Female horoscopes generate a lot of interest for astrology enthusiasts. There are many features in a female horoscope which makes the study interesting. Manglik dosha, the woman’s character, yoga for widowhood, and the kind of delivery are the major topics covered in a woman’s horoscope. In Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, we can see separate chapters for female horoscopes.

Sage Parasara has given a lot of hints about the woman’s character and physical structure too. Many books on how to judge a female horoscope are available in the market, but the teachings of Sage Parasara hold the key to understanding a woman’s chart.

We have to follow the same parameters while reading male and female horoscopes, but there are some additional features mentioned by Sage Parasara and we can read them in Chapter 80 of Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Like widowhood, appearance, children, doshas etc are some of the additional factors checked for women.

Sage Parasara says we need to check the physical appearance from the Lagna horoscope. We need to check the children through the 5th house and the husband through the 7th house. In the old days, being a widow was seen as a very complex situation as, for a woman, her life revolved around a father, husband, and son. A widow was supposed to live under the strict restrictions of society.

It is notable that Sati, the practice of widows committing suicide by jumping into the husband’s pyre, is not mentioned in the Vedas. Vedas asks the widow to return to her home and live with her children and other family members. She also had the right to her deceased husband’s property. However, remarriage was rare and is not seen as a common practice throughout the Vedas, Upanishads or Puranas.

A woman’s life gains importance through marriage in the Vedic period. When we check the Mahabharata, great men are mentioned as the son of a particular woman, “Kunti Putra”, “son of Yashoda” “Ganga Putra”. So the status of the mother was much revered in ancient times. A woman’s main purpose was to have kids, and kids were considered part of the wealth.

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So, marriage was considered a very important life-changing event in a woman’s life. It is as if a woman’s life starts only after her marriage. There were many women scholars in ancient times, but there is no mention of women studying along with their male counterparts in Gurukula. But many women seem to have got the basic education to recite Vedas and mantras.

The majority of the girls seem to have been home-schooled. For example, in Vana Parva of Mahabharata, Droupadi says that she was trained in the palace about finance management.

About the appearance of a woman, Sage Parasara had some interesting findings.

A woman with feminine looks

At the time that a girl is born, if the Lagna and Chandra are in an even rasi, the woman will be much more feminine. She will have a great character, and she will be modest. Even Rasis are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. The Lagna and Chandra should be in any of these signs. This rasi is either earth or water rasi.

A woman with Masculine features

At the time of birth, if the Lagna or Chandra is an odd rasi and aspected by malefics, the woman will have masculine nature. Odd rasis are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. These rasis are either fire or air.

A woman with masculine and feminine nature

At birth, if Lagna and Chandra are in odd and even rasi; the woman will possess male and female qualities. It depends on the strength of the Lagna or Chandra. If Lagna is in an odd rasi and strong, the woman will have masculine nature. If Chandra is in an even rasi and is stronger than Lagna, the woman will have feminine nature.

Trimasama chart

The reputation of the woman is paramount in Vedic times. The reputation of the woman is seen through the Rasi, Chandra and Trimsamsa Lagna. The Trimsamsa horoscope is mainly checked for women, to know about her character, widowhood and prosperity. This horoscope is mainly checked to know the negativity and bad deeds of the past karma.

The Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu do not own any Trimsamsa. The other planets – Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn – have trimsamsa.

Women’s horoscopes should be studied carefully. There are various conditions in BrihatParasara Hora Sastra, which shows whether the woman will be a widow, artistic, poor or even chaste.

Long distance relationships are also mentioned in female horoscopes. If the 7th house is in a moveable rasi, then the husband will always live away from the wife.

Regarding Moksha only one condition is mentioned. “During the birth; if there are the same number of benefics and malefics and they have the same strength, the woman will go to heaven with the husband.” This condition is very rare and hard to find in any horoscope.

While reading the Stree Jataka, or the female horoscope, we need to understand that social conditions have surely changed. Now the entire globe has changed into a small network of countries; women are migrating to different places. They are marrying men from different cultures too. The standards in the Vedic era were set by the belief that those who follow Vedic culture are the best.

Meanwhile, the world was always occupied by different races and countries. So, judging trimsamsa as it is would not be a great idea.

These days the laws favour women, and the reputation is considered as an important factor for both genders. We should always consider the time and place where the native is born.

Female horoscopes are a tricky topic in astrology, especially since the astrologer has to be very ethical in delivering his message. Sage Parasaras observations on female horoscopes are sometimes quite harsh.

The social system has changed, and we live in a very relaxed community where women are considered equal to men. In this situation, it would not be wise to blindly apply the theories of Trimsamsa to a woman’s horoscope.

These days many women are happy being single. There are many single mothers, and many women prefer live-in relationships than marriages. Even homosexual couples are also seen in our societies. So discretion is important while reading a female horoscope. It is also important that only yogis and experts read the chart.

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