Sagi Kamalakara Sharma


Vedic Astrologer, Astrology Consultant

Sagi Kamalakara Sharma

Mr. Sharma was awarded Ph.D in 2004 for astrological studies. His areas of specialisation are Telugu Literature and Astrological Studies. His areas of interest are Classical Literature and Astrology. Mr. Sharma has published around 82 articles in various magazines; other publications include Jyothirmayam Vangmayam, Janapadula Jyothirvignanam, Jyotisha Kamalakaram, Andarikee Jyotisham. He is the editor of the magazines Musi, Jyotirvastu Vignanam and Udayini.

He has several awards and honours to his credit including UGC-NET, UGC-JRF. Some other awards are Ramaraju Janapada Vignana Puraskar, Rashtriya Vikas Siromani Puraskar; honoured with Andhra Bhasha Bhushana, Jyotishya Praveena, Jyotishya Visharada, Daivanga Ratna, Jyotishya Siromani, Jyotishya Martanda, Ateendriya Sakti Sampannulu title.

Vedic Astrology

MA (Telugu), MA( Sanskrit), MA( Jyotishya), MA (English), PhD

Awarded the Andhra Bhasha Bhushana.
Awarded the Jyothisha Praveena.
Awarded the Dr. B. Ramaraju Janapada Vignana Puraskaramu.
Awarded the Jyothisha Visharada.
Awarded the Jyothisha Maneeshi.

Sorry, Mr.Sagi Kamalakara Sharma is temporarily unavailable for consultations. If you need any urgent consultation, kindly request you to contact us on the below mentioned number.
Ph: 9072691222, 9539550333
The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.


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Ask Any 3 Questions Rs. 1685 CONSULT NOW
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Life Time Prediction & Full analysis of Charts Rs. 5618 CONSULT NOW
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Gem Recommendation Rs. 562 CONSULT NOW
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One Year Report Rs. 1124 CONSULT NOW
Business Report Rs. 1685 CONSULT NOW
Vaastu and Fengshui Advice Rs. 2247 CONSULT NOW
Educational Guidance Rs. 1685 CONSULT NOW
Two Years Career Report Rs. 1685 CONSULT NOW
Health Report Rs. 2247 CONSULT NOW
Doshas, Curses and Remedies Rs. 3371 CONSULT NOW
Rudraksha Recommendation Rs. 730 CONSULT NOW
Property Report Rs. 1685 CONSULT NOW

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