The Important Yogas In Vedic Astrology

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “Yuj” which means union. Yogas in astrology refer to the different ways in which planets associate with each other and form combinations. These combinations and their special results impact the life of an individual positively or negatively. The presence of Yogas is particularly observed while making horoscopes at childbirth to analyze the nature of the child and determine what the future holds for them.

There are numerous Yogas in Vedic astrology but some of them are considered more important than others. According to Vedic astrology, Yogas are determined by the placement of the nakshatras and planets at the time of birth, and to find the Yogas in the birth chart, Panchangam is used.

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The two types of Yogas in Panchangam – Naisargika Nitya Yogas, that is based on longitudes of the Surya (Sun) and Chandra and Tatkaalika Yogas, that is based on the combination of Vaar (weekday) and Nakshatra (constellation). Yogas give positive or negative results in different areas of life, and the combinations that yield negative results are called Doshas. Yogas are generally classified as Chandra (Sun), Surya (Moon), Nabhasa (celestial), Raja, Dhana, or Darida. Out of the thousands of Yogas in astrology.

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The following are the most important Yogas in astrology

  1.       VISHKAMBHA (Support): It is ruled by Shani. The native with Vishambha Yoga will prevail over others, be victorious over enemies, and obtain property and wealth.
  2.       PRITI (Fondness): Budh or Mercury is the ruler planet for this Yoga. Its effect is characterized as

enjoyment or gratification, attraction to the opposite sex, and a life of contentment.

  1.       AYUSHMAN (Long-lived): The ruler planet is Ketu. Individuals with Ayushman Yoga will be blessed with longevity, good health, and energy.
  2.       SAUBHAGYA (Good Luck): This Yoga is ruled by Shukra. The effects of Yoga have been described as auspicious in which the native will be bestowed with good fortune, a life full of opportunities and happiness.
  3.       SOBHANA (Splendor): Sun or Surya is the ruler planet for this Yoga. Natives with Sobhana Yoga in their birth chart tend to be splendid, beautiful, have a sensualist demeanor, or obsessed with sex.
  4.       ATIGANDA (Danger): The Atiganda Yoga is ruled by Chandra, the moon. The effects of the Yoga will result in a difficult life for the native due to numerous obstacles and accidents, which might make them revengeful and angry.
  5.       SUKARMA (Virtuous): It is ruled by the planet Mangal. The native of Sukarma Yoga will perform noble deeds and will be magnanimous, charitable, and wealthy.
  6.   DHRITI (Determination): Rahu is the ruler planet for the Dhriti Yoga. Natives of this Yoga are talented and wise and tend to live a peaceful family life.
  7.       SOOLA (Pain): It is ruled by Guru. A malefic Yoga of a low order, the nature of the Soola Yoga is characterized as confrontational and contrary, pain, death, spear, iron pin.
  8.   GANDA (Obstacles): Shani or Saturn is the ruler planet. The implications are characterized as flawed morals or ethics, troublesome personality, and obstacles.
  9.   VRIDDHA (Growth): Budh planet rules this Yoga. Vriddha Yoga natives are described as intelligent and opportunistic, and for them, life constantly improves with age.
  10.   DHRUVA Constant): Ketu is the ruler planet of Dhruva Yoga. The effects of the Yoga in the native exhibits a steady character, ability to concentrate and persist, wealth.
  11.   VYAGATHA (Beating): Venus or Shukra is the ruler planet. The implications are described as cruel, intent on harming others.
  12.   HARSHANA (Thrilling): It is ruled by Surya, the Sun. The native of Harshana Yoga is intelligent and delights in merriment and humor.
  13.   VAJRA (Thunderbolt): The Vajra Yoga is ruled by Chandra. The characteristics of Vajra Yoga native are described as well-off, lecherous, unpredictable, and forceful.
  14.   SIDDHI (Success): The Siddhi Yoga is ruled by Budh. Natives under the influence of this Yoga are described as skillful and accomplished in several areas; protector and supporter of others.
  15.   VYATAPATA (Calamity): It is ruled by Rahu. The Vyatapata Yoga native will be prone to sudden mishaps and reversals and will be fickle and unreliable.
  16.   VARIYAN (Comfort): Guru or Jupiter is the ruler planet of this Yoga. The native of the Variyan Yoga loves ease and luxury and is lazy and lascivious.
  17.   PARIGHA (Obstruction): It is ruled by Shani Graha. Under the effects of Parigha Yoga, the native encounters many obstacles to progress in life and tend to be irritable and meddlesome.
  18.   SIVA (Auspicious): Mercury or Budh rules the Siva Yoga. The native of the Siva Yoga will be honored by superiors and government, placid, learned, religious, and wealthy.
  19.   SIDDHA (Accomplished): The Siddha Yoga is ruled by Mangal. The consequences are depicted as accommodating personality, pleasant nature, interest in ritual, and spirituality.
  20.   SADHYA (Amenable): Ruler planet is Shukra. Sadhya Yoga individuals are described as well behaved, with good manners and etiquette.
  21.   SUBHA (Auspicious): Surya rules the Yoga. The impacts of Yoga in individuals manifest as lustrous body and personality, but problems with health. Surya Yoga natives tend to be wealthy in their lives. 
  22.   SUKLA (Bright White): This is ruled by Chandra. The consequences are depicted as bright, pure, clean, and flighty, unsteady, and changeable minds.
  23.   BRAHMA (God): The red planet Mangal rules the Brahma Yoga. The effects in the native are manifested as trustworthy and confidential, ambitious, good discernment, and judgment.
  24.   INDRA (Chief): It is ruled by Rahu. The effects of Indra Yoga will lead to an inclination towards education and knowledge. The natives will be helpful and well-off.
  25.   VAIDHRITI (Poor Support): It is ruled by mighty planet Guru. Vaidhriti natives have a critical nature. They are mentally or physically powerful.
  26. Gajakeshari: The Gajakesari Yoga is a powerful and auspicious Yoga, which will bestow the native with immense success and glory in life. Its natives tend to become popular speakers and leaders. 
  27.   MALAVYA: One of the rare and auspicious Yogas of the Pancha Mahapurush Yoga, the Malavya Yoga occurs when Venus is positioned in Libra, Taurus, or Pisces and in one of the Kendra houses. Natives born in Malavya Yoga will be blessed with wisdom, fame, artistic skills, materialistic pleasures, marital happiness, and luck in life. They will also have prominent success in business and own luxurious vehicles.
  28.   VIPREET RAJ: This is a Raj Yoga, but also brings lots of struggles. There are three Vipreet Raj Yogas – Harsha, Sarala, and Vimala, which happen when the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses in the chart form a relationship with each other through mutual relation of their lords or placement in each other. The above-mentioned houses are also known as dushtanas and associated with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual burdens.

However, having Vipreet Raj Yoga in the chart will also bring good and prosperous times to the native after overcoming those struggles.

  1.   KEMDRUM: If the Moon occurs in a place without any planets on either side, i.e. on the 2nd and 12th house in your birth chart, Kemdrum Yoga is formed. As there is no planet around it, the Moon gains more power and can have a negative influence on the native. When analyzing the presence of Kemdrum Yoga, the shadowy planets, Rahu and Ketu, are not considered.

Natives with this Yoga are likely to face poverty at least once in their life. They might be restless, remain busy but will be unsatisfied. They will also face troubles in their personal and professional lives. However, Kemdrum Yoga is not always inauspicious. People born with this Yoga also get the ability to combat these negativities and become highly successful in their respective fields.

  1.   PANCH MAHAPURUSH: The Panch Mahapurush Yoga is a unique and extraordinary Yoga that doesn’t occur easily in someone’s horoscope, but whoever has it will be blessed by great success, happiness, wealth and luxuries. It is a combination of five Yogas formed out of five planets and their specific positions at the time of birth. They are Ruchak (Mars), Bhadra (Mercury), Hansh (Jupiter), Malavya (Venus), and Sasha (Saturn).
  2.   SUNAPHA: Sunapha Yoga is formed when a planet other than the Sun occupies the second house from the Moon sign.  Depending on which planet or associates forming the Yoga, different varieties of Sunapha Yoga arise. It is known to bring the native wealth, status, fame, virtuous pursuits, religious inclination, and quiet nature.
  3.   CHANDRA MANGAL: The Chandra Mangal Yoga happens when the Moon and Mars are placed in the 9th or 11th house or when they are in conjunction with each other. As the Moon is associated with mental strength, happiness and wealth, while Mars is known to bestow the power to achieve all goals in life, such occurrences can bring immense success and prosperity to the native.
  4.   DHARMA KARMADHIPATI: This Yoga is formed by the relationship of the 9th and 10th houses by the union, mutual aspect relationship, or an exchange between the house lords. Natives with Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga will be caring and affectionate as well as will be inclined towards religious activities.


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