Leo – The Fiery Sign

Date : July 23 – August 22
Symbol : The Lion
Element : Fire
Quality : Fixed
Ruling Planet : The Sun
Tarot Card : Strength
Colour : Gold, Yellow, Orange
Day : Sunday
Greatest Compatibility : Aquarius, Gemini
Lucky Numbers : 1, 3, 10, 19
Strengths : Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Weaknesses : Arrogant, stubborn, self-centred, lazy, inflexible


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The symbol of Leo is a lion and these Leo Zodiac sign people do have the courage and mental stability of a lion. They like to rule, and they don’t like anyone to dominate them. A family dominated by Leos will have a lot of ego clashes as they don’t like to be submissive to each other.

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Leo Zodiac sign people don’t like to get controlled, and they like to burn up life fire. This is just because they are a fire sign and ruled by the royal planet the Sun. Leo is the only sign which is ruled by the Sun. Since the Sun is the most powerful planet, these people also like to have a royal and unquestionable life. Every sign has its own positive and negative traits, so Leo also has these.

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At first sight, others may feel that Leos are a little rude and headstrong they are. These traits don’t block their good qualities.

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Positive Traits of Leo Zodiac Sign

They are very charismatic and fashion-oriented. It is because, the Sun rules charisma, beauty, and outgoing nature. Wherever they go, they will get attracted by the crowd and normally Leos are crowd pullers. The Sun is the most visible object in the sky, even if there are many other objects. It is the one which gives light to the other heavenly bodies, likewise, people will be dependent on Leos, and Leos also likes to be like a king. They like to be surrounded by others and discuss plans. They are very much hopeful also.

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They are always very generous as they never leave their dependents. This generous attitude may at times, put them in complexities. That can give them long term emotional crises too, still, they will continue to be generous and that’s the highlight of a Leo personality.

The Sun is the main planet for creative talents and Leo also enjoys creative programs. They like arts and entertainment. Ancient arts and music are a favourite domain of a Leo. They are very busy too and they don’t like to be idle.

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Negative Traits of LEO

Leo Zodiac sign people can be very arrogant as the Sun like to shine alone. Whichever planet comes closer with the Sun, they will go into a situation called combustion. Likewise, when people often find Leo in a very arrogant mode and that can cause unhappiness to them, but Leo may not be aware of that.

They are not ready for adjustments and that is a big drawback of these people. Just because of this nature, Leo Zodiac sign people will lose a lot of good things in their life. A family full of Leos will be like a very disturbed ground as they all are not flexible.

It will be not righteous to say that Leos are the most honest or loyal, but they have a shade of deceit in them like any other signs. They truly know how to play games when they are in love. They always have the bad nature to be selfish and that can cause issues in the relationships. Long term faithfulness is not the forte of Leo.

However, there will be significant changes according to the Lagna, the Sun and Moon.

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