Gifting is not just about money. It displays more important and intangible qualities such as love, care and gratefulness. While gifting, we let the other person know our feelings for them and, at the same time, make them happy and let them understand their importance in our lives. The best gift that you can give to another person is showing your participation in their life. This article is meant to throw light on some unique and suitable gifting ideas based on the zodiac signs. The act of gifting strengthens or repairs a relationship and even initiates new relationships. This article aims at providing general suggestions on gifting ideas that suit different zodiacs. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, celebrations, achievements, etc. are all occasions when we give gifts to people we care about. Sometimes, you don’t even need a special occasion to show your appreciation and gift someone close to you. Gifting ideas can be hard especially when you are gifting someone whom you do not know very well. While choosing a gift for your near and dear ones, based on your personal intimacy and understanding, as well as the kind of relationship you share with them, you would have some understanding of their likes and dislikes.

However, when gifting someone who is not close to you, thoughtful and meaningful gifts should be chosen to portray your true feelings. Instead of choosing some random gifts, it is always advisable to choose something that goes in line with the person’s interests and requirements. Knowing their date of birth helps a great deal when choosing gifts based on zodiac signs for people who you are gifting for the first time.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

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Aries-born individuals are adventurous and love thrills and challenges. They are impulsive and love to have fun. They are usually bold, brash, passionate and confident. People born in this star sign are natural-born leaders and are trailblazers who appreciate anything that’s action-oriented. Though they love surprises, they would rather not have drama of fancy wrappings, overly ’mushy’ gifts or gifts with too many parts and suspense factors as they are too impatient to know what’s inside. Trendy, colourful and exciting gifts make them happy. While they are amazing team players, and often the ones who take the initiative, they are shallow and self-absorbed and may get offended if you forget to gift them on special days. 

Gift Suggestions for Aries

  • Aries-born is sporty and adventurous, hence gifting sports gear, gadgets, tickets to sporting events, etc. can be considered.
  • Electronic gadgets like smartwatches, phones, or new gadgets would make ideal gifts for Aries.
  • For the Aries woman, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc. or even exotic cooking items or ingredients would bring a glow on their face. Also, gifting them gemstones, earrings, necklaces, etc. can be considered.
  • Gift items that add glamour to their features are also good choices.
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Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Famed for stubbornness, Taurus is an Earth sign and people born under this sign are often patient, practical, devoted and reliable. They are the ‘anchor of the stars’ and never shy away from hard work. They value honesty above all else. They love practical gifts. Taurus may get offended if you haven’t put thought into choosing a gift for them. They are sensual by nature and are connoisseurs of all things beautiful and decadent that can be enjoyed via smell, touch, taste, etc. They tend to seek the beautiful things in life, such as nature, music, fine food & drinks and love luxury and comfort. 

Gift suggestions for Taurus

  • As Taurus-born loves nature, any gift related to that, like bouquets of exotic flowers, rare flowering plants, decorative houseplants, gardening accessories, etc. can make them happy. 
  • Taurus is sensual by nature and love to indulge in luxury and comfort. A fine perfume, good clothing, a cosy sofa or blanket, etc. can also be considered. Gifting them an exotic spa experience will also bring a smile to their face.
  • They are the connoisseurs of good food and drinks. Take them out to lunch or dinner at their favourite restaurants, or gift them a hamper of delicacies, exotic fruits, drinks, chocolates, etc.
  • If you know their favourite genre of music or their favourite music band, try gifting them an album collection or even better, gifting them tickets to their concerts.
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Gemini (May 22- June 21)

Social, creative, communicative and whimsical – Gemini always seems at the centre of attention. They like to live in the moment. They love to share their fun experiences when they meet new people, just to break the ice. Gemini-born individuals are very passionate, charming, and are usually social butterflies. Communication is one of their topmost priorities. They love sharing ideas and knowledge with people and make excellent workmates on group projects. Gemini–born are witty and adaptable. Their adaptability, wit and knowledge make them handle most situations with ease and panache. They can change their personalities within a moment, depending on the crowd. Unfortunately, this trait makes them seem ‘two-faced and artificial. They like to be organized and stay in touch with their near and dear. Sometimes, a mere visit can also be a great gift for your dear Gemini friends. They are intellectual and like to do things that engage their minds and hands. 

Gift suggestions for Gemini

  • Gift a Gemini–born any gadget of communication such as phones, phone accessories, Ipads, etc.
  • Gemini–born are good organisers and love to organise their day or activities. A diary, day planner or organiser, personalised deluxe notebooks and pens can make some ideal gifts.
  • Gemini’s like to exercise their minds. Gifting them items that raise their curiosity would be ideal. Computer games, video games, puzzles, nail kits, etc. can also be considered.
  • They love to read and learn new things and gifting them a book of their favourite genre or author would be an ideal choice.
  • Gemini’s love to travel and you can think of appropriate travel accessories such as guidebooks, maps, cameras, etc. as ideal gifting items.
  • Planning an outing and spending the entire day with them would also make a Gemini happy as they love to stay in touch with their near and dear ones.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

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Cancerians are deeply intuitive and sensitive by nature. They can be one of the most difficult people to get to know, and even shop for. Similar to their celestial spirit animal, the crab, Cancer-born people have a hard outer shell and are extremely self-protective. This, in turn, makes them distant and cold and rather difficult to understand. But beneath their hard exterior, they are genuinely caring, sympathetic and emotional. They are domestically-oriented and love creating cosy and safe spaces for them to hide away when the outside world seems to get too tough. They are sentimental about their family and past. Cancer-born people stick to etiquettes and like staying connected. They enjoy comforts too. They appreciate meaningful gifts and value the way the gifts are presented. They also appreciate the efforts taken in choosing their gift. A heartfelt speech while presenting their gifts makes them emotional and happy. 

Gift suggestions for Cancer

  • Cancer-born people appreciate gifts made from the heart. Gifting them something homemade, or any item from the past, would delight them. They appreciate any gift that can trigger memories. You can also gift them restored and elegantly framed photographs, an antique item, etc.
  • Cancer-born are homely and love gifts that help set up their home or beautify their home. Gifts such as housewares, furniture, or even a pet can be considered. You could also present them with a gift certificate for home accessories or home décor.
  • Cancer-born individuals love to be pampered and enjoy comforts. Gifting them comfy pillows, plush bathrobes, fragrant massage oils, spa treatments, etc. can be considered. 
  • They love to cook and what better to gift them than a good cookbook or premium kitchenware. You may also take them to dine out in a fine restaurant. 
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Leo (July 23 – August 23)

Confident, loyal, passionate and drama-lovers, Leos love to showcase their charisma. They are much like the Gemini, and love to be the centre of attention. They are gregarious and tend to have a large friends group or social circle. Their self-confidence, determination and generosity make them natural-born leaders. Leos tend to have the spotlight on them wherever they go thanks to their strength and vitality. They are amazing people to be around and can easily inspire and engage others. This makes them admirable. Leos love to show off and can be loud and proud. They appreciate gifts that reference their taste and personality. Avoid gifting them routine or common gifts. Rather, gift them something unique. Leos have expensive tastes and love comforts. They have a good sense of style and consider themselves to be art connoisseurs. Gift them something pompous and they will be extremely delighted. 

Gift Ideas for Leo

  • Leos like to show off and be the centre of attention. So gift them a stylish personal accessory which will give them just the attention they desire.
  • Leo-born enjoy luxurious and personalised items so gifting them personalised jewellery items, premium footwear, cosmetics, etc. can win their hearts and attention.
  • Gifting vibrant and luxurious clothing is also a good choice for Leos. Gifting them a spa session, a personal photoshoot or a fine perfume of their favourite brand will delight them.
  • Leos are connoisseurs of art, so taking them out for a movie, or gifting tickets to their favourite shows/events, or buying records of their favourite band/singer are also ideal gift options for Leo.
  • Leo-born appreciates fine dining. Taking them out for an exotic dinner and treating them to exotic wines and drinks will essentially make them happy.

Virgo (August 24-September 22)

Virgo-born individuals are practical, sensible and loyal. They make excellent friends and wholeheartedly support the people in their lives. Of all the 12 zodiac signs, Virgos are kind in nature. They would feel uncomfortable if you buy them extravagant gifts. They are the ultimate perfectionists, both in their personal and professional lives. They can be hardworking at best, and over self-critical at worst. Virgo’s value practicality and usability and would prefer something that they can use in their daily lives. They have refined interests. They take pride in taking care of their health and appearance and prefer to be organised in their lives. Avoid gifting them something frivolous, or something that takes too long to put together, as this would have an adverse effect when pitted against a Virgo’s perfectionist nature.

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Gift suggestions for Virgo

  • Virgo-born value cost and quality so gifting them a discount shopping gift card would make them happy.
  • Virgo-born prefer gifts that they can use in their everyday lives. Gifting them a tool or an appliance that they like to work with can be a good option. Get to their hobbies and you could gift them kitchen accessories, garage accessories, or any tool that could be useful for them. 
  • Virgo is finicky about cleanliness and likes to organize. Gifting them a briefcase, a tool kit, removable shelves, vacuum cleaner, etc. or items that would help them clean and organise can be considered. 
  • Virgo-born likes to stay fit. Gift your Virgo friend a gym membership or gymming equipment that helps them work out.
  • A typical Virgo loves to learn and improve their skills. Gifting a guidebook or books that give learning tips are a good option.

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