Bhagavathi Seva

Bhagavathi Seva

Bhagavathi Seva helps bring peace and attain happiness, good health, and wealth.

What is Bhagavathi Seva:

Bhagavathi Seva is a puja performed to achieve inner tranquilly and maintain our synergy with cosmic forces. It is a powerful, age-old ritual that honours Goddess Raja Rajeshwari for fertility, prosperity, wealth, and purity.

Who should perform Bhagavathi Seva:

For those seeking to expunge fear, destroy evil spirits, vanquish adversaries, and gain general blessings and prosperity in life, the Pooja is strongly advised.

Why is Bhagavathi Seva Done:

This is a unique Kerala-style puja performed:

  • To eliminate negativity from our environment.
  • Counteract the unstable impacts of the planets and restore harmony.
  • Blessings of abundance and blissful life
  • Banish fear and demons
  • Vanquish foes
  • Divine blessings for prosperity and progeny.

When is Bhagavathi Seva Done (Auspicious times):

The auspicious days to conduct Bhagavathi Seva is on the Tithis that belong to the Goddess such as the Ashtami, Navami, or Purnima Tithi.

Where is Bhagavathi Seva done:

Bhagavathi Seva can be performed at home or a temple. It is best advised to consult your priest to decide upon the location.

How is Bhagavathi Seva done (observances and rules):

While performing the puja:

  • One must sit for the puja facing east.
  • Possess a clean body and a mind free of negative thoughts.
  • Wear clean new clothes
  • Observe utmost faith and devotion and avoid external distractions.
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