What is Wealth Astrology?

Wealth, as in terms of money, is an essential commodity in our daily lives. It is needed to get us our basic needs for survival in today’s world. In addition to that, wealth brings in a sense of social security. Money is supposedly the highest priority-driven factor these days, sometimes to the extent that we may even sacrifice our relationships for it. Hence, one of the most essential queries that astrologers frequently face is regarding wealth. Wealth astrology or wealth horoscope is probably the most sought-after aspect of all time. Your prospects regarding wealth and your finance predictions can be best explained from your birth chart, which calls for a sound understanding of the birth chart or horoscope with respect to Vedic Astrology.

Planets, Zodiac Signs, and Houses

The birth chart happens to be the frozen image of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. The main elements that constitute a birth chart are planets, signs, and houses. Planets represent the primary drives, and the urges found inside each one of us. In short, they represent the “what” as in the type of energy expressed. They do not force us to be; they merely represent what we already are. The catch about planets in astrology is that they can relate to one another. These relationships reflect how our basic drives also relate to one another. Signs or zodiac signs determine the style in which any planet manifests because they give a distinction to our basic drives and urges. They represent the “how”, as in how the energy is expressed. The houses are usually the invisible divisions in the sky but are visible on our birth chart. The houses represent the “where” as in the areas of life where the energy resides. There are twelve houses, each one depicting various aspects of our social world. They give us an indication of what kind of experiences we have had with each house and our particular view of the social world around us. We get a clue on how we approach such areas of our lives.

The Birth Chart

Over the millennia, astrologers had developed a system whereby the heavens are divided into twelve equal segments known as the zodiac signs, taken as a fixed backdrop. The astrological or zodiac sign’s name corresponds to the dominant constellation that is located in each of the segments. The astrologers also used a geocentric or earth-centred chart with the sun and other planets revolving around the earth. The point at the eastern horizon is called the Ascendant because it is the point that is rising or ascending from the horizon as the earth turns. It is from the Ascendant that the houses are being numbered from one through twelve. Just as there are twelve zodiac signs, there are also twelve houses.

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The main difference between houses and signs is that houses move with the earth while the zodiac signs do not. Since the earth rotates on its axis, the position of the houses changes in relation to the fixed zodiac signs. The two systems overlap one another creating an ever-changing kaleidoscope of endless combinations. Houses bring a personalized dimension to the birth chart, making each map unique. The placement of the houses depends on the time of day an event occurs. The position of the houses in a birth chart can change dramatically based on the time of day a person is born. A difference of one hour, for example, would cause the earth to rotate about 15 degrees or half of one zodiac sign. This time interval can make a big difference in the overall layout of one’s birth chart. That is why astrologers, when setting up a birth chart, are always very insistent on using the correct time of birth.

What are the indications of Wealth in the birth chart/horoscope?

Once the birth chart is studied, the indications of wealth are understood and made very clear. The primary houses that are concerned with wealth are the 2nd, 9th, 10th and 11th houses. The 2nd house depicts accumulated wealth as ancestral wealth, savings and bank balance. The 10th house portrays wealth generated through employment and other sources. The 11th house reflects profit. A few houses may not have a direct bearing, but nothing is possible without them. Such is the Ascendant or Lagna, representing our physical existence and the 9th house, which means fortune or luck. In Vedic Astrology, many combinations and yogas are considered to determine how wealthy a person can be.

The strength of these houses is checked on an individual basis. Much importance is placed on your Ascendant, and the ruler of this sign is the ruler of your entire chart. A remarkable difference in strength is seen if the Ascendant is associated with any of these houses. Horoscope as a whole becomes weak if the Ascendant or the Ascendant Lord is weak. Whereas if the Ascendant or Ascendant Lord joins with the 2nd, 10th or 11th house and their Lords, it becomes a perfect combination for Financial prosperity in Vedic Astrology.

Let us consider a few reasonable indications for wealth from a birth chart:

Assessing the strength of the 2nd house.

  • Lord of the second house should be well placed in the horoscope without any negative influences.
  • Benefic planets in the second house are a good indication, provided the lord of the 2nd house is well placed.
  • A great fortune is indicated if the lord of the 2nd house is placed in the Trines or quadrants and the lord of the 4th and 11th house.
  • If the 11th house lord is in the 2nd house or the 2nd house lord in the 11th house or both the house lords conjunct in a good house, great money and riches are indicated.
  • A Dhana Yoga is formed when the second and the eleventh house’s lords get related with the 1st and/or 5th and/or 9th house.
  • The lord of the Ascendant placed firmly in the birth chart.
  • Jupiter being a planet of wealth, if well placed and have good relations with the second house and its lord; good fortune is assured.
  • The Lagna lord in the second house will prove beneficial during his periods or sub-periods.
  • Lakshmi Yoga is attained when the lord of the 2nd house is supreme, and the lord of the 9th house is either in its own house or exalted, identical with a quadrant or trine without any malefic influences.
  • Mahabhagya Yoga is caused if the Sun, Moon and the Lagna are in odd signs in the case of a man being born during the daytime and if the Sun, Moon and the Lagna are in even signs in the case of a woman born during the night time.
  • Gaja Kesari Yoga is caused if Jupiter or Moon should be in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house.
  • When the lord of the 2nd and 9th house is in a Kendra or quadrant, it indicates wealth.
  • Benefics in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th houses, when counted from the moon sign, make one rich.
  • A conjunction of the Moon and Mars produces wealth.
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These are only but a few of the indicators of wealth. After the careful consideration of just a few indicators mentioned above, one attains a remarkable amount of information with Wealth astrology. A lot more complex combinations and intense calculations await you and can always be indulged in. We wish our readers a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous time ahead.

Dhana yoga in astrology

Having Dhana Yoga in one’s kundli more or less assures wealth in life. Five houses are responsible for the formation of Dhana Yoga. They are Lagna, the second house, the fifth, ninth and the eleventh house. Lagna reveals the personality traits of the person. The second house deals with matters of finance. The fifth house is the house of luck. The ninth house reflects the spirituality and philosophical nature of the person. The eleventh house represents his or her general nature and social relationships.

Dhana Yoga happens when

  • Lagna lord and lord of the second house get together in an auspicious house.
  • Lagna lord and lord of the fifth get together in an auspicious house.
  • Lagna lord and lord of the ninth get together in an auspicious house.
  • Lagna lord and the lord of the eleventh get together.
  • Lord of the second and that of the eleventh lord get together.
  • Lord of the second and the fifth get together in a sign.
  • Lord of the second and the ninth get together in a sign.
  • Lord of the fifth and the ninth get together in a sign.
  • Lord of the fifth and the eleventh get together in a sign.
  • Lord of the ninth and the eleventh get together in a sign.
Dhana Yoga will not give desired results if any of the lords of the signs are under the influence of malefic, retrograde or debilitated planets.

Which planet is responsible for money

Jupiter and Venus are the indicators of wealth and prosperity in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter, the biggest planet, is also the most beneficial planet. It represents growth, expansion and gaining of wisdom. It enhances your abilities and luck and generally makes everything better in life. Venus represents beauty, passion and comfort in life. The position of Venus in the chart has a significant say on the amount of wealth that can be attained by a person in life. The combination of these planets influencing the second, fifth, ninth and eleventh houses will bring the person immense wealth and fortune. Apart from these two, Moon and Mercury are the two other planets which can affect the financial fortunes of a person.

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