The Sun transit to Pisces the last sign of the Zodiac, on 14th March 2021, and this transit will bring with itself a host of changes for all signs. Let’s find the effects of this sun transit on each transit based on astrology.


This transit of the Sun might not be in your favour, as you are likely to see some unexpected challenges and even abrupt changes. Your expenditure will rise drastically, and you may even face losses in your business ventures or investments. This is not a good time to start anything new or invest in some risky ventures, like the stock market. Your health will also be fragile now, and you may experience some difficulties sleeping, as stress will keep you up. You must take this time to refresh everything and prepare to start newer things once this transit is over, so stepping back for a while will not hurt. You should also watch out for rivals and competitors. However, if you are planning to move abroad or study overseas, this is a great time to get started with it. 

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The planet Sun moves to your 11th house, and this will prove to be very beneficial for you. The 11th house is the house of prosperity, profits, and friends. This is a time for fulfilment of your plans, and if you have been working on some project, it will bear fruit now. You are likely to register considerable financial gains now, and businesses will also make great profits. You will find your elder siblings and friends support you in your endeavours and you will win appreciation for your unique and innovative ideas, particularly at your workplace. You may also acquire a new property, or even gain financially from the sale of one, as some major real estate deals are possible during this Sun transit to Pisces time. If you are planning to invest somewhere, this is a good time. Personally, your children’s progress will make you happy, and so will your relationship with your spouse


The Sun transits to your 10th house, the house of career and profession, and this will be very beneficial for you, as Sun finds directional strength in this very house. You will have a very good time at your workplace, as most of your projects will succeed now. You may get new power and authority, or you may even have to deal with some higher authority, and it will turn out to be fruitful. Those working in the government sector will be given additional responsibilities, or may even get promoted. If your career involves dealing with a lot of people, you will have a busy time during this transit, as many opportunities will come your way. On the personal front, your relationship with your siblings will improve considerably, who will come to your assistance anytime you need them, and your father’s help will be instrumental in your success. 


This transit of the Sun to Pisces will be most favourable, as the Sun is placed in the 9th house and gives good results. While there might be some challenges at the workplace, you will overcome them with your dedication and hard work and this will help you make profits and gain immensely. You will gain name and fame for all that you do with dedication now, so make the most of this opportunity. Some investment is now likely to pay off, and businesses will witness an increase in profits. Your relationship with your mentors and elders will also improve considerably, and it will also be a good transit for your family, where you will gain a lot of support. However, your father’s health might deteriorate now. There are high chances of religious travel and pilgrimages also, and acts of charity will only bring good results. 


This Sun’s transit to your 8th house will not give very auspicious results, as you may see many unexpected changes and transformations now. You may have to deal with many challenges now, particularly at your workplace, but put in your best efforts to turn the tide in your favour. You might even face defeat occasionally, but don’t let this dominate your mind, and try to learn from your mistakes, so that you do not have to repeat the same later. You will be under a lot of stress, and your health might also be down during this transit. However, do not become rude or say something inappropriate and get into an argument with others, as this will only harm you in the long run. This is not a good time to start any new venture or make investments, as this is the time of losses and expenses, but your relationship with your partner will improve. 


This Sun transit to Pisces will not be auspicious for you, and as the Sun moves to the 7th house, you may have to deal with a lot of issues with your personal and professional partners. There are high chances of arguments with your colleagues and even business partners, so try to keep our arrogance in check, and do not dominate over others. Be very careful while dealing with your seniors or bosses at the workplace, and try to work hard and avoid picking up clashes. This is not a very good transit for your personal life either, as you may have disagreements with your partner or spouse on even trivial matters; hence it is advisable that you keep your attitude in check. You might also suffer from some stomach ailments, and your expenses might also increase considerably, so keep your finances under check.


The Sun transit to Pisces will have one of the best results for the natives of the Libra sign, and you will witness growth and improvement in almost all the aspects of your life. The Sun is placed in the house of diseases and enemies and will give you the strength to deal with your rivals, and you will also find your health improving. If you have been suffering from some ailments, you are likely to see things turn better. You may also use this opportunity to win legal battles and at the workplace, you will win appreciation from your seniors or bosses. Businesses might get loans during this period, and there are fair chances of making a profit as well. It is a very good time to invest in new ventures and start something new professionally. On the personal front, this is a good transit as you will enjoy a healthy relationship with your spouse now. 


The Sun transit in the 5th house will bring mixed results for the Scorpio natives, and you might see some progress in your professional life, particularly if you are a creative artist. You will think out of the box and your colleagues and seniors will appreciate your unique ideas. People in the creative domain will get recognition for their work. There might be some challenges, but you will overcome them with some effort and determination. However, this is not a very fruitful period for government employees and businessmen, as there may be sudden disruptions and changes during this transit. There may also be some financial constraints for them. In your personal life, the health of your father might be a cause of concern, and your relationship with your spouse or partner might also come under strain. Be careful of what you say and how you behave, as a show of aggression will only make matters worse. 


This Sun transit to Pisceswill demand greater care and effort on part of the natives of Sagittarius, as the Sun placed in the 4th house is not very good, neither professionally, nor personally. There may be many issues with your seniors at your workplace, which might be the result of aggression and miscommunication, so try to keep your attitude and words in check. You may have to work very hard now, as succeeding will be difficult during this transit, but with the right amount of hard work, students will do well in exams. There will be challenges even in your personal life, as conflicts are very likely with your spouse or your partner, so avoid picking fights on trivial issues and try to display greater understanding. Your mother’s health will also be fragile during this transit, so take good care of her, and do not try to assert your authority in household matters. 


This transit of the Sun to Pisces will prove to be a favourable one for Capricorns, as you are likely to see professional progress along with bliss in your personal life. You will have enhanced courage and strength during this transit, and this will help you overcome any challenges that you might face. You will get due recognition for your work, and might even get a raise or a promotion during this transit. Businesses are also likely to register good profits, and this is a time for gains and fortunes from any investment made. If you are planning to move abroad for higher education, this is a good time to initiate the process. Your relationship at your home will also be very good, both with your spouse and with other family members. You may want to go the extra mile to help your siblings, and this will win a lot of love and admiration from others. 


The results of this Sun transit to Pisces will be mixed for Aquarius natives, as, while they are likely to face a tough time professionally, in the personal sphere, they will experience a good time. There are high chances of a clash between you and your colleagues, as well as business partners, largely owing to miscommunications. Do not get into arguments at the workplace, and try to keep your temper in check now and think of means of effective communication. Try to avoid starting any venture now, and refrain from making fresh investments, as you may incur losses in this transit. Keep a careful watch over your expenses and you may spend on luxuries, and your expenses on the healthcare of your spouse might also rise. However, in your personal life, your relationship with your partner or spouse will improve, and you may even take a short trip that will increase your bonding. 


The Sun transit to the house of the self now, and this does not bode well for the Pisces natives, as they may have to face obstructions and difficulties at multiple fronts. You may have a low in your professional life, and as you experience a lack of focus, your productivity will go down immensely. Your seniors might not take this well, and even your competitors at the workplace might try to use this opportunity to pull you down and rise at your expense. Keep a careful watch and understand the root problems and try to solve them with your best efforts. This is not a very good period personally either, as you may experience health issues like cough and cold along with headaches. Your family life may also get strained if you behave in a rash manner with others, so keep a check on your attitude. 

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