According to Indian astrology, each day is attributed to a planet. The planets in astrology Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn rule Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, respectively. The day’s kaala hora corresponds to the respective planet. Each person’s character and personality is influenced by the day of their birth. Their career is also closely linked to the corresponding planet.

Astrology based facts about the people born on Sunday

For those born on Sunday, careers and sectors where Sun is the facilitator are suitable. Confidence, pride, authority and enthusiasm are the qualities of Sun. They are a cheerful lot and reach leading positions without much difficulty. To people who do not know them well, they appear to be proud and overconfident. They take care of those who follow them and help them in their struggles. They will try to destroy their enemies using their power. Working under someone is not something of interest to them. According to astrology, Sunday born can usually be found in leadership positions. Jobs in the government, supervisory positions, medical field as well as politics are favourable jobs for them. They will have the courage to face difficult situations in life. And they will be appreciated for their sincerity and intelligence, and they enjoy travelling. 

Personality and Career facts about the people born on Monday

Monday born are kind-hearted and calm in nature. They face all issues emotionally and wish to be liked by everyone. In situations where others may react violently, they tend to be calm. They find happiness in helping others and are honest with clean intentions. They stay away from those who peddle lies or exaggerate the truth. They shine in careers that involve the heart and mind. They do well in personal management and human resource departments, as well as psychologists.

Facts about the people born on Tuesday

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Those born on Tuesday do not hold back while showing their anger, even in public. They are generally people who like adventures and prefer sports that cause an adrenaline rush. They do not stick to their words and often change their decisions. They have the energy to go after their goals and achieve results. Tuesday borns like engaging in arguments, it is like a hobby for them. They find it difficult to trust others, but once they trust, they will do everything in their power to help them. Betrayal is not something that they can forgive. They are close to their friends and siblings. 

According to astrology, the army, navy, air force or jobs related to law and order are good for them. They like to be precise and disciplined and prefer jobs that have uniforms. They will be devoted to their jobs, which will earn them praise from their superiors. But their sudden outbursts may result in enemies in their fields too. 

Personality and Career Predictions for the people born on Wednesday

Individuals born on Wednesday prefer to pursue matters of higher intellect. They have an affinity for humour and their communications are usually peppered with wit. They try to handle problems with ease. During friendly gatherings, they attract attention with their conversation and manners. They respect elders and do not like to compromise on their freedom. They have many friends and treat all of them in the same way. They have a way with words which makes them adept at conversations and prefer careers in fields that require constant communication. They will perform well in sales and marketing departments as they are good at the art of conversations. Jobs needing translations, negotiations, customer interaction, foreign language expertise are suitable for them. Though sometimes they appear to be slacking in their jobs, they are hard workers.

About the people born on Thursday

Thursday borns are kind and compassionate and they lead happy family lives. They combine practical wisdom, philosophy and religious approach to life in a seamless manner. They are likely to be scholars and experts in their field. They are people who are capable of thinking and teaching logically. They will always try to lead their friends on the right path. They will have many friends and followers. They will always try to learn more about spiritual and religious matters. They will not have many close friends because of their serious demeanour. They will be compassionate and just with a heart to help everyone. 

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As they like to gain knowledge, teaching will be their favourite profession. They will be keen to impart knowledge to those who work with them. Jobs related to wealth, spirituality, education, publishing are suitable for them. They can shine as guides and mentors.

Facts about the people born on Friday

Friday borns you will have an affinity to white and light coloured clothes and objects. They have a natural attraction to agriculture and landed properties. They are quick to understand and reciprocate the feelings of people around them. They enjoy the beauty and are likely to be artists. They have a lot of friends and have a special ability in making new friends. As they like beautiful things they will also spend time trying to create or protect beauty. They will always try to maintain a certain standard in their appearance. Like people who give a lot of importance to friendship, they will have plenty of friends of the opposite gender. 

According to astrology, those born on Friday will choose fields related to arts. Fashion designing, graphic designing, advertising fields are perfect for them. They can prove their skills in visual arts and it’s behind the scene efforts. They will leave their artistic signature in whatever field they choose.

Personality and Career facts about the people born on Saturday

Birth on a Saturday indicates that they may prefer to stay inactive until circumstances force them to step forward. They enjoy delay tactics and like to gossip. They cannot afford to spend as lavishly as they would like to. They tend to be emotional and sensitive in nature.

Those born on Saturday generally appear to be lazy but work harder than anyone else in situations that require so. They find it difficult to meet deadlines. They have very less friends but maintain a deep relationship with those they are close with. They generally do not pay much attention to their appearance. They give more respect to talent than wealth. For these hardworking Friday borns, the service industry is the best. They know how to effectively make use of the workforce provided to them. They will shine well in politics and real estate. They prefer to stay for long periods in the sector that they choose. 

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