Swayamvara Puja

Swayamvara Puja

Do Swayamvera puja for timely marriage and for combating the negative influence of planets.

What is Swayamvara Puja :

Swayamvara Puja is a performed for timely marriage and to counteract the negative influence of the planets in one’s horoscope. Marriage can be delayed for a variety of reasons and due to some Dosh such as Pitra Dosh, Kuja Dosh, Mangal Dosh, Sarp Dosh, and Kaal Sarp Dosh.

Who should perform Swayamvara Puja :

Swayavara Puja must be performed if you have Pitra Dosh, Kuja Dosh, Sarp Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Mangal Dosh, or ill-placement of planets, etc. in your horoscope, which cause delay in marriage.

Why is Swayamvara Puja Done:

Swayamvara puja helps in:

  • Counteracting the negative impact of planets.
  • Eliminates obstacles or challenges that cause delay in marriage.
  • Eliminates marital discord and strengthens marital bond.

When is Swayamvara Puja Done (Auspicious times):

Each puja and auspicious muhurat will vary from individual to individual. Your priest will suggest the most auspicious muhurat to perform the puja.

Where is Swayamvara Puja done:

Puja can be performed either at your home, temple or as per the priest’s instructions.

How is Swayamvara Puja done (observances and rules):

  • While performing this puja the devotee must sit facing East.
  • It is essential to cleanse your body and keep your mind clean from any negative thoughts.
  • Ensure to wear clean and new clothes.
  • External distractions should be avoided while performing the puja.
  • The observer must abstain from consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian food on the day of the puja.
  • Further instructions will be given by the priest
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