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Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and is considered the most auspicious planet. The most remarkable fact about Jupiter is that it reduces the adverse effects of malefic planets in a birth chart. Jupiter is considered a mentor and called Guru in Vedic Astrology. Guru is regarded as a knowledgeable guide, and a person under its positive influence will be lucky, fortunate, religious, and successful with high moral values.

Jupiter’s influence can bring about changes in financial position, education, profession, possessions, offsprings, and even social status and induces positive changes in an individual’s life. As ‘Guru’ influences growth and expansion and are set to move to Makara or Capricorn on November 20, 2020, major changes can be expected in your career and other significant areas of your life. 

Clickastro’s detailed Jupiter Transit report offers you valuable predictions and guidelines by studying the planet’s significant change in accordance with your birth chart. Clickastro’s Guru Peyarchi report aims to give you astute guidance and helpful remedies to prepare for the coming transit which will be in effect from November 20.

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Clickastro Jupiter Transit Report provides an in-depth analysis of birth moon position and birth Lagna with regard to the current transit zodiac (Capricorn). It provides remedial measures that you can undertake to lessen the malefic effects and bring in positive changes in your life. The Guru Transit report studies the various effects of the transit on your life. It analyses the house and sign of Jupiter and suggests remedies for the ill effects of the transit. The detailed predictions Kakshya gives you a good idea of the power of each planet in each Kakshya. The report will help you identify the significant events of your life during this transit period. 

Our panel of experts and learned astrologers render precise prediction as well as the remedial measures for any malefic effects that may occur during this period. You can know how this significant change would influence your life during this period from our Jupiter Transit Report 2020-2022.

Importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

How does Jupiter Transit 2020 affect each zodiac sign?

Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020 on Aries 

This Jupiter transit will be impacting your career and family more than anything else. Your life will be shifting between home as well as career. In between, multiple planets will trigger this sector which indicates a lot of changes at work. Due to these planetary influences, you may feel a bit frustrated at work, but you should not quit. You may look for new projects or new assignments. Some changes in the existing projects can also come up. This sector indicates social status; you will try to improve your social status. Your image at work and in society will be changing drastically. If the Mahadasa promises improvement in career, then during this year, progressive changes will happen. Otherwise, you will have to take care of it. Jupiter Transit 2020 effect on Aries shows that you may need to take up new social responsibilities. Your bosses may ask you to take up new tasks. This is also a transit to change the environment of your home. There will be repairing and other real estate deals as well. You will have to be careful with the health of your elderly family members. They will have a lot of concerns during this phase. The primary focus will be on your career.  

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How will the 2020 Jupiter Transit effect Taurus?

This is a big transit for you as Jupiter will be impacting students with plans for higher studies and those with foreign collaborations. There will be a lot of opportunities to work with people from foreign lands. Those who work in the media and mass communication-related domain will have more work. You will frequently be communicating with international organizations. The results will be based on the Mahadasa and antardasa. The strength of Jupiter in the natal chart also will be significant. You will be more interested in spiritual needs. However, you should not offend anyone’s faith and belief system. Teaching and career-related training can also be part of this transit. Effects of Jupiter Transit 2020 on Taurus indicates pilgrimages and prayers. There will be a lot of areas to multitask, and that can bring physical issues too. This influence will be there for a while. You will be mingling more with your siblings and neighbors. You have to be a law-abiding citizen; otherwise, there can be legal issues. During this transit, you will even try to get an electronic device, which can be a vehicle or a mobile, or a tool for the home. You will have concerns regarding children and their well being.

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Is Jupiter Transit 2020 favorable for Gemini?

This transit will trigger your finances and partnerships. Jupiter is the planet for expansion and magnification, and you will think about a lot of financial deals. Please don’t be in a hurry; otherwise, you will land in complex financial problems. You must take external input; otherwise, you will take up unsuitable financial plans. This is not the transit to get into any quick financial plans or money chain like ventures. New partnerships can come up, but you should be very clear about the terms and conditions. There will be a lot of expenses, and most of them can come unexpectedly. Throughout the transit, you will be concerned about your values and image. One of the effects of Jupiter Transit 2020 on Gemini can be career-related changes in the form of salary cutting or hike. This is a great transit to take up new study programs and thus improve your values. Throughout the transit, you will have a lot of focus on your home and family as well. Real estate deals and repairing can also come up and that will make your life very hectic. Elderly figures in the family will have a lot of needs and you will be spending time and money on that. Part-time projects can also come up during this transit.

Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020 on Cancer Zodiac Sign

This Jupiter transit will trigger the sector for personal and professional relationships. During this transit, you must be careful with your personal and professional relationships. In marriage and love, you will have issues, so avoid solo moves. Jupiter’s influence on the relationship is not great, so there will be multiple issues. Jupiter and Saturn, both are not ideal planets for romance and diplomacy. Both are the planets for strictness and discipline, which are not in favor of love and lust. For some time, there will be unhappiness from the relationships, but this transit is a good time to work on your relationships. There will be occasional gains, but money-making will be very difficult. In between, you will even get chances for foreign trips, too. You will get new business contacts after a lot of effort, but these will be long-lasting contacts. You must be careful with your communications. During this transit, your workplace also will be evolving. Your finances and partnership sector also will be active. Jupiter Transit 2020 results on Cancer have new team members joining you, and there will be interaction with an international community, too. Short travels and media-related activities are also seen. There will be a focus on financial liabilities, too. Short travels and career-related training are also seen. Your siblings will be active with you. 

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How will the 2020 Jupiter Transit effect Leo?

It is a complex transit as Jupiter will be transiting through the sixth house of work and colleagues. The sixth house is a negative house, and you will have to be careful with debts, diseases, and enemies. This transit will project the issues at work, so there will be work-related issues. Jupiter is the planet for expansion, so there will be multiple issues, which needs an immediate solution. The sixth house indicates perfection, so you will have to work towards perfection in the projects. You will have a lot of competitive events at work, and there can be issues with your colleagues. Stay away from office politics and gossip; otherwise, you will give birth to evil. Employees or colleagues can have some misunderstanding regarding your moves as an effect of 2020 Jupiter Transit on Leo. You don’t have to keep a personal relationship with your colleagues as that might end in disaster. The sixth house indicates health and Jupiter will aspect the twelfth house, so your mental and physical health also will be triggered. You will have to take care of your diet and exercise. Otherwise, there can be immunity-related diseases, and you have to take long term medication. Your finances also will be fluctuating during this transit.

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Is Jupiter Transit 2020 favorable for Virgo?

Jupiter will be moving through the fifth house of creative energies and children during this phase. This transit is very important for your life, as you will be exploring your creative skills. This will bring appreciation, and you can even get financial gains through this. So, it would help if you did not hesitate to exhibit your skills. This transit is very big for those who work with children and youngsters. The arts and entertainment sector will give you a lot of opportunities, and you should not waste them. There will be social gatherings and entertainment events also during this transit. Singles will get many opportunities to meet like-minded people and get into a new relationship as a result of Jupiter Transit 2020 on Virgo. However, this is not a great transit for commitments, so you should focus more on knowing each other. There are chances for projects from international organizations. Your long term projects and collective projects will get highlighted. Jupiter’s aspect on the eleventh house will bring some gains from your team settings. There are chances for foreign collaborations and long trips too. Your spiritual interest will be increasing and that will take you towards pilgrimages and spiritual debates. You will try to write and publish your work.

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How will the 2020 Jupiter Transit effect Libra?

During this transit, Jupiter will be influencing your fourth house of home and family. Jupiter gets directional strength, and that indicates a lot of importance for family matters. Jupiter will be impacting your career sector also through the aspect. This will change your career as well as home a lot. More changes in your family will come up. You have to solve multiple issues, like plans regarding relocation, construction, and repair. However, there will be issues from real estate deals as well. This is also a time to meet with your relatives and other family members. You will even travel from home, and some of your relatives may come back as well. At work, your responsibilities can increase, and you have to take up some challenges. As an effect of 2020 Jupiter Transit on Libra, there are chances for repeated arguments with your managers and elderly family members. Your managers can be very demanding, and you will have to complete some urgent work. There will be some financial issues, as well. You will have to take care of your loans and other financial liabilities. You will get many opportunities to get part-time projects, and you will get many gains from that. However, your emotions will be triggered.

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Is Jupiter Transit 2020 favorable for Scorpio?

For Scorpio Zodiac Sign, Jupiter will be impacting the third house of communication and siblings. This is a very busy phase for your life. Those who work as writers, teachers, and sales professionals will be working on multiple projects. This is also a positive time for those who work in these domains. This is also the house of courage, so you will try to start your own ventures. Foreign travels and projects from foreign collaborations can also come up. You will be interacting with a foreign community. This is also a time to be with your siblings and make a plan for your family. Your spiritual needs also will increase and that will be taking you towards spirituality. Financial challenges will be appearing and your partners will have issues with you. You have to be careful with them; otherwise, there will be some hurdles. Please avoid complex financial transactions, like lending and borrowing as the impact of Jupiter Transit 2020 on Scorpio is not great. Your personal and professional relationship also matters during this time. Your life is going through a serious mode and you should not take solo decisions. This is also a time for personal growth and you will have to take care of your health and vitality. There can be minor health issues, but they will be manageable.

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Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020 on Sagittarius

Jupiter will be impacting the second house of finances, your values, and your career. This is not a great transit as Jupiter itself is the indicator of the second house. You will have financial issues and you should not get into any kind of lending and borrowing. You should be ready for unexpected expenses as well. Similarly, avoid all that discussion regarding quick money-making plans as well. This is also a very sensitive phase for your work, so you will have to take care of your responsibilities. Please maintain a professional relationship with your colleagues. This is a time to maintain a good lifestyle and thus improve your health. Partnership related issues also can surface. Jupiter Transit 2020 impact on Sagittarius shows lending and borrowing and other financial moves as a major part of this transit. There are some concerns regarding your work. Your colleagues can be very demanding, and you need to take care of that. At work, your managers also can have different views. Your responsibilities at work will be increasing. There will be tax and insurance-related challenges as well. This is also not a good time for new partnerships.

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How will the 2020 Jupiter Transit effect Capricorn?

You are going through the phase of 7.5, Saturn and Jupiter are moving through the first house. Your personal and professional relationships will be transforming during this transit. You will be very serious during this transit and others can feel that you are very stubborn. Physical health will be very important during this transit. However, this is not a great phrase to start a new relationship or project; instead, you should work on the existing projects. You should be very realistic, but Jupiter can make you very much unrealistic. 

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There can be some changes in partnerships and marriage as well. Jupiter is not an ideal planet for love and relationships, so you will surely have to improve your marriage. Business relationships also will be going in a very sensitive way. Your opponents are also active, so you need to move carefully. Creative projects are also very important, and as a result of the 2020 Jupiter Transit on Capricornyou will get some chances to exhibit your skills. Relationships with children also will be transformative, and you will have concerns regarding them. Those who work in their own ventures have to be very careful. There are chances for foreign travel as well as foreign collaborations. You will get opportunities to write and publish your articles.

Is Jupiter Transit 2020 favorable for Aquarius?

Jupiter will be impacting the twelfth house of spirituality and isolation. Your spiritual needs will arise, and you will be very much interested in the occult. The interest in occult and healing practices will increase during this phase. Your physical health also will need more care. This is also a transit for foreign travels as well as settlements. Jupiter will affect your work, colleagues, and health. You will get big projects at work, but they will be very complex too. Jupiter Transit 2020 effect on Aquarius can make your work as well as health an important factor. This is not the ideal time to make friendship or personal relationship with your colleagues. Please try to deliver the best as they have some expectations from you. This is not the time to take a risk with your job. Don’t get into any verbal spats. Otherwise, there can be hard times at work. You should do justice to your work. Minor health issues can also be a part of this transit. This is also the time for real estate deals and repairing at home. You will have to solve a lot of issues at home as well.

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How will the 2020 Jupiter Transit effect Pisces?

During this transit, Jupiter will impact your long term projects and friendships, and that will be in an expansive mode of Pisces Zodiac Sign. You will get multiple opportunities to join a new team or a new group. You will be very much hopeful during this transit and that will help you to make some future plans. It can be about your personal as well as professional side. You are planning a lot for your future. There will be some projects from international organizations too. Your creative skills will also get highlighted during this transit, and you will get multiple opportunities. There will be opportunities from arts and entertainment as well according to the effects of 2020 Jupiter Transit on Pisces. This is not the right time to get into any romance. You will naturally have concerns regarding your children. There will be a lot of short projects, and that will be from media, communication, and technology. Your siblings will have a lot of communication with you. However, financial issues will be very prominent during this transit. Your marital life will be going through some crisis, and you have to manage that. Please try to have a good relationship with your business partners as well. Pregnant women may face some issues, so they have to be careful.

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