IPL 2020: Let the cricket carnival begin!

Excitement is in the air as sparkling evenings of glorious Cricket played by some of the best players in the world gets underway today.  The first match of this 2020 IPL will be played at the legendary Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, which has witnessed many memorable cricketing moments in its history.   

Two of the most decorated teams in the League are going against each other today. The Chennai Super Kings (last year’s runners-up), led by Dhoni, one of, if not, the best captain Indian cricket has ever seen and the defending champions, Mumbai Indians. This would be a match to settle unfinished business from last year and prove who is number one in the game.

Cricket is unpredictable. It is a game where one super over, one vital decision, one dropped catch, or one brilliant innings can change the course of a match. Therefore, if a match has to be predicted with any degree of accuracy, the horoscopes of all 22 players will be needed. 

There is a reason why the names of the players are released only a few moments before the game itself. This is a strategy to understand the weaknesses of the opposite side and presenting a balanced front to take them on. So, what an astrologer can do is to analyse the horoscopes of the team captains instead, understand their Dasa apahara periods and its influence on the day of the game and predict who has the most backing of the cosmos.

It would be foolish to even compare the skill sets of two of the best players in the game in Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. So the easier, logical thing to do is to analyse their fortunes as per astrology.

Dhoni’s Lagna is Virgo. This zodiac sign is represented by a maiden sailing alone in a boat. People having this sign as their Lagna are capable of getting themselves ashore through sheer will power and hard work. This is something we have seen many times from Dhoni during the duration of his career. Dhoni is now passing through Rahu Dasa under the influence of Kuja. Though Kujan is positive, the Dasa of Rahu is generally not a favourable period. Now, let us take a look at what this means for Dhoni. 

At this time Guru (Jupiter) is seen placed at a better position compared to last year, but still not enough to be considered favourable. This means suffering from peers and a lack of support from their part. The absence of Suresh Raina can be read in conjunction with this. Saturn travels at five, which is also not a good sign, so things may not go as planned. There will be errors in calculation. The condition of the valiant Kujan can be at best be described as ‘not bad’. For Dhoni, this means if he is to succeed, hard work is the only option. 

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Now, let’s look at Rohit Sharma’s Lagna. Rohit Sharma’s Lagna is Cancer and the Zodiac sign is that of a Crab. The nature of a crab is such that once it gets a grip on something, it never gives it up. He may not be an aggressive striker, but once he gets going there would be no stopping him. The double tons of Rohit Sharma are prime examples of that. Presently Rohit is passing through the Rahu Dasa under the sub influence of Kethu. This is not a good time. This is a time when the unexpected happens, and not in a good way. But since Rahu is at 9 and Ketu at 3, it can be assumed there won’t be too much of interference in form of bad luck. 

Now let’s look at what this means for Rohit in the field. Guru is at a place of fortune and hence very favourable. Kandakashani, being at its swakshetra, means it won’t be as negative as it should be. Kujan’s situation is not so favourable, and so is the moon.

Analyzing these two horoscopes, it can be said that while Rohit Sharma has the better blessing of heavens, the day is more suited to Dhoni’s fortunes. Therefore, it would be the performances of the other players which would decide the outcome of the match, than that of these two warriors.

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