Effect of Saturn

As the last planet in the solar system, and one of the most important actors in people’s destiny, the planet Saturn is frequently misconstrued as an evil planet. While it is true that Saturn is the planet of justice and karma, there is one thing you should understand – Saturn will not harm you if you are doing the right thing. Yes, a weak Saturn could hamper your progress and create obstacles but that does not mean you cannot succeed through hard work. Saturn is known to celebrate and reward people’s hard work and efforts, as the purveyor of justice, and if you are an upstanding person, you will never be able to blame Saturn for your losses.

So, should you be afraid of Saturn?

Not unless you are doing something wrong!

And, even if your Saturn is weak, there are many ways to strengthen it and come out successful.

Saturn Transit

Now, let us consider the question of whether Saturn can limit the auspicious results of other planets. Remember, Saturn is the planet capable of teaching us the important lessons of patience and perseverance and the planet does this through creating some obstructions and initial failures in your path. However, what you should do, in such situations, is remain focused and ensure that you do not give up after facing a few failures. If you do this, then the mighty planet Saturn will reward you unlimitedly.

The Nature of Saturn

Let us consider the impact of planet Saturn, on the results offered by other planets in Vedic astrology. Suppose the planet Saturn is present in conjunction with planet Venus, in the house of Taurus. Being in the house of Taurus means you will have an affinity for the sweet things life has to offer. In this aspect, Saturn is the planet which may enable the person to limit their intake of sweets, and thus maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, if you do not give in to Saturn’s powers, and continue to push your boundaries, you must understand that too much of a good thing could become poisonous.

Separately, since the planet Taurus is also housing Venus, the planet of love, this positioning may mean that your relationships have a long-lasting nature. However, Saturn may cause some obstacles to check the power of your love and if you manage to rise above these issues, then there is no stopping you from succeeding in the relationship.

As a planet, Saturn makes sure that you have some boundaries in life. But it is your outlook and approach, which will decide the nature of these boundaries. If the boundary is preventing you from achieving what you desire, and what is truly good, then you must take all possible steps to emerge from its shackles. Alternatively, if the boundary is only there to help you grow in the right direction, then you must respect it and make sure that you move in the manner dictated by Dharma, while accepting full responsibility for your actions. Through its history, planet Saturn has always been known to preserve the good, and restrict aspects which are not beneficial.

Impact on Other Planets

As a strong, slow and cold planet, Saturn takes its own time to pass through each sign and leave its impact. The planet is the ruler of houses Capricorn and Aquarius and it is known to be inimical to the Moon. So, if you are born under the planet Moon, you may face problems from Saturn.

Saturn moves into the 1st house

Now, if planet Saturn moves into the 1st house, in a retrograde position, this placement is lucky you the individual and they will be able to live happily. However, if, in this placement, the planet is malefic in the person’s birth chart, they may have to face heart problems. In the second house, a retrograde Saturn will make the person more spiritual and not cause any bad occurrences. The person will be both intelligent and compassionate.

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Saturn moves into the 3rd house

In the third house, a retrograde Saturn can help people become successful politicians and famous public figures. However, if Saturn is in a malefic position, then this placement will lead to disappointments and failures in life. In the next house, a retrograde Saturn can cause negative moods and mental stress, due to worry about the health of your forebears. This could lead to negative impact on the peace in the house. In the fifth house, Saturn’s retrograde could lead to lack of concern for children, as well as the possibility of being cheated in love.

Saturn moves into the 6th house

In the next house, which is the sixth, a retrograde Saturn can be excellent for you as it will bring you wealth and blessings while also helping you travel and overcome the negative impact created by your enemies. In the seventh house also, a retrograde Saturn is positive and brings you everything from a joyful family life to success in your career, especially in fields related to iron, steel or machinery. The next house is the eighth and, in this house, a retrograde Saturn can offer you a long life but your siblings will turn against you.

In the 9th and 10th house, retrograde Saturn can make you happy, brave and rich. You will be ambitious and will turn towards careers in the government or receive strong support from leaders. In the last two houses too, Saturn’s retrograde is considered a positive aspect and it will help you attain success in life. However, natives of the 12th house should be careful to not become arrogant and rude due to this success.

From these details, you know that the planet Saturn does not really limit the auspicious results of other planets, except in certain conditions and positions. If you are facing a situation wherein you feel the wrath of Saturn is upon you, we advise you to remain upbeat and positive. The harder you work, the greater will be planet Saturn’s blessings upon you. So stay strong and ensure that you attain every success in life. Never giving up is the key to such an outcome.

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