Shani Dosh Puja / Shani Dosh & Sadesathi Puja

Shani Dosh Puja / Shani Dosh & Sadesathi Puja

Shani dosh puja helps get relief from the malefic effects of Shani, which can be beneficial for your career.

What is Sade Sati Puja :

Saturn's Sade-Sati period lasts for seven and a half years (Shani). The adverse outcomes of Shani Sade Sati are relieved by Sade Sati Puja. This is a time of many challenges, but it is also a period of outstanding success and acclaim.

Who should perform Sade Sati Puja :

Those undergoing the Sade Sati period should perform this puja. Devotees suffering from chronic illness, career. issues, academic slowdowns, loss in business can also perform this puja to eliminate the obstacles.

Why is Sade Sati Puja Done:

  • Boosts good vibes, calm down Saturn's negative effects, and balance them out.
  • Relief from serious health issues.
  • Success in business.
  • Successful career and promotes fortune.
  • For personal and professional stability.
  • Aids in removal of debt and poverty.
  • Provides positivity and hope.
  • Eliminates Navagraha doshas from the horoscope.
  • Encourages spiritual development
  • Atonement for past sins through Antahkarna Shuddhi.
  • Protects against illnesses and enhances health.
  • Prevents both physical and mental illnesses.

When is Sade Sati Puja Done (Auspicious times):

Auspicious muhurat will differ from individual to individual. Your priest will suggest the most auspicious Muhurat to perform the puja.

Where is Sade Sati Puja done:

Puja can be performed either at your home, temple or as per the priest’s instructions.

How is Sade Sati Puja done (observances and rules):

Ingredients for the puja include:

Black sesame, black thread, cotton leaves, cardamom, cloves, black urad, nagarmotha, black flowers, Shamhi wood, and oil.

The observer must:

  • Wear clean new clothes.
  • Observe complete celibacy and abstinence of meat and alcohol.
  • Perform the puja with utmost devotion and faith.
  • Maintain physical and mental cleanliness.
  • Perform charity after completion of puja
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