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Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Librans are the most interesting, charming, and well-balanced people to be with. They are fair-minded, clever, and have a good sense of humanity, making them excellent company. They are well-balanced and love keeping their surroundings tidy, orderly and harmonious. They cannot stand mess or chaos and this is more so for their social circle. They try to find balance in life and desire to be stress-free and peaceful. If they sense an inkling of unrest or unfairness, they will do everything in their power to rectify it.

They adore arts, luxury, etc., basically all beautiful things, and tend to gravitate towards things that improve the aesthetic look and comfort of their living spaces. Librans are fans of self-indulgence. Avoid gifting them state-of-the-art tech-based items and accessories, as they perceive them to be unromantic and impersonal. The mystery is a feature of their character. They are highly intelligent and can be imaginative. Ensure to wrap your gifts elegantly when gifting a Libran.

Gift suggestions for Libra

  • Gifting home décor and decorative items are good options for Libra. They seek balance in everything and items that come in pairs, such as a pair of picture frames, etc. could be good choices.
  • Librans love socializing and intimate moments. Invite them over to a get-together or a special dinner or a short trip. This will make them happy.
  • Gift a Libran an ethnic or rustic craft made from natural materials and this will surely be appreciated.
  • Librans love items with sentimental value. Gift a Libra a personalized item as a token of your love and they will treasure it forever. It can be as simple as a locket, photo pillow, photo books, etc.
  • Librans enjoy music, so gifting them a collection of records of their favorite singer/band, or a pair of tickets to a concert, are also ideal choices.
  • Libra-born are connoisseurs of fine food. Take them out for an exotic cuisine dinner, or gift them a box of premium chocolate, a bottle of fine wine, etc. and they will be delighted. You can even arrange a feast at home and invite them over.
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Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

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Scorpio-born individuals may seem intimidating due to their fiercely independent nature, but they are kind – if albeit emotionally turbulent people. The mystery is the inbuilt nature of Scorpio. Scorpios belong to the Water element, along with Cancer and Pisces; however, what sets them apart from their fellow water signs is that they have a dangerous sting when trifled with, just like their celestial animal, the scorpion. They love mysteries and occults and are highly passionate individuals who can be secretive and alluring. They are intense, honest and ambitious and will pursue their goals with single-minded determination. They are one of the most dedicated people and once they commit to something, they stick with it, which makes them great friends and romantic partners.

Despite their prickly exteriors, Scorpios are easy to shop for. They are forthright and will let people know what interests them. Present them a gift without any reason and they would be happy. Adding mystery to your gift would be ideal. Their intriguing nature will surely appreciate your way of presenting the gift. Avoid gifting them items based on subjects or hobbies they have no interest in.

Gift Ideas for Scorpio

  • Scorpios like to stay secretive and prefer dark colours and shades. Gift them a personalised tote bag or mug featuring their star sign, clothes with a hood, a large hat, sunglasses, etc. but in dark shades only.
  • Scorpios enjoy thrillers. Take them to a newly released thriller movie or gift them an old-classic thriller.
  • Books are another option. Gift your Scorpio a book on any occult or metaphysical topic or you can also opt for an investigative or horror genre.
  • Gifting them binoculars, telescopes, tarot cards, etc. would suit their intriguing nature and interest in esoteric topics.
  • You could even gift them puzzles or give them clues to a treasure hunt while presenting your gift. 
  • Scorpios like to look seductive. Gifting them seductive clothing would also be a great gift option.
  • Gift them a cash or gift card. That way they could shop alone for their favourite mysterious articles.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

Sagittarians are one of the most flexible people and are energetic, active, and motivated. They are open-hearted, quick to inspire and be inspired. Their personality makes them highly effective leaders and they are not afraid to pursue what they want, regardless of what others may think of them. They are adventurous, charming and lovers of freedom. They hate restrictions. They are enthusiastic about life and are optimistic individuals who love to learn new things. They do not like to dwell on the misfortunes of the past when they can focus their efforts on creating a better tomorrow.

They can be wild, fun, and intelligent and at the same time, level-headed and able to calculate and weigh the risks of a situation before engaging in a project. They like travelling and vacationing in lesser-known destinations to satiate their adventurous side. They thrive in situations when given proper cultural and intellectual stimulation. They have a good sense of humor and enjoy parties.

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Gift Ideas for Sagittarius

  • Gifts about travel and journaling would serve them well when compared to ‘cliché’ gifts like gift cards, perfumes or socks that would only merit a passing glance. Gifting a Sagittarian something that makes them physically or mentally active, and caters to their adventurous spirit, would be ideal. 
  • Plan an adventure trip, such as a long bike ride, trekking, canoe ride, etc. or even gift them a vacation to an exotic location they haven’t visited.
  • Sports and adventure gears are also great gift options for Sagittarians. Gift them sports goods or something that can be useful during their adventure trips. You can even gift them tickets to their favourite sports event, or a gadget in the theme of their favorite team, etc.
  • Gift your Sagittarius a book on their favorite topic or something that they wish to learn. Anything that helps them work their body and mind can be a wonderful gift option.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

Capricorn is famed for being practical, goal-oriented, and pragmatic. They are known to be grounded in reality when it comes to achieving their dreams. They can confront any challenge in the most systematic way possible, ensuring that they achieve their goals. They value time and effort and are hardworking individuals. Often they may come off as stubborn, stoic, and pessimistic, preferring to do things at their own pace. They have a rather small and intimate group of friends instead of being a part of a large crowd, so consider yourself blessed if you are friends with a Capricorn.

Capricorns love status and comforts, but they have a special liking for simplicity. Simple foods and natural materials will impress them. They like to spend time in the company of their loved ones. Capricorns hold themselves and others to a high standard and can be unforgiving if they perceive that they have been made a fool of. They appreciate gifts that have practical value. Avoid gifting them something that makes them feel uncomfortable socially – like a loud graphic tee or something that forces them to take time off from their work/study when they are not ready – like surprise vacations. 

Gift Ideas for Capricorn

  • Capricorns like physical comforts. Gifting them comfortable clothing, footwear or anything made of natural fabrics, etc. can be a hit.
  • They like articles that reflect status. You can consider gifting them a high-quality briefcase, a fountain pen, a vintage watch, etc.
  • Any homemade or traditional food can impress a Capricorn. Invite them over for dinner and cook them something special.
  • You can gift a Capricorn a rustic craft or articles that are made from natural materials, such as wood, leaves, etc.
  • Capricorns are practical and hardworking, so gifting them a book about strategies, a biography of someone successful, or something that improves their skills, etc. can make them happy.
  • Capricorns appreciate your efforts and would love if you offer your help in doing something for them, like mowing their lawn or helping them arrange furniture articles, etc.
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Aquarius (January 21-February 18)

Aquarius is the last air sign in the zodiac and is represented by the ‘Water Bearer’, known for its healing traits. Likewise Aquarians possess the most humanitarian traits of all zodiacs. They are rebels at heart and hold idealistic and progressive views. They are highly intelligent and a little quirky. They loathe authority or any form of conventionality that stifles their free-spirited nature. They are more into technological innovations and trendy fashions. They have an offbeat sense of style, unusual hobbies, and interests, and are non-conformist. Aquarians, like to socialize and be the center of attention. They are interested in occults, art, history, culture, nature, etc. They are spontaneous. They love all things unique.

Gift Ideas for Aquarius

  • Aquarians love art in all forms. Gifting them a unique art piece, or tickets to museums, plays, musical concerts, movies, etc. are ideal options.
  • Aquarians’ love for history and culture gives a good scope for gifting them an antique piece or something unusual that has a historical value to it.
  • Aquarians are into technical innovations. So gifting them a new electronic gadget or software program is also ideal.
  • Gift your Aquarians fashionable and trendy clothing or footwear.
  • Aquarians have an affinity for esoteric topics and like unusual things. Gift them a book on meditation, a personalized yoga mat, a telescope, a gift certificate for an acupuncture session, or any other alternative therapy, etc.
  • Gifting an Aquarius something personalized to their interests will earn you brownie points. Ensure to keep your Aquarian friend or family member happy throughout a holiday, without giving them anything repetitive.
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Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Represented by a pair of fish, and associated with the water element, a Pisces will possibly be one of the most laid-back people. They love to dream. They are known to be sentimental and romantic and can be impressed with a heartfelt presentation. They are compassionate and agreeable and will expertly adapt to any situation. They have an intuitive understanding of the world around them. Pisceans are creative people who appreciate all things beautiful. They are spiritual and have a wide variety of interests. Everything enjoyable to their senses is a treat to them. They have an affinity for arts, history, nature, animals, flowers, music, fine food, etc. When you gift a Piscean, try to make it an intimate occasion and avoid gifting them insensitive gifts, like perfume, money, or something impersonal like care items. 

Gift suggestions for Pisces

  • Gift your Piscean female friend a jewelry piece and it can be a sure hit.
  • Gift items related to water, like an aquarium, a table-top fountain, swimming accessories, bath oils, etc. This will surely impress them.
  • Pisceans are sentimental and romantic. Gift them a personalized photograph of a treasured moment, a photo album, a camera, a romantic album or book, etc.
  • Gifting a Piscean any artwork is a good choice. You can also gift them painting accessories that let them work out their creativity.
  • Pisceans also appreciate a gift related to music. Gift them a CD of their favorite genre/band, a music player, tickets to a concert, etc.
  • You can gift a pet or a rare flowering plant to a Piscean as they love animals and nature.
  • You can treat their sense of touch, taste, and smell. Gift them soft clothing – anything made of velvet, satin, silk, etc., fine food or drinks, a bottle of fine fragrance, etc.
  • You don’t need to go for something big or expensive for a Piscean. Create an intimate occasion and this will surely make your Piscean happy. An outing on a beach, candle-lit dinner, etc. is a good gift option too.

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