Gemstones are naturally occurring mineral or organic crystals that are used in jewellery in cut and polished form. These natural gemstones are supposed to have some mystical properties too. They have been used since ancient times not just as adornments but also for their mystical powers. Gemstones are believed to have the ability to tweak planetary influences. 

According to astrology, the human body works in harmony with the movement and positioning of celestial bodies. There is a connection between our birth time and the position of planets at that time. Astrology assumes nine planets, which are the primary celestial objects influencing our lives.

Each of these planets has its cosmic colour, energy and vibrations that influence us in a specific way. Gemstones are proven to have similar vibrations, energy and colour spectrum that, when worn, can balance or tweak the planetary influences on our lives.

Gemstone Recommendation based on Zodiacs / Rasis

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Zodiacs or Rasis are the twelve equal divisions of the celestial circle (360-degree zodiac belt) or Rasimandala. The position of planets in the celestial circle at birth is determined based on zodiacs or rasis. Each of these zodiacs or rasis has a ruling planet too, which is supposed to be the chief controller of the individual born on a particular zodiac/rasi.

So, to find the gemstone for the zodiac sign or rasi, the nine planets and their corresponding gemstones are to be known.  Like the Navagrahas (nine planets in Vedic Astrology), there are Navaratnas (nine gemstones) corresponding to each planet or graha. They are


Navagrahas  Navaratnas
Sun Ruby (Manik)
Moon Pearl (Moti)
Mercury (Budha) Emerald (Panna)
Venus (Sukra) Diamond (Heera)
Mars (Kuja) Coral (Moonga)
Jupiter (Guru) Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
Saturn (Sani) Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
Rahu Garnet (Gomed)
Ketu Cat’s Eye (Vaidurya)
Now, the gemstone for each zodiac sign or rasi is determined by its ruling planet. The twelve zodiacs (rasis) and the corresponding gemstones are the following.

Gem Recommendation based on Zodiacs or Rasis:

Gemstone for Aries/Mesha: The fierce planet Mars is the lord of Aries/Mesha. Mars is red, and those born under this sign are recommended to wear Red Coral on their ring finger (Anamika). Coral is a natural healer that can provide rejuvenating energy useful to the always active Arian people.

Gemstone Recommendation for Taurus/Vrishabha: The planet of beauty and harmony, Venus is the ruler of Taurus/Vrishabha. Those born under this sign are recommended to wear a Diamond on their middle finger (Madhyama) which would help to improve their creativity.

Gemini/Mithuna Rasi Gemstones: The intelligent planet Mercury rules the sign Gemini/Mithuna. Those born under the Gemini zodiac sign are recommended to wear Emerald, which can improve their thinking abilities. Gemini people should wear Emerald on their little finger (Kanishtha).

Gemstone for Cancer/Karka: The ruling planet of this sign is the Moon.  Those born under Cancer or Karka can wear Pearl on their little finger (Kanishtha). The Cancerian people can be very emotional, and wearing Pearl could calm their emotional turmoil.

Gemstone Recommendation for Leo/Simha:  Sun is the lord of Leo/Simha, and those born under this sign would display the energy and tendency to be on top. Ruby is the gem recommended for them, which may close the gap between their ambitions and hormonal energy.  Leo people should wear Ruby on their ring finger (Anamika).

Virgo/Kanya Rasi Gemstones: Mercury is the lord of Virgo/Kanya. Those born under this sign are supportive and great planners. They should wear Emerald on their little finger (Kanishtha), which would replenish their mental energy.

Birthstones for Libra/Tula: Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, rules Libra/Tula. People born in Libra sign use their thoughts for establishing a balance or harmony. They should wear a Diamond on their middle finger (Madhyama) to prevent their emotional turmoil.

Scorpio/Vrschika Rasi birthstones: Mars rules the enigmatic sign Scorpio/Vrschika. People born in the Scorpio sign think a lot and use an excess of mental and bodily energies. They should wear Red Coral on the ring finger (Anamika) to improve their physical and mental endurance.

Gemstones for Sagittarius/Dhanu: Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius/Dhanu. People born in this sign are ambitious, farsighted and adventurous. They should wear Yellow Sapphire on their index finger (Tarjani), which would give them the ability to work tirelessly and fulfil the ambitions.

Capricorn/Makara Rasi  Gemstones: The lord of Capricorn/Makara is Saturn. People born in this sign can be overly assertive and would exhaust their abilities. They are recommended to wear Blue Sapphire on the middle finger (Madhyama), which would help them realise their genuine needs. 

Gemstone Recommendation Aquarius/Kumbha: Saturn rules this sign. Those born under Aquarius/Kumbha can have unique mental abilities.  But, they can be non-communicators and pessimistic. They should wear Blue Sapphire on the middle finger (Madhyama) to gain emotional energy.

Gemstones for Pisces/Mina: Jupiter rules the sign Pisces/Mina. People born in the Pisces zodiac sign are fanciful with strong mental and spiritual desires. They are recommended to wear Yellow Sapphire on their index finger (Tarjani) to restrict the desires and for self-actualisation.

How to pick the correct gemstone? 

You should note that finding your gemstone requires detailed horoscope analyses. The gemstone for the zodiac sign or rasi can be known from the above passage. But, your birth zodiac (Sun sign) or Janmarasi (Moon sign) is just one of the many factors for deciding the exact gemstone you should use.

To find it now, you can generate your online gemstone recommendation report from

The alignment of planets in your birth chart, the various Bhavas (houses), Dasa-Apahara periods etc., are to be studied to suggest the exact gemstone(s) you should wear. Vedic Astrologers usually suggest gemstones based on the 1st, 5th, 9th Bhava lords from the Lagna, known as Yoga Karaka planets. Gemstones are not suggested for the 6th, 8th & 12th house ruling planets.

What are the Benefits of using Gemstones?

Gemstones can improve the positive energy of planets and overcome certain shortcomings. Finding the exact gemstone(s) and wearing it would give you the following benefits.

-Positivity and better luck

-Prosperity in life

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-Prevents obstacles

-Maintains wellness

Gem Recommendation Report can help you find your gemstone and enjoy these benefits. 


While hearing this term, you may get curious to know ‘what is my birthstone. The birthstone refers to the gemstone representing an individual’s period of birth, the month of the zodiac. The idea of ‘birthstone corresponding to the person’s birth month’ is a modern creation.

Traditionally, in Vedic Astrology, gemstones are associated with various astrology factors and not with the birth month. As mentioned above, the birth zodiac (determined by the position of the Sun) and the Janmarasi (determined by the position of the Moon) are just one of the many factors to determine the gemstone(s) you should wear. 

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