2021 Yearly Horoscope for all Zodiac signs

Aries Horoscope 2021

The year 2021 for Aries will be one where you need to keep a watchful eye on everything, and at the same time, a year which will open up new opportunities for you. Beginning and end of 2021 will see Saturn and Jupiter placed together in Capricorn, a combination which needs you to be on your guards. This might turn out to be a testing time for your career, but if you play your cards right, the challenges will change into opportunities. It will help if you are careful before you speak, especially to business partners, joint ventures, seniors and colleagues, where your harsh words may damage the relationship. Your finance, which at present is under the influence of Rahu, also spells out extravagance. It would help if you spent wisely because your yearly horoscope shows that you will face many situations where you will have no other option but to spend.

When Jupiter transits to Aquarius almost around the middle of the year, the situation will improve substantially. This transit for Aries in 2021 will open up new opportunities at the work front, and your creative energies will find the right direction. You will witness some improvement in your immovable property assets, which might be a renovation or even acquiring a new asset. During this time, you will be needed more by your family and children, who will need greater attention and care. Aries yearly horoscope, under the influence of the Sun, speaks of incredible transformations in 2021. That will happen when the Sun comes in the sign of Scorpio. You will seek changes and improvements in many aspects of your personal and professional life. It is your year of inner and outer transformations, but you must take reasonable care that the changes are to your benefit. You are also very likely to deal in ancestral property and may receive ownership of one, and might even need to handle matters related to joint finances—an area to be careful about. 

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Taurus Horoscope 2021

The Taurus yearly horoscope for 2021 is very eventful with the year providing a lot of opportunities. The current financial crisis and career obstructions will finally vanish. The year 2021 will begin and end with warmth for you as it holds many instances of foreign travels and growth in your job profile, plus some financial improvements. It is especially true for the people who are into mass media and communications, where you will find new projects come your way which will give a great boost to your career. Towards the middle of the year, things may take a downwards turn, and you must take good care of your health and be careful not to pick up fights with your co-workers in a place which involves teamwork. Those who are into risky ventures like stock markets need to be very careful, while for creative people, artists and politicians, opportunities abound. Rahu for Taurus 2021 is placed in the house of the self. While it means the development of your personality and appearance, under the effect of Ketu in the seventh house, you may experience some turmoil and upheavals in your relationships. In 2021, Taurus want to improve themselves and work harder towards your goal, but a few people may leave your side. All will be for the good in the long run. When the Sun is in the house of relationships, resultantly, you will shift your focus to the people close to you, and come across as being an accommodating and sensible person. If you are in a serious relationship with your partner, this is the time when you will think of taking the connection to the next level. However, it would help if you did not lower your guard against your enemies. You will also seek a balance between your personal and professional relationships and life, where you have been trying to give your best. 

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Gemini Horoscope 2021

With Saturn and Jupiter combination placed in the eighth house, the Gemini yearly horoscope speaks of financial ups and downs. It is a time when you will be faced with many financial constraints, but there will also be some opportunities for gains in the middle of the year. However, you must be careful not to be over-enthusiastic or over-stressed about either, and try to keep both in check. Lending and borrowing might also take place during this year. For the months when Jupiter is placed in your ninth house, you may want to do some foreign travels and collaborations overseas, and the people associated with media and publishing will also see a boost in their career opportunities, but you must be careful not to get swayed away and be watchful of your finances. Under the influence of Rahu in your twelfth house, Geminis in 2021 will experience health issues and need to be especially careful as it is likely to cause a lot of expenses. This is the house which signifies an end, but end need not always be bad, and if you use this phase wisely, ends can lead to new beginnings. While you may be faced with struggles in your career, several opportunities for short term projects are likely to arise, but at the same time, situations of worsening finances are also indicated. When the Sun is placed in your sixth house, the yearly horoscope for your life at work is impacted. This year is not the time when you can take anything lightly, and you need to abstain from any deviations from work. While no major success will come about, several short-term projects might happen. At this time, you can try to make small changes in your workspace, and these shall produce good effects, and must try not getting distracted owing to any allurement. 

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Cancer Horoscope 2021

The seventh house of long-term relations will be under the influence of Saturn and Jupiter combination towards the beginning and end of 2021 for Cancer, and it is not a very good situation to be in. Your long-term relations, especially, that with your spouse and business partners, is likely to be impacted. You must be cautious during this time as you might also not be on the same page with your children and may often pick up fights with them. However, there are also some great opportunities coming your way from foreign businesses. If you deal with them in the right manner, it might result in a long-term business partnership. When Jupiter is in Aquarius, you might witness some changes in your career and will also be susceptible to putting on some weight. Rahu transit in your house of dreams and aspirations spells well for Cancer yearly horoscope as you will be a lot more optimistic and go the extra mile to achieve whatever you desire. However, you might have problems in your interactions with your children. If you are someone whose work involves meeting and communicating with a lot of people, there will be a lot of challenges for you, but if you can overcome these, many new doors will open, and your career will expand. For Cancer, when the Sun comes in the fifth house there is a good indication, especially if you are in the pursuit of love. This is the time when you can start dating someone or even plan to get married. There will be concerns regarding children and their nourishment. You might also like to take up some new course and acquire new skills. You will also become the centre of attention in gatherings very quickly owing to your easy charm and bold and beautiful attitude. 

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Leo Horoscope 2021

The Leo yearly horoscope for the year 2021 projects a reasonably good year ahead, and even though you will face some challenges, you will find ways to overcome them. Owing to Jupiter, growth in work and business is very likely; however, Saturn may dim the chances of the same, so you need to be watchful. Since the Saturn and Jupiter combine will be in your sixth house, you are very likely to face some disputes arising in work and financial areas, or even confrontation with an enemy. When Jupiter is placed in your seventh house, you might have to deal with some financial liability arising primarily out of a business venture, but occasions of gains are also there. Your relations with your spouse may also degrade, which will demand considerable time and attention on your part, and you need to have a cautious approach here. Under the influence of Rahu, the career aspect of Leo in 2021 will be very good. You will get job offers or will be given tasks of importance in your existing employment. You can also expect a promotion or a raise, and even earn fame through your work in this year. You only need to watch out for over-enthusiasm and aggression arising owing to overconfidence and make sure you do not thrust your opinions on others. However, your health may take a downward turn, and you can catch some allergies or face some difficulties in the abdominal organs. In the yearly horoscope, when Sun comes in the tenth house for Leo—the place of home and family. You can expect an improvement in your relationship with your family, especially with your mother, and will witness peace in your domestic life. You are likely to indulge in some luxury and might go for renovating your house or even buying a new one. This year will also be marked for your inclination towards the spiritual, and you will take a lot of interest in reading and knowing about spirituality and better living. 

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Virgo Horoscope 2021

For Virgo in 2021, Saturn and Jupiter transit will trigger the house of love and speculations you will witness a lot many changes in the fields under this house. While new opportunities for higher education will open, you will also gain in your love-life and emotionally. However, dealing with children might get a bit difficult, and they will be more demanding. In 2021, you are also likely to gain from some speculative business or some foreign investment. When Jupiter is placed in the sixth house for some time, you might want to take some time off and focus less on work, but that will not be a very wise thing to do. You need to keep your whims and fancies in check as your expenses might also shoot up if left uncontrolled. 

Virgo yearly horoscope indicates that Rahu will be placed in the ninth house of the spiritual and preceptor, and you will not find any improvements in this sphere. Your spiritual interests may not take off and your relations with your preceptor will also be strained. You also need to be careful in your relationship with your father. This is a hard time for luck and grace to work, and you should take a due care to ensure there is no dereliction of duty or responsibility. The yearly horoscope also shows when the Sun is placed in the third house, and it will produce fruitful results. You will display greater courage and physical strength, but your relations with your younger siblings might be adversely affected. If you are someone whose enterprise is in the field of writing and communication, you will experience your business grow during the year, but you also need to pay careful attention to any new partnership or venture that you wish to start. If you are planning for higher education, your plan will materialise and you might also take some foreign trips or even some weekend getaways. 

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Libra Horoscope 2021

The Saturn and Jupiter combination in the fourth house has a lot of significance for Libra yearly horoscope. This is the time when your need in the home and family will increase substantially. You will have to pay close attention to them as they will keep you engaged throughout. You might feel a lot of disruptions in your domestic life, so you need to be careful in order to maintain domestic peace. There may also be chances of acquiring some immovable property. Towards the middle of the year, when Jupiter is placed in the fifth house, your children will need greater attention. If you are in the creative field, some new project might come your way, but you need to be careful in the handling of such projects, as growth in a career under Jupiter can be challenging. In 2021, when the Sun is placed in the second house, the house of money and finances, you will try to make improvements in your financial standing, and though there will not be many new projects, you will try to make good use of existing ones to boost your finances. The Sun will open up opportunities for higher education, and if you are working in a team project, your position in the team will improve. In 2021, with Rahu placed in the eighth house, for Libra, the yearly horoscope is not very pleasant. You will have to undertake a lot of financial transactions, and while there are opportunities for you to gain, you need to be mindful of the challenges as well. Your expenditure will also increase owning to Rahu’s effect. Situations will arise when you will want to take to spirituality more, so it is an excellent time to learn about new spiritual and mystical things. You might also have frequent small arguments with your spouse, so you need to be careful not to escalate the issues. 

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Scorpio Horoscope 2021

If you are one who likes travelling, you can call this your year. 2021 for Scorpio is filled with travel opportunities, and some of these might be abroad as well, while most are small getaways, even because of your work. Saturn and Jupiter placed in the third house will impact students also, and they should be careful not to get distracted towards anything which they may later regret. For people in mass communication-related professions, it is an excellent time to expand your base as you will see new opportunities come your way. Still, it would help if you did not stop being careful about your work as there will be some challenges as well, especially when Jupiter will be in the fourth house for a good part of the year. There are also some chances of purchasing a vehicle or even a home. 

Having Rahu in the seventh house, your yearly horoscope indicates that there will be troubles in your long-term relationships, and these may be both in the personal as well as professional life. It would help if you were extremely careful in how you deal with the people around, as there are many chances of ending relationships and breaking up of a long business venture. At times you will have the tendency to escape from situations you find difficult, but that will not be a wise decision, and you must solve the problems as and when they arise. Scorpio yearly horoscope shows that Sun is placed in the first house, and this turns out to be a good omen. You will focus more on yourself and will develop your personality. Sun fills you with vital energy and improvements in health are also on the cards. It is not just your appearance that will improve, but also your attitude, but you need to be careful that you don’t get arrogant in the process and end up hurting others. With your focus on yourself, 2021 is the year for the fulfilment of your desires. 

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Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

Sagittarius in 2021 will have the Saturn and Jupiter combine in the second house, which will trigger the house of finances. There will be a lot of expenses, and you should not indulge in extravagance and try to save because your expenses will shoot up. You need to focus on conserving wealth and also give time to your family, especially your spouse, who will require greater attention. Under the influence of Jupiter around the middle of the year, your workspace will become very active, and you might even face some challenges there. Still, the scope of improvement and greater responsibilities is also evident. Rahu in the yearly horoscope is in the sixth house, and it will trigger debts, but Rahu also brings money, thus while you will get ample opportunities to earn, you need to be wise with your spending habits. It is also the house of your enemies so you might find some opposition on this front. Your health afflictions will also cause you a lot of trouble and might also increase your avenues to spend and push you into debt. It becomes essential that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle as this is the time when you might get some lifestyle disease. 

When the Sun in Sagittarius yearly horoscope is in the house of the subconscious, it is time to move ahead with life. If you have any issues troubling you, be it people or failures, this is the time to leave everything behind and make way for new things. You may also want to move away from people who drain you spiritually and find your peace in isolation and acts of charity. However, it would help if you took good care of yourself so as not to lose sight of the things that matter. The transit might also take you away from your home, and you might find yourself in a new place surrounded by new people—ideal for beginning afresh. 

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Capricorn Horoscope 2021

The Capricorn yearly horoscope indicates that Saturn and Jupiter are together placed in the house of the self, and it does not sound very promising as you will have a lot of issues with your health and well-being. Your personality and physical appearance may change for the worse, and you will feel drained out very easily and might even want to give up many times. You will be under mental stress for a considerable part of the year, and with Jupiter moving to the house of finances around the middle of 2021, you will face pressure in that area as well. Rahu is in the fifth house for Capricorn in 2021, and this might be a challenging time for you as it indicates a fall in social standing. Still, there are also many opportunities to gain knowledge and enhance your creativity. It might be a bit difficult to manage children and adolescents as they might get more demanding and desire things that you disapprove of, so a spat is likely and you need to take due care. You will also find opportunities to learn and take up new spiritual pursuits and these will make you wise. There are also brief chances of the beginning of a love affair. When the Sun is placed in the eleventh house, you will have greater hopes and aspirations about your future and also work towards the fulfilment of the same. You might become distant from some people, but that is good, as a lot of your energy will be consumed striving towards your goal. It is also the house of your elder siblings, and you might engage with them in tasks jointly, and that will foster your relationship. Your yearly horoscope also has signs of profits from some ventures, but you need to be careful that you do not step into something dubious to make quick gains. 

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Aquarius Horoscope 2021

The two planets of righteous conduct will be placed in the twelfth house for Aquarius in 2021. While it indicates an emotional turmoil, if utilised wisely, it is the phase for introspection and improvement. Though you will be faced with difficulties, you need to slow down and think and act, as any hasty decision may be disastrous. You might lose your good judgement and think irrationally, so it becomes important for you to meditate to keep your mind healthy. When Jupiter is in your first house, you will need to focus on yourself as there are high chances that you will experience a lack of contentment and satisfaction. In your yearly horoscope, Rahu is placed in the fourth house, the house of family and spirituality, so that this area will come under strain. This year, you will get into a lot of arguments with your family and elders, and the domestic peace will be disrupted. You will have new ideas which others might not support, but doing anything all alone might be counterproductive and leave you emotionally exhausted and ruin your mental peace. It is also a time when you might get involved in some immovable property, whether buying or selling and very likely it will be some ancestral property, so you need to be cautious in your approach. 

Aquarius yearly horoscope for 2021 is bright owing to the presence of Sun when it comes in your tenth house. It is indicative of progress, and there will be many opportunities where you will rise to fame. You will also have a better position in your professional life and might even get promoted this year. There might, however, be some minor skirmishes with your colleagues so you should not be too carefree, or else you might lose out on the right opportunities that come your way. 

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Pisces Horoscope 2021

Pisces yearly horoscope has Saturn and Jupiter combine in the eleventh house where the opportunities will come only with challenges. It is a time when you might see improvements in your career, but that will not come about very quickly, and you need to put a lot of hard work into it. As Saturn signifies profits, you will get ample opportunities to gain from your business or any venture, where you might even get some additional vital responsibilities. When for almost half of the year Jupiter will be in the second house, you will have illusions about your wealth and spouse and will have the tendency to take wrong decisions, so you need to be careful here. When placed in the third house, Rahu is very productive, and so your yearly horoscope looks promising. You will get many opportunities to display strength and courage and also will be a lot more entrepreneurial. Some risks that you might take will bear fruit, and especially if you are in the mass media and communication field, this transit is your best time for growth and improvement. Your relationship with your younger sibling might get a little bit strained, but eventually, that will also improve a lot more. Any venture related to writing and publishing will also get a boost. When the Sun transits your ninth house, Pisces in 2021 will find some opportunities to travel and engage in dialogue with people with different personalities and that will help you widen your perspective and gain greater knowledge and wisdom. For students, there are chances of getting education abroad and foreign projects might come in for businesses. You might also feel inclined towards religion and philosophy and might want to delve deeper into the spiritual, so this is a good time to undertake a reading of the Holy Scriptures and place your faith in your God. 

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