Thila Homam - Sayuja Puja

Thila Homam - Sayuja Puja

Thila Homam removes obstacles by bringing peace to the souls of the ancestors.

What is Thila Homa - Sayuja Puja:

The purpose of the Thila Homa is to grant peace to the ancestors and deceased family members' souls. It is a remedy for natives with Pitru dosh in their horoscope. The Homa eliminates dissatisfaction and ushers in harmony and contentment in life.

Who should perform Thila Homa - Sayuja Puja:

Thila Homa must be performed if:

  • Your ancestors had an unnatural death
  • Facing intense problems posed by adversaries
  • Ancestors have committed sins in their life
  • You have Pitru Dosh in your horoscope
  • You have never performed Shraddh for your ancestors.
  • You are facing difficulties and unhappiness in your life, career, marriage, financial stability, etc.

Why is Thila Homa - Sayuja Puja Done:

Thila Homa should be done to:

  • Ease the suffering of dead souls.
  • Gain quick relief from unjustified sufferings and concerns.
  • Atone for the sins committed by ancestors.
  • Bestow the native with happiness, good health, success and financial stability.

When is Thila Homa - Sayuja Puja Done (Auspicious times):

The auspicious muhurat to conduct this Puja is on Mahalaya Amavasya which is celebrated 15 day before Navratri, and is also known as Pitru Paksha. The homa can also be performed as per the tithi (time of death). If tithi is unknown, then it can be performed on any Amavasya. Your priest will suggest the most auspicious muhurat to perform the puja.

Where is Thila Homa - Sayuja Puja done:

Puja can be performed either at your home, temple or as per the priest’s instructions.

How is Thila Homa - Sayuja Puja done (observances and rules):

  • While performing this puja the devotee must sit facing East.
  • It is essential to cleanse your body and keep your mind clean from any negative thoughts.
  • Should wake up early and after bath must offer prayers to the planet lords.
  • Ensure to wear clean and new clothes.
  • External distractions should be avoided while performing the puja.
  • The observer must abstain from consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian food on the day of the puja.
  • Further instructions will be given by the priest
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