes first

Includes Easy & Simple Remedies:





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This well researched Vedic horoscope report is:

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Clickastro's Telugu Jathakam was really an eye opener for me. In one instant my entire assumption about online astrology and even astrology in general was shattered. I used to wonder how this outdated science could stay relevant in this age of information surplus. But the Telugu Jathakam report made me realize that Vedic astrology is flexible enough to accommodate modern ethos also into it. I am very happy I chose Clickastro for availing the report.
daisy prasad
Bhahut kam samay mein satik bhavisyabani. Thank-you.
I am quite wary of meeting astrologers. Somehow I have been taken for a royal ride by a couple of astrologers and that kept me away from them for quite some time. One of my friends who happened to get the Telugu jathakam from Clickastro recommended it to me. I wasn't so eager and I let it slide. Recently I needed my horoscope for a personal requirement and I got my Jathakam made in my mothertongue Telugu. I was actually surprised by its contents and predictions. I am truly satisfied with the service.
Very useful
hema pandat
Garib logo ky bahut ahcca solution hi jinky pass kundli bnvany ky liye fess affert nhi ker skty thanks for work🙏
saurav gurjar
Amazing....real and right evey thing
dr paidi malleswararao
Good report
manoj v s
നല്ലൊരു സേവനം ആണ്... നിങ്ങൾ നൽകുന്നത്
Thank you astrologers click astro
divya yadav
Jeewan ke liye shi margadarshan
sumit yadav
rajesh kumar
Mera dasha kaisa hai
gopal singh
Very nice report
Right predictions
gyanaranjan baliarsingh
Excellent horoscope report
I am happy with your astrology...
kajal choudhary
Excellent prediction
Getting a good Telugu Jathakam report used to be a matter of luck. I used to try different websites based on crude assumptions. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. Until I chanced upon Clickastro. The experience with Clickastro came as a revelation. I never expected an astrology site to possess such high standards. It was like dealing with an IT company. They have all my goodwill and wishes.
Marriage predictions without Clickastro is like Ferrari without a logo. Objectively there is no difference, but to those who know, the omission is like a sacrilege of the highest order. There are many websites offering free marriage predictions. But no one does it like Clickastro. Their's is the best and the most professionally managed astrology website.
durgesh maley
Good experience
Few sites provide comprehensive marriage prediction reports. Clickastro is the best of the lot. I choose Clickastro because of their track record, professionalism and quality content. Their modern take on this age old tradition is also commendable. Clickastro marriage prediction reports are comprehensive and easy to read. A layman can understand what is written. They come at a fair price too.
The report I ordered in Telugu was made available quickly and without hiccups. I am pleased to know that at least one website claiming to be astrology service providers has the decency to place customer satisfaction as their ultimate goal. After many bitter experiences, Clickastro came as a soothing balm. I will endorse Clickastro for all time to come for how well they treated me.
Marriage prediction report from Clickastro is the best in the market. I like the way the report has been laid out. The honesty and accuracy of the report deserves special mention. There are many ways to get a marriage prediction report, but none of them are as authentic as Clickastro. I wish all the best for team Clickastro. May you grow and spread the knowledge of astrology to all corners of the world.
The Clickastro marriage prediciton report is simple, detailed and comprehensive. Every aspect of married life and the significant planetary aspects related to it have been covered in the report. I also found the report to be very progressive and up to date with modern social ethos. Companies like Clickastro are the reason why I can still proudly flaunt by faith in tradional systems.
Clickastro marriage prediction reports are the most comprehensive, logical and positive reports available on the online platform. They present their predictions against the changing face of the society and I love it that they push modern virtues like gender equality and women empowerment in their reports.
I got Telugu Jathakam from Clickastro for a reasonable price. The staff at the other end was polite and patient with my requirements. They maintained contact until the full report was delivered to me. It was a smooth and pleasurable experience.
Where to find true, accurate, authentic marriage prediction reports on the internet? Clickastro, where else! Clickastro has a dedicated team of top quality professionals who ensure you are served with the best in astrology services. Millions, including myself, trust Clickastro to deliver, especially when it comes to marriage predictions.
vinay verma
Very happy and satisfied with the advice received from Astrologer ARUN R. All my doubts and queries were answered patiently and satisfactorily. Will definitely recommend consulting Arun Ji as he is one of the best astrologers around. Thanks Clickastro for arranging this astrology consultation session.
harini muralidharan
I have consulted many astrologers so from experience I can say that Acharya Arun Sir is certainly one of the best astrologer at Clickastro. He is very accurate in predictions and helpful by providing practical remedies. His guidance has shown us lot of improvements in our lives over the last few months. I will certainly consult Arun Sir for my family and will surely recommend to friends as well.
Thank you so much

What's in the report?

Panchanga Predictions

The important astrological aspects in Telugu Jyothisham are analysed from your date of birth that include Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana and Nithyayogas, among others. Their analysis focuses on aspects of your life such as personality, physical characteristics, and so on. The Panchanga predictions offer insight into various such aspects. Just as the Nakshatra and Tithi, the day of the week on which you were born also has a huge influence in shaping your character. Births during Shukla and Krishna Paksha also lead to differences in an individual's personality. The Karana analysis, as well as Nithya Yoga, provide information about the person's unique effects that will impact his or her life on Earth.

Dasha Predictions

Dasha is the period during which a person is affected by a specific planet. Your free Telugu Jathakam online provides information on important Dasha periods as well as their sub-periods spanning up to 25 years. The report will inform the individual about how these events will affect his or her life. It will assist the individual in understanding the general trends that can be expected during a specific time period. Dasha predictions are valid for 25 years from the date of purchase. It will discuss the impact of the main Dasha period as well as the various effects of the various apahara periods within the Dasha period. A report purchased in 2022 will cover forecasts until 2067.

Bhava Predictions

In your Telugu Jathakam, Bhavas are the houses. Bhava predictions are significant because they scrutinise the placement of various planets in your horoscope, which can impact aspects of your life such as physical attributes, character, personality traits, education, wealth, intelligence, family, progeny, health problems, obstacles, marriage, your partner, fortune, prosperity, longevity, profession, income, and so on. When placed in certain houses, even malefic planets can produce positive results, whereas in others, even the most benefic planets can become malefic. The 7th house is arguably the most well-known because it governs a person's marriage and married life.

Yoga Analysis

Yogas are specific combinations of planets that produce unique effects that last a person's entire life. Hundreds of yogas are described in Vedic astrology, some of which are powerful while others have a more subtle effect. Your free online Telugu Jathakam analyses yogas that are unique to you and describes how they will impact your life in detail. Certain yogas, such as Raja Yoga, can result in an overall improvement in a person's fortunes. Other yogas have a more specific impact, such as on education, physical strength, and so on. Anapha Yoga, for example, suggests that you will live a healthy life with properly functioning organs.

Favourable periods

Fortunes keep varying in life. During certain periods everything you touch may figuratively turn into gold, while during other periods whatever you do will end up being wrong. Your free horoscope online describes the various favourable and excellent periods of your life in detail. These include favourable periods for career, marriage, business and house construction. The different periods are presented in table format from their starting time to their time of conclusion. For marriage, the favourable periods are analysed from age 18 to 60 while for career and business, they are analysed for ages from 15 to 60. For house construction, the ages analysed are between 15 to 80.

Graha Dosha and Remedies

Your free horoscope online will look into any Graha Doshas that may be present in your horoscope. Graha Doshas arise due to the wrong planets getting positioned at the wrong place in the horoscope. For example, Mars getting positioned in the seventh house means the horoscope suffers from Kuja Dosha. Such Graha Doshas may cause serious consequences, so it is best to observe remedies. The remedies which you may need if there are any Graha Doshas present in your horoscope will be given in the free horoscope. The remedial measures may be vrats, mantras, pujas etc.


Moudhyam is the combustion of planets due to them being positioned too close to the Sun in the horoscope. For example, the Moon when reaches within 12 degrees of the Sun in the horoscope, then the Moon is said to be combust or in Moudhyam. In this way, your free horoscope analyzes the overall Moudhyam in your chart. Moudhyam or the combustion of planets can cause an adverse impact on the life of the person. There is also the analysis of the probability of conflict between the planets in your horoscope. This condition is called the Graha Yuddha. Then there is the Graha Avastha. In Graha Avastha, the position of the planets in every Avastha or stage of your life is analyzed.

Ashtakavarga Predictions

The eightfold categorization of the influence of the planets on a person's horoscope is known as Ashtakavarga. The strength and intensity of the planet are calculated here based on its position in relation to other planets and the ascendant. Each planet is assigned a point value ranging from 0 to 8, with 0 being the weakest and 8 being the strongest. The Ashtakavarga predictions in your free online Telugu horoscope assess the planets' overall strength. This assists in determining the events that may occur during the person's life. If the impacts are negative, remedial measures are also suggested in the report.

Transit Forecast

The positions of the planets as seen in the person's horoscope are compared to the current positions of the planets in the cosmos in the transit forecast. The transit forecast provided by in the Telugu Jathakam online will assist one in understanding the effect of each planet's transit and its impact on his or her life. The transit of planets such as Jupiter, Sun, and transit of Saturn, for example, can have a significant impact on a person's life. The Sun takes a month to transit from one sign to the next, whereas Jupiter takes a year. Saturn's transit through a sign takes two and a half years. The slower the planet moves through a sign, the greater its influence it generates on the individual.

Your Telugu Horoscope: An Overview

The horoscope is a representation of the cosmos at the time of a person's birth. Astrologers study the effect that different planets have on a person's personality and character based on their position in the horoscope of the person. The online Telugu Jathakam examines the implications of the planets and forecasts what will happen in the future.

Astrology in Telugu: Get your horoscope in your regional language

Your online horoscope or Telugu Jathakam gives a detailed report about all aspects of life. The free Telugu horoscope service offered by Clickastro will help you get past translation barriers. The Telugu astrology services provided by Clickastro are proven in their accuracy and detail. The free Telugu horoscope report is tabulated by a unique software that ensures precision and absence of error. You only have to share your name and birth details to get your Telugu Jathakam. You can use it for further one-on-one consultation in Telugu astrology through Findastro. Availing astrology services in one's mother tongue eliminates any scope of misunderstandings arising through misguided translations.

The free Telugu horoscope will give you an insight into how you perceive life, behave with others and the general good periods and bad periods in life. Availing your Telugu jathakam will help you open your eyes to hitherto unseen aspects of your life. By understanding the different components of a free Telugu horoscope, like houses and planetary positions, you can determine how it affects you as an individual. Entertaining Telugu astrology in life will help you tackle uncertainties better. It will also help you to take full advantage of good times. Avail of this opportunity at the next opportune moment

Online Telugu Jathakam – What are the benefits?

  • It predicts how your day/week/month will likely proceed to keep you aware of the favorable and the unfavorable periods of your life.
  • You’re able to make better and informed life decisions and can also learn how they will be impacting your life in the future.
  • Your astrology in telugu gives you an edge over others, makes you feel more confident, optimistic, and you’re better prepared for the future.
  • Using your Telugu poorthi jathakam, you can learn how to better plan your investments to accumulate wealth, improve your financial status, and when you should avoid investing your savings to minimize losses.
  • It also highlights your weak points, your strengths, predicts what career/profession will suit your individuality, and also tells you about your marriage alongside other details concerning your life.

Free Telugu Astrology Predictions Online: Get a snapshot of your life

Astrology is one of the oldest science forms known to human beings, and Indians have always been at the forefront of astrology since time immemorial. Our ancestors looked to the skied to decipher how their lives are governed by the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. Astrology was born as a result of this quest.

Commonly referred to as “Jyotir Vidya” in Sanskrit, the word ‘Astrology’ means the “science of the light” ascribing to a sense of spiritualism and well-being. We as human beings tend to check our jyothisham regularly to understand what our future beholds. Our daily life experiences, events, and occurrences are heavily influenced based on the planets and reading our Telugu Jatakam report can help prepare us as the future unfolds.

Get your In depth Horoscope Report

Telugu Astrology – The significance of Birth Chart

Almost everything in astrology is defined based on the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. The movement and plotting of celestial bodies are then accomplished with pinpoint accuracy and used to generate birth (natal) charts and make predictions about life. Your birth chart is nothing but comprehensive insight into different aspects of your life.

You can now generate your online Telugu jathakam (ఆన్ లైన్ తెలుగు జాతకం) by simply entering your birth details like time of birth, place of birth, and date. Clickastro’s software does all the complex calculations in minutes to accurately forecast your horoscope.

Learning about your Telugu jyothisham can give you foresight into your future and help you prepare for the outcomes well in advance. It can reveal important aspects related to your personality, attitude towards life, career options. It gives Education predictions, Career predictions, Marriage predictions and even favourable and unfavourable periods of your life.

Your Free Telugu Poorthi Jathakam helps you understand more about yourself, highlights your strengths, and encourages you to pivot your weaknesses into something worthwhile. A clear overview of your life helps equip you to fight the obstacles in your life and make better decisions.

Quadrants in Astrology - A Quick Overview

Everyone knows that there are 12 houses in Vedic astrology, but not many know that these also make up the four important quadrants in your horoscope chart. These 12 houses are divided into three categories based on the position of the house while cycling around all twelve houses. The names are:

  • Angular House
  • Succedent House
  • Cadent House

Out of these houses, Angular House is the most powerful followed by Succedent and Cadent House, i.e.,

Angular House > Succedent House > Cadent Houses

Angular Houses

They are one of the most important houses and can heavily influence an individual’s horoscope. At each Earth’s rotation, both the Sun and planets are in the houses for two hours i.e., there are four important points in each day:

  • Sunrise (Ascendant) – First House
  • Midday (Mid-heaven) – Fourth House
  • Sunset (Descendent) – Seventh House
  • Midnight (Lower-heaven) – Tenth House

All these houses collectively are known as Angular Houses. Since each planet has different characteristics, it can influence your angular house accordingly.

First House (Ascendant)

Ruled by Mars, it deals with your outer personality and the effect it has on other individuals.

Fourth House

Ruled by the Moon, it dictates your relationships with others, and different aspects like house, property, real estate, etc. It also revolves around your mental peace, emotional balance, and can predict a lot about your belief in God, religion, and other spiritual matters.

Seventh House

This is the house of marriage and is ruled by planet Venus. It covers both the positive and the negative aspects of partnerships including lawsuits, divorce, etc. alongside talking about your purpose in life.

Tenth House

Ruled by Saturn, this house deals with your career aspects and influences your goals, achievements, and the overall meaning of life.

Succedent Houses

Within your horoscope chart, the Second, Fifth, Eighth, and Eleventh houses are known as Succedent houses. They are stable and fixed houses and dictate the resources, wealth that you will attract in life.

Second House

It deals with your money and worldly possessions and also determines the value you give to your self-worth and not materialistic things.

Fifth House

This house signifies romance and sexual relationships and also details with sports, games, and your creativity.

Eighth House

This is opposite to the second house, and hence, provides insights about other possessions in your life.

Eleventh House

It provides information about your hopes, goals, aspirations, dreams, and also talks about your friends and the bond you share with them.

Cadent Houses

This set includes the Third, Sixth, Ninth, and the Twelfth House of your jyothisham. These houses are ruled by mutable zodiac signs i.e., Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Third House

It predicts information about your learning and communication abilities and your bonding with your siblings and neighbours.

Sixth House

It gives you an insight into your performance on both the work-front and personal life. Apart from highlighting your performance, it also keeps a track of your diet and health.

Ninth House

This house primarily talks about your philosophies, principles, and spiritual beliefs.

Twelfth House

It deals with your problems, issues, undisclosed enemies, and secrets that can ruin your existence. Some astrologers even connect this house with your past life deeds i.e., Karma.

Why Rely on ClickAstro for Free Telugu Jathakam (తెలుగు జాతకం)?

At ClickAstro, you can get your Telugu astrology by date of birth within minutes. Our reliable horoscope generation software chalks out your future for the next 25 years and gives you a detailed report about your future, your personality and character traits, etc.

It also analyzes your Dasha – Apahara periods and gives information about your career, education, financial status, favourable periods for marriage & career growth. ClickAstro experts can also create your detailed jathaka charts and tell you about Doshas (if any) in your Kundli and suggest remedies for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions On Telugu Horoscope

Can I interpret my Telugu horoscope myself?

Yes, you can easily generate your Telugu horoscope yourself and interpret it based on the simple insights. Since it is in your mother tongue ‘Telugu’, you can also request elders in the family or your family astrologer to interpret it for you.

What’s included in this jyothisham report?

We offer our Telugu poorthi jathakam free with insights on the next 25 years of your life. With our report, you can get detailed predictions on your wealth, business, career, education, and more. We create your Telugu astrology chart by date of birth by analyzing your Dasa-Apahara periods, transit forecasts, etc. to give you an accurate reading on the most favourable periods of your life, the doshas and their remedies along with detailed jataka charts and tables.

What is a Jathakam and what information is needed to generate it?

Your jathakam/horoscope is one of the most vital documents that act as a snapshot of your life and is based on Vedic astrology concepts. It consists of 12 houses/bhavas with specific planetary positions that are unique to your time and place of birth. Your jathakam by date of birth in Telugu contains insights on the favourable and unfavourable periods in your life and helps you make decisions in your career, business, or relationships to remedy any negative planetary influences.

Can I trust online Telugu jathakam as compared to traditional astrology?

The creation of your horoscope chart or astrology report in Telugu requires a complete understanding of Vedic concepts. An astrologer while developing your horoscope report needs to study the planetary placements and perform a lot of complex astrological calculations. Even a minor calculation mistake during the process can affect the entire prediction report. So, by relying on software, you can obtain error-free predictions.

How can your Telugu astrology by date of birth help in finalizing your marriage?

By obtaining your jyothisham from ClickAstro, you can learn when you will get married, about your life partner, their likes/dislikes, their compatibility with you, and how your marital life will be in the future. It can also tell you more about the auspicious time for marriage and which kind of partner is right for you.

Why should I trust Clickastro with free Telugu poorthi jathakam?

Our astrology software has been vetted by veteran astrologers who come with years of experience in reading and analyzing horoscopes. Thus, the interpretations made using your birth chart are detailed and accurate.

How much time will it take to generate my free astrology in Telugu report on ClickAstro?

Once you feed in your basic birth details (name, place of birth, time, and location), our software takes less than a minute to analyze your information and generate your free Telugu Jathakam which is sent promptly to your inbox.

What if I find Doshas in my Telugu Jyothisham report?

Doshas occur due to the presence of malefic planets in your jathakam. As per the Vedic astrology, Mangal/Kuja dosha and “Rahu-Ketu dosha” are the most prominent ones. The presence of any of these doshas can cast a negative influence on your life leading to problems like delay in marriage, financial losses, etc. Our free astrology chart in Telugu helps you learn about the likely presence of these doshas and suggest remedies to minimize their impact.

Are there any significant benefits of reading my horoscope in Telugu?

Yes, there are numerous benefits of reading your Telugu jathakam online. With the report having detailed insights, it gets easier for you to know the ins and outs of your life. You can easily learn your strong points and the weak points, and get insights w.r.t your career, finances, education, personal life, etc. Also, in case you are encountering difficulties in your life, you can find workable solutions through this report.

Why should I read my jathakam?

We recommend you to carefully read your online Telugu jathakam to know yourself as an individual. It lets you know the unknown features of your life & character and guide you to tackle unwanted problems or difficulties arising in your life. The analysis will also help you plan your future in a better way and the scope of fulfilling your dreams.

How to read my Telugu Jathaka?

The basis of your jataka is the birth chart. To read this, you should have an understanding of how to read the planets, bhavas/houses & rasis and their significance in your life. At Clickastro, we give you an error-free Telugu jathaka report that’s easier to read and understand and covers every aspect of your life.

Can I download my Telugu jatakam from ClickAstro?

As part of the free BASIC plan, you can only view your Telugu jathakam predictions online. Your astrology report will give you partial insights related to your Graha dosha analysis, Transit forecasts, yogas, etc. It will also tell you about the likely presence of doshas but will not be including the remedies for the same. To download and share your jatakam you can upgrade to the premium report.

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