Ganapathi Pooja

Ganapathi Pooja

Ganapathi Puja is done to remove any obstacles, especially for businesses.

What is Ganapathy Puja?

The Ganapathy Puja is performed for Lord Ganapathi who removes all the obstacles and negative energies.

Who should do Ganapathy Puja?

Ganapathy Puja is recommended for anyone starting a new business, shop, or partnership. Doing this puja will increase luck and help remove obstacles unforeseen. It is also good for those about to be married or is going to be a parent. Doing Ganapathy Puja ensures success, peace, and harmony of such events.

Why is Ganapathy Puja done?

This puja bestows one with intelligence and wisdom. It removes and helps to overcome obstacles and hurdles in life. The puja is done to ensure good fortune, harmony, and prosperity in one’s family.

When is Ganapathy Puja done? (Auspicious times)

The Ganapathy Puja can be done during the Brahma Muhurat (4:30 am – 6:00 am). It can also be done at other auspicious times. The puja date is decided as per the Janma Nakshatra of a person and by considering the Yoga, and Thithi of that particular date.

Where is Ganapathy Puja done?

Ganapathy Puja can be performed at temple, at home or the place where the auspicious event is set to take place.

How is Ganapathy Puja done?

Ganapathy Puja is performed by invoking Lord Ganapathy followed by the chanting of Ganapathy Mantra and then performing the Ganesh puja to receive his blessings.

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