Kala Sarpa Dosha and its remedies

The Kala Sarpa Dosha is one of the most dreaded occurrences in Vedic Astrology. It is often referred to as a fatal dosha that people take seriously and go to every extreme to find a remedy for. The Sarpa Dosha is said to bring about a hugely negative effect on the lives of individuals. With a deadly combination of planetary bodies causing this dosha, people’s lives become problematic, unhappy, and even unstable.

Kala Sarpa Dosha is said to originate from the Nadi branch of astrology and is caused by Rahu and Ketu. When all planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are placed between the malefic Rahu and Ketu, the Kala Sarpa Dosha is said to exist. It is an inevitable occurrence according to astrologers, who suggest a few remedial measures that can soften the blow on individuals.

How can Kala Sarpa Dosha impact an individual?

The Dosha is known to harm people in a grave manner but it is not the same outcome for every individual. The magnitude or scale of damage it can cause varies depending on the position and condition of the other planets. A few issues people could face when under the influence of this Dosha include:

  • Delays at the workplace with various projects or undertakings
  • A diminished mental state
  • Great unrest and misunderstanding among family and friends 
  • A largely unhappy marital life
  • Issues with health and anxiety
  • Losses in business with obstacles blocking the growth
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While the negative effects of the Dosha take precedence, there are a certain few instances where the dangerous combination fails to harm an individual. For example, if there is an individual born with the Sarpa Dosha there will be no harm that comes upon him if he has powerful yoga or Rajyoga to negate the effects.

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For instance, if there are two or more Rajyogas in a person’s birth chart then the Kala Sarpa Dosha will not bear an impact.

Apart from that, if Rahu and Ketu are aspected by malefic planets (The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus) there are no effects. The other two such instances are; if two or three planets are exalted or their own sign, and if the Lagna lord is in exaltation (the 9th and 10th lords are in exaltation).

There are 12 different types of Kala Sarpa Dosha that happen in an individual’s birth chart. The positions of Rahu and Ketu determine the extent of the damage.


  • Anant Kala Sarpa Dosha: If Rahu is positioned in the ascendant and Ketu is in the 7th house, then it leads to the Anant Kala Sarpa Dosha. The individual that has this Dosha will have to work extremely hard to find success in life and are vulnerable to succumbing to gambling, playing the stock market et cetera. The dangers are that there will be innumerable losses that come from engaging in such ventures. People who have the Anant Kala Sarpa Dosha will also, in all likelihood, get embroiled in lawsuits and police cases.
  • Kulik Kala Sarpa Dosha: This happens when Rahu is placed in the 2nd house and Ketu is in the 8th house. Defamations, scandals, and an unstable marital life are some of the issues that need to be contended with.
  • Vasuki Kala Sarpa Dosha: Rahu in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th house cause this type of Dosha, which leads to plenty of domestic problems, be it with siblings or other family members. It also causes heavy losses in business and other professions ensuring the individual receives his rewards very late in life.
  • Shankpal Kala Sarpa Dosha: This Dosha involves problems relating to real estate, wealth, and education, since Rahu is in the 4th house and Ketu, is in the 10th. If there is an afflicted Moon, it makes matters worse as the person suffers from mental imbalance. 
  • Padma Kala Sarpa Dosha: If Rahu is in the 5th house and Ketu is in the 11th house, the individual faces Padma Kala Sarpa Dosha. There will be many hindrances in the field of education but the individual will cross all barriers and succeed eventually. Ill health and secret enemies are the biggest adversaries.

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  • Mahapadma Kala Sarpa Dosha: This is another Dosha that hampers domestic life with Rahu in the 6th house and Ketu positioned in the 12th house. Though the individual scores victories over his enemies, he is bound to become characterless and deceived by his own kin.
  • Takshak Kala Sarpa Dosha: When Rahu and Ketu are in the 7th house in the birth chart, the Takshak Kala Sarpa Dosha occurs. Individuals that have this Dosha find difficulty in receiving their share of ancestral property. Such persons also find it difficult in areas that involve romance.
  • Karkotak Kala Sarpa Dosha: Mental and physical well-being is affected by this Dosha that has Rahu in the 8th house and Ketu in the 2nd house. An irritable nature and outspoken character work in a detrimental fashion for the individual, who receives no success despite hard work.
  • Shankachood Kala Sarpa Dosha: When Rahu is in the 9th house and Ketu in the 3rd house it leads to the Shankachood Kala Sarpa Dosha. The individual enduring this becomes increasingly selfish and even tries to acquire wealth illegally from family.

  1. Ghatak Kala Sarpa Dosha: This Dosha is one that can be remedied by the individual by doing service for his/her mother. It occurs when Rahu is in the 10th house and Ketu is in the 4th. Despite the remedy, it is difficult for the person to find happiness despite being hugely successful.
  2. Vishdhar Kala Sarpa Dosha: In this Dosha, Rahu occupies the 11th house and Ketu is in the 5th house. The issues corresponding to this Dosha begin with memory loss, poor educational experience, and plenty of domestic issues pertaining to property and wealth.
  3. Sheshang Kala Sarpa Dosha: This is the 12th and final Dosha where Rahu is in the 12th house and Ketu is positioned in the 6th. This is yet another Dosha that has debilitating effects both physically and mentally. The person faces a life of defamation and finds it hard to get rid of the same.

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Remedies for Kala Sarpa Dosha

One of the most effective remedies to reduce the effects of the Kala Sarpa Dosha involves visiting shrines of higher spirituality. Among the popular places to visit is the Srikalahasti temple in Andhra Pradesh and the Trimbakeshwar temple in Nashik.

Other popular remedies also involve the chanting of powerful mantras like the Mrityunjay Mantra, Vishnu Panchakshari Mantra, and Sarp Mantra. But it is said that the best remedy is letting good deeds weigh out the negative ones.     

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