Venus is the princess of the planets in astrology and has feminine qualities. It presides over love and romance, and marriage and pleasure of life. It also represents fertility and a good Venus is auspicious for one’s love life. Venus is the ruler of Taurus- Vrishabh Rashi, as well as Libra- Tula Rashi. it is exalted in Pisces. 

Venus Transit in Libra 2021 is on 6th September 01.03 am. Find the effects of this transits on each zodiac signs.


Venus will be moving into its sign, and that will impact your personal and professional relationships. This is a time to get new personal and professional relationships. New business agreements will be coming up during this phase. You will try to be at peace with your partners from the individual or professional domain. You will be busy managing your partnerships. Please be sensitive to your partners. This is also an important time to improve your health and beauty too. There will be some challenges, and most of them can be related to your relationships.


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The sector for work, colleagues, and health is highly active. Venus will be in the sign of Libra, and it will be impacting your work and colleagues. You can have concerns regarding the nature of your work. On the other hand, the chances to look for new work are seen. Since Venus is not a great planet to be in this house, you will have to be very careful with your colleagues. Most of the projects will be short, and they can be from the creative sector. Health-related concerns can be expected, and you have to take enough rest and medication. New healthcare programs are also seen.  


Venus will impact the fifth house of romance and creativity, and it is in its sign. This planet will be in this sign for few more days. This is a time to work with your creative skills. Through this, you will get appreciation. You may have to go the extra mile in bringing perfection into such projects. Opportunities to go for entertainment projects are also seen. You will analyze your romantic desires. Please don’t get into any commitment without second thoughts. There will be many team meetings, and you will even join a new team during this phase.


The sector for family and home is highly active. You will try to have some real estate deals. New plans for repairing, relocation, and renovation are also seen. You will have serious communication with your family members. Venus is still moving through the sector for creativity and romance. You will try to work with your creative skills and new creative projects can come up. You may try to improve your romantic life. You may go to social gatherings. There can be a lot of work with your communication as well.


This is a transit for a communication-related project. Venus is moving through the sign of Libra, and that will be making your life unstable. You may go for a lot of communication-related jobs. Short trips and short travels are also seen. This is a time to communicate more with siblings and neighbor’s. You can expect some family functions, and you will be meeting your relatives. This is a time to buy electronic devices or travel devices. Please don’t hurry to start your ventures, because this is not the time to spend a lot on such things.


Venus is moving through Libra, and that will impact your financial matters. This will push you to make and spend a lot of money. Discussions for financial planning and aid are also seen. You will try to start a new venture. Those who already have a venture will try to improve it. There will be financial transactions, and you will have to take care of them. Your

Relationships will go through a lot of transformation, and that can be a little hard to handle. This is a significant time for those who work in the domain connected with finances, occult, and healing. However, you can expect some opportunities to make money from short and part-time projects.


Your personal life is still going through some transformations. Your ruler Venus is in own sign, and that will impact your head to cranium area. There can be minor physical issues. So, you have to be careful with your diet. This move will be bringing new changes in your life. That will get a lot of hope in you, and you will have many ideas for fresh beginnings. However, for you, starting something is easy, but it will be hard for you to end it properly. You may go for skill development programs as well. Plans for long-distance travel also can come up. This is a time to go for spiritual retreats and healing.



Venusian transit through the sign of Libra will bring healing to your past wounds. During this transit, the central focus will be on your emotional and mental health. Please stay away from all controversies and scandals. Otherwise, you will be ruining your peace and happiness as well. This is a perfect time for prayer and meditation, and that will keep you mentally fit. At work, you will be getting some creative projects too. This is an excellent time to meet with your colleagues, and they will be supportive.


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Venus will be impacting the air sign of Libra, and that will affect your long-term relationships. This transit is a good one, and you will be very hopeful about your plans. You will plan for new long-term ventures. New friends can come into your life. Opportunities from the scientific and technology domain are also seen. This is also a time to work in charity-related ventures, and you will be working with NGO s. Projects from the technology sector also will be part of this transit. You will be working with a team of youngsters too.


Venus will be moving through the air sign of Libra, and this indicates your career-related matters. Your bosses are active, and they can be more demanding in the coming days. Venus can make you a little lazy, so you should be careful at work. You may get new team members, or you may leave a group. This is a time to work with your technical skills. You will be interested in charity work. Venus will impact your home and family too. So, there will be some changes in the family and home. Real estate deals are also very much possible.


 Venus will move into Libra, and that will impact your foreign relations and higher studies. You will be communicating more with you may get projects with foreign collaboration. Opportunities for teaching and studies also can come up. This is a time to learn and share what you learned. The children also will need a lot of time from you. Spiritual retreats and debates also will come up during this time. You will be planning for holidays and even a study tour. There will be some opportunities to work with mentors and spiritual gurus.


When Venus is in Libra, your financial issues can get projected, but you will be able to solve the issues too. There are chances for a lot of expenses, but you will be able to manage them. This is a time to get part-time projects as well. New shared projects also can come up. This is a time to think about financial aid as well. You may try to get or give some financial aid. The relation between you and your partners will be very volatile. Please try to settle the issues, and this is a favorable time for that


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