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Hailing from a family of Astrologers, Acharya Lokesh started practicing consultations in Astrology at an early age and has a single-minded focus of serving his customers in best possible way. He has a vision of guiding One million customers through Astrology and other Occult Sciences for good health, prosperity and peace. Over a period of more than 30 years, he has guided thousands of customers worldwide to come out of fear and achieve their dreams. Acharya is PhD gold medalist in Vedic Astrology and has got extensive experience as a consultant, teacher, researcher and Author in different branches of Astrology like Parashari, KP, Lal Kitab, Jaimini, Bhrigu, Western Astrology and different frameworks of Nadi. Acharya Lokesh is also an expert in Numerology, Astro cartography, Astro Vaastu, Vaastu, Pyramidology, Palmistry and Graphology. He is a professionally certified Past Life Regression/Future Life Progression therapist and Reiki level 5 grandmaster. He has helped his customers immensely in resolving issues related to education, profession, love affairs, marriage, other relationships, child- birth, travel, vehicles, property, Debts, litigation, foreign visits and settlement, finance, health and many other aspects of Individual Persona and social life. Acharya is also one of the most leading Business Astrologer who has got his doctorate with specialization in Business Astrology and is an alumnus of IIM- Bangalore having practical experience in many Fortune 500 companies. He is also a Spiritual guide having diploma in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta and has studied lot of scriptures and Puranas gaining their in-depth knowledge under the guidance of bonafide Gurus. His strength lies in giving solutions to his customers which are logical, scientific, practical, easy to implement, cost effective and in line with most recent researches of Jyotish and different branches of Occult Science. This has resulted in not only getting amazing feedbacks from his customers but also the best rating.

Areas of Consultation:

  1. Marriage partner compatibility: More than 20 points proven framework to figure out exactly the compatibility of partners before marriage. Step-by-step analysis for being compatible or not in marital relationships later. Also, the timing of marriage and required remedies for marital bliss.
  2. Gemstone recommendation: According to different branches of Astrology, the exact gemstone to wear or avoid for strengthening career, financials, relationships, health, family and overall well-being.
  3. Love affairs: More than 10 steps framework to pinpoint exactly the consequences for any kind of love affair and relationships. Timing of the event of converting a love affair into marriage. Remedies for harmony in any relation. Whether to go for love or arrange marriage.
  4. Divorce: Promise of divorce, second marriage, third marriage etc. in a chart and their timing. Remedies to help in taking divorce or to stop it.
  5. Career Advice: Choosing the right career at different points in life. Advice on doing business or job and how. Also, how to excel in a profession and make money, achieving name and fame in your chosen field.
  6. Child birth queries: Timing of event of child birth and remedies. Please don’t ask gender of the child.
  7. Medical Astrology: Vulnerabilities in health and short term or long term health problems and their timing. Remedies to mitigate the ill effects of health problems and to maintain higher level of fitness.
  8. Travel: Timing of short travel, long travel and foreign travel and all required remedies to get into any kind of travel or to avoid them altogether.
  9. Litigation Consultation: Timing of court cases, result of litigation and required remedies.
  10. Property buying or selling: Timing of buying or selling of any residential or commercial property and the best remedies for them.
  11. Success in Primary and Higher Education: What subjects to choose, what mode of study to adopt, how to achieve success in primary, higher secondary, graduation, post graduation and competitive exams. Precautions, best timing for each and all required remedies.
  12. Best colors selection: How to choose best colors according to best proven frameworks of Astrology and Numerology and how to apply them in day-to-day life to get abundance, wealth, name and fame.
  13. Guidance on Business growth: Dos and Don'ts to grow the business manifold.
  14. Astro Vaastu Counselling: Best remedies of Vaastu, karma, simplest easy-to-do rituals, Vedic and few others according to different astrology charts to mitigate all life problems and to achieve a shining overall success.
  15. Astrocartography Consultation: Advice according to astrocartography frameworks to achieve your personal and professional goals in a very short time.
  16. Numerology Consultation with best remedies according to combined framework of Chaldean, Pythagoras, Kabbalah, Chinese and Vedic Numerology with respect to Company name/products/Name spelling correction/Mobile number to achieve complete success in life in the shortest possible time. Advice on Business/Visiting Card structure, Choosing Right Signature and much more.
  17. Advice on Abroad settlement: Timing of settlement abroad. Whether it will be permanent or temporary. Required remedies to achieve your objective.
  18. Palmistry Consultation: Complete analysis of growth in career, money and fame in life. Inclinations, strengths and weaknesses of planets, mind, body and all types of relationships.
  19. Evil Eye: Vulnerabilities in chart related to evil eye and remedies to avoid that lifelong to have a tension free and happy life.

Puja/Havans (as Pandit)

Acharya Lokesh Chander started offering consultations in Astrology at an early age. Acharya Lokesh is motivated by the single-minded objective of serving his customers in the best possible way. Over a period of more than 30 years, Acharya Lokesh has guided thousands of customers worldwide. A PhD gold medallist in Vedic Astrology, Lokesh has experience working as a consultant, teacher, researcher and author in different branches of Astrology like Parashari, KP, Lal Kitab etc. Acharya Lokesh is also an expert in Numerology, Vaastu, and Palmistry.
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