Gemini  – the third astrological sign, is a positive mutable zodiac sign. Gemini Zodiac sign is the most vibrant and versatile zodiac sign among the 12 zodiac signs. Gemini is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux. The Gemini Zodiac sign belongs to the element air. Gemini’s are adjustable, jovial, soft-spoken, enthusiastic, versatile, humorous and intellectual.

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Symbol : The Twins

Ruling planet  : Mercury

Lucky day : Wednesday

Lucky colours : Yellow, especially pale yellow

Lucky number : Five

Birthstones  : Agate, stripy stones generally

Metals : Mercury

Flowers : Ferns, lavender, lily of the valley

Trees : Hazels and mulberries

Body Part : Shoulders, arms, hands

Best partners  : Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius

Worst partners  : Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Happy twins, that is the symbol of Gemini. These twins are male and female, and they are always flying here and there. They like to spread happiness and they are truly social butterflies. Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac. This is an air sign and a dual sign. It is also ruled by the planet which is having a dual nature which is Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, speech, intelligent, writing, socializing, networking, business tactics and so many things connected with communication. 

The sign of Gemini is an air sign, and it is a mutable sign. So, if your Lagna is in Gemini Zodiac Sign, you will be very communicative, unless until Mercury is in a bad mode like debilitation, retrogression of combustion.  Gemini’s doesn’t like confined places. They like to fly around and sprinkle their wit and knowledge wherever they are. They don’t like to be isolated and you won’t find a Gemini, especially Gemini rising will not like to be alone. 

There is a lot of difference when your Moon is in Gemini Zodiac Sign, and Rising sign is in Gemini and Sun is in Gemini. The Moon is your Mind and Emotions. The Rising sign indicates your personality and physical body. While the Sun indicates, your ego and Vitality.  

Gemini’s despite, the Moon, Rising or the Sun like to have intellectual discussions. Unless Mercury is in a bad mode, all the Geminis will be very talkative and they like knowledge sharing. They like to gain more knowledge. However, if Mercury is in a bad mode, then there will be gossiping and slandering as well. 

They like to write and read as well.  Most of the Gemini’s can be HR, PR professionals, logistics professions, media people, speakers, and counselors. They will do very well in these professions.

The ruler of Gemini Zodiac Sign is also the planet for analytical capacity and short matters. Most of the Geminis will have short projects. So, they are the multitaskers of the universe. They like to be busy and always active. 

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Geminis always have a youthful appearance. They are flexible and adaptive like air. Geminis like to understand the situation before they act.

The nature of Gemini Zodiac Sign depends upon the planet Mercury and how the sign is placed. Mercury is not in friendship with planets like Mars and Jupiter. Both planets impose restrictions on Mercury. So, when planets which are against the fast property of   Mercury is placed in Gemini, then the people with such planetary combination can have issues regarding communication. When Saturn is in Gemini Zodiac Sign, it may restrict the person in communication. This will be evident when Saturn is in Lagna for Gemini lagnas.  When Moon is in Gemini and Mercury is in a bad mode like combustion, retrogression or debilitation then that can even indicate depression.

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However, Geminis are active and fun to be with. Still, they can be noisy and dull too. Wherever you go, you can see them multitasking.

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