Suryagrahana Shanti Anushtan (1month)

Suryagrahana Shanti Anushtan (1month)

Remove grahan doshas and have a better financial and marital life by doing the Grahan Dosh Puja.

Why is it done?

When the Sun, Rahu or Ketu are placed together in the same house or aspect each other in one’s horoscope, then it forms the Surya Grahan Dosh. Similarly, when the Moon, Rahu or Ketu are placed together in the same house or aspect each other, then it forms the Chandra Grahan Dosh. The Grahan Dosha Nivaran puja is specially meant to negate the malefic effects of the above doshas. Performing the Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja bestows the individual with success and fortune and blesses them with a harmonious and peaceful life. It removes the negativity and obstacles in obtaining a progeny, instils financial stability.

Things to take care of

Face east while sitting for the puja. Always be with a clean body and mind. Wear clothes that are new. Be in utmost devotion during the puja, do not let any external disturbances take away your attention. Avoid non-veg and alcohol on the day of the puja.

Auspicious times

Auspicious times vary with individuals. Consult a priest to know your auspicious time

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