Gifting is an act of showing love, care or gratefulness. We gift somebody to show our feelings for them, to make them happy or to let them know that they are important to us. Birthdays, anniversaries, festival days and celebrations of achievements are the occasions we choose to gift somebody we care for. This article, based on zodiac signs, lets you know what kind of gift can suit the likings of an individual.

You don’t even need a special occasion to gift somebody too close to you like the near and dear. In that case, choosing the gift depends on your personal intimacy, your understanding of each other and your kind of relationship. But, there can be occasions in which you have to gift somebody not so close to you. Instead of choosing a gift at random, it’s always good to choose something by understanding the person’s interests and requirements. Going through this article will help you know the general mindset, interests, and aptitudes of different zodiacs and the kind of gifts they would like. So, next time when you wish to gift someone you don’t really know, try to get his/her date of birth. This way you can know his/her zodiac and choose a gift he/she would like.

An act of gifting can strengthen or repair a relation. It can initiate a new relationship too. This article will give you general suggestions on various gift articles that suit the different zodiacs. You should tailor these suggestions to the individual you wish to gift.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries born people like physical activities, thrills, and challenges. They tend to be impulsive yet love to have fun too. Though they love surprises, you don’t have to bother about including fancy wrappings or adding any suspense factor for they would be too impatient to know what’s inside. You can make your Aries happy by gifting something trendy, colorful and exciting. You should take note that some Aries people may get offended if you forget to gift them on their special days.

Gift suggestions for Aries:

  • Aries may be fond of sports & adventures. Any sports gear, some dress or gadget in their favorite team’s theme, tickets to a sporting event etc. can be considered.
  • Electronic gadgets can make them excited. Try to buy some newest gadget itself as they love to be the first to try that.
  • Kitchen utensils or anything related to cooking can also make them happy. You can choose to buy some exotic cooking items or ingredient.
  • Aries loves flashy jewelry. Give priority to gemstones, earrings, necklaces etc.
  • Gift items associated with head or face can be a good choice too. You can think about wearables like goggles or sunglasses.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus people appreciate any practical gift which you give. They are creative and loves making things. You should note that your Taurus may get offended if you haven’t put any thought in choosing the gift. Sensual by nature, they are good connoisseurs of things enjoyable by smell, touch, taste etc. They love nature, music, fine foods & drinks and are fond of luxuries & comfort.

Gift suggestions for Taurus:

  • Since Taurus loves earth and nature, any gift related to these can make them happy. You can think about a rare flowering plant, decorative houseplant, some gardening accessories etc.
  • Taurus people are sensual by nature and are fond of luxuries and comfort. A fine perfume, good quality clothing, a cozy sofa or blanket etc. can be considered. A gift certificate for a facial massage or pedicure can also make them smile.
  • They love fine foods & drinks. You can give them a gift certificate at their favorite restaurant or take them out for a dinner. A hamper of delicacies, exotic fruits, drinks etc. make good choices too.
  • Know about their favorite genre of music and gift them an album which they can add to their collection. You can also give them tickets to concerts.
  • Taurus may like practical gifts more than all. So, think about what they like to do while choosing your gift.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini can be witty by nature. They don’t show any indifference to whatever gift you give. They like to be organized and stay in touch with their near and dear. Sometimes, your mere visit can make a great gift for your dear Gemini. They are intellectual and are always curious to learn new things. Also, they like to do things that engage their mind as well as hands.

Gift suggestions for Gemini:

  • Anything that helps your Gemini to organize their day or activities would be a great choice. A day planner, a diary or simply a set of notepad and pen can do.
  • Any gadget for communication will make them fanciful. Cell phones, laptops, computer accessories such as webcam will make them very happy.
  • Gemini people like to work out their mind. Anything that raises their curiosity will be a good gift for them. Computer or video games, puzzle books, a set of crayons etc. can be considered.
  • A book of their favorite genre will be an ideal choice for they love to read and learn new things.
  • You can think about some travel accessories too such as guidebooks, maps, camera etc.
  • Any stationery item can be a right choice for they are born intellects and always want to stay organized.
  • If you wish to spend some time with your dear Gemini or plan an outing, that too can make him/her happy for they love to stay in touch with their dear and near.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer born people appreciate meaningful gifts. They are homely people who love to care and get care. They can be sentimental about their family and past too. If you gift your Cancer something homemade or any item from the past, they will be delighted. Cancer likes to stick with etiquettes and stay connected. They enjoy comforts too. It is advisable to give a speech or something to make your Cancer feel that your presentation is heartfelt. Because Cancer values the way the gift is presented and appreciates the efforts you took.

Gift suggestions for Cancer:

  • Cancer will greatly appreciate a gift you made by yourself. You can try some homemade dish.They are sentimental about past. Any gift that can trigger their memories will be a sure success. You can think about a restored and elegantly framed photograph, an antique article etc.
  • Since they are homely, any kind of houseware, furniture or even a pet can be a good gift for them. Try to present a gift certificate to some home accessories shop or décor store.
  • They like comforts and being pampered. Things like a pair of comfy pillows, a plush bathrobe, a bottle of massage oil etc. can be considered.
  • Cancer loves cooking too. Kitchenware, cookbooks etc. can do. You can also present a new dish or take him/her to a fine restaurant.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo loves to get adored. They have self-importance and wishes to be the center of attention wherever they go. So, if you can make your presentation more elaborate they become happier too. They have expensive tastes and loves comforts. They have a good sense of style and considers themselves as good connoisseurs of art. Anyway, Leo can be happy with whatever gift you give, if you make the presentation a bit pompous.

Gift suggestions for Leo:

  • You can think about any stylish personal accessory. Leo would like to wear it and win the attention.
  • Since Leo loves to reflect their lifestyle, you can consider jewelry too. It will be better if you can engrave their name on it.
  • Clothing is always a good choice. Choose only vibrant colors such as red, yellow & orange.Leo loves luxuries and being cared. You can give a gift certificate to a spa, arrange a personal photoshoot or buy a fine perfume.
  • They love arts. So, you can take them out for a movie, get tickets for their favorite shows/events or buy records of their favorite singer/band.
  • Fine foods also appeal to Leo. Consider giving them an exotic dinner or some costly drinks.
  • Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo born people are practical and they might not feel comfortable if you buy an extravagant gift for them. They value the usability of articles. So, what you should do is to apply your thought to find an ideal gift rather than choosing something at random. Virgo has refined interests. They like to take care of their health and appearance and prefers to be organized in their lives. They are hardworking individuals who love to serve others.

Gift suggestions for Virgo:

  • Virgo values both cost and quality. A gift card to a discount shopping can definitely make them happy.
  • Any tool or appliance which they like to work with can be a good gift for them. Find out where your Virgo likes to spend his/her time – in the kitchen, garage or at the garden; and gift a tool/appliance that can be useful for him/her.
  • Virgo like to see everything clean and tidy. So, they will be happy if you gift them something that helps to clean or organize such as a briefcase, a tools kit, removable shelves, vacuum cleaner etc.
  • They like to stay fit; so, you can gift your Virgo a gym membership or some equipment that help them work out.
    If your dear one is a typical Virgo who is eager to do some work, then gift something that helps him/her learn more or improve. A book that gives guidance or learning tips is a good option.
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