Ganapathi Homa

Ganapathi Homa

Ganapathi Homam is done to remove any obstacles, especially for businesses.

What is Ganapati Homa?

Lord Ganapati is highly venerated and is the remover of all obstacles. Any new beginning is made by invoking Lord Ganapati. Insurmountable obstacles magically dissipate by performing Ganapati Homa.

Why is Ganapati Homa done?

Ganapati Homa helps to bring harmony in family and success in both professional and personal life. Performing Ganapati Homa helps to induce positive energy and attain peace of mind. It grants wealth and solves wealth related issues. One can achieve prosperity, health and a happy domestic life by conducting the Homa. It is an ideal remedy for malefic effects of Ketu. It also benefits those suffering from anxiety, depression and injuries from accidents.

Who should do Ganapati Homa?

People seeking success at the start of any venture and those affected by Ketu Dosha are most benefited by doing Ganapati Homa.

Where should Ganapati Homa be done?

A devotee can perform Ganapati Homa at home or office. Most of the temples, irrespective of the main deity, offer Ganapati Homa as their service.

When should Ganapati Homa be done?

Ideal days to perform Ganapati Homa are Chaturthi days and before the start of any new business or new ventures.

How is Ganapati Homa done?

The homa consists of Anujnaa, Aachamanam, Vighneswara Puja, Pranayama and Sankalpam, Kalasa Shuddhi, Agni Prathistahapana, Dikpaalaka Puja along with the Panchopachara Puja. After the Poornahuti, the ritual of Udvasana (concluding the ritual) takes place.

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