Gayathri Homam (Sukrutha Homam)

Gayathri Homam (Sukrutha Homam)

Gayathri Homam helps succeed in education, career, business, finance and wealth.

What is Gayatri Homa?

Gayatri Homa, also called Sukrutha Homa, washes off wrongdoings done in this birth as well as during previous births. Performing this homa gets the complete endowments of Devi Gayatri. This homa brings positive associations with family and society, and it helps in arriving at high objectives.

Why is Gayatri Homa done?

Gayatri Homa brings incredible accomplishment in the way of self progression and wonderful changes in the mental system of the individual. Such a person won't have to wail for sustenance and a safe house. It gives protection from physical damage and guarantees a long life.

Who should do Gayatri Homa?

Gayatri Homa is recommended for people who want to improve their overall well being, who want to get protection from enemies and evil forces and attain peace of mind. It also good for eradicating negative qualities and reaching high levels in material and spiritual life.

Where should Gayatri Homa be done?

Gayatri Homa can be performed at a temple or home or any other location as advised by a priest.

When should Gayatri Homa be done?

Gayatri Homa can be done on any auspicious day but mostly Sunday is preferable for better outcome.

How should Gayatri Homa be done?

The Gayatri Homa includes Ganapati puja, Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam, Kalasha Puja, Navagraha Pooja and Gayatri Homam. This is followed by Poornahuti, Ashirvachanam and distribution of prasad.

List of pandits doing Gayathri Homam (Sukrutha Homam)
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Vedic Astrologer, Gemologist
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