The Sun will transit to the air sign of Aquarius on 12th February 2021, and this will have a significant impact on all the signs. Each sign will experience different effects. While for some, it means new opportunities, others may have to face adverse consequences. So, let’s have a look at the effects of Sun transit in Aquarius for all Zodiac signs.

Impacts of Sun transit in Aquarius for ARIES

The Sun transiting to the 11th house will prove to be beneficial for Aries natives. They have the chance to make the best of this opportunity. You will be at your creative and innovative best and also make profits and gains. This is thus a good opportunity for businesses as well. You will have a good time at your workplace, where people will appreciate your contributions and your unique ideas. There are also chances of work-related travels, even out of the country. Since the lord of the 5th house is aspecting the 5th house itself, the attributes of this house will receive a boost. As a result, you may have a good time with your partner or spouse, and your relationship with your children may also improve. However, watch what you eat, as you may have some digestive issues during this transit.  

How Sun transit in Aquarius affects TAURUS?

The Sun transiting to Aquarius will bring good results for you in almost every sphere, both personally and professionally. Sun moving to the house of the profession will make you more ambitious, confident and determined about your goals. You will also experience an increase in energy levels enabling you to work harder towards your goals. You will get positive results in almost all your professional endeavours. You may be given additional responsibilities at work, or you may get a promotion. Those who work in the government sector may get some extra power and responsibility. You may likely meet someone of high authority, which will be beneficial to your career. Your relationship with your father may improve, as well as your general health. 

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Impacts of Sun transit in Aquarius for GEMINI

The Sun transiting to your 9th house will bring mixed results as you will gain immensely in your professional life, but your personal life may suffer. You will receive a lot of mental strength during this transit, putting you in a better position vis-à-vis your competitors and enemies. You will be very dedicated to your work and likely to make good gains and profits in businesses and from investments. If you are a student, you may start planning for higher education now, and you are likely to see improvements in the academic front. However, you may need to spend more time with your family, particularly with your siblings. Your father’s health will also be a matter of concern for you. It is better to abstain from travels as it might bring about losses and unwarranted expenses. 

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2021 Sun transit in Aquarius impacts on CANCER

As the planet Sun moves to your 8th house, it means a time of changes and transformations. Being the king and the father, this position of the Sun is likely to bring bad results. Your relationship with your father may worsen, or he may suffer from health issues during this transit. You are also likely to be in trouble with government officials, so avoid doing anything illegal. However, you are likely to acquire some ancestral property, or the sale of the same will put you in a good financial position. However, you may see a rise in expenses, so it would be good to make long-term investments, as these will benefit you at a later date. Your relationship with your spouse and in-laws will also see considerable improvement, and they will support you, but you should avoid being arrogant with anyone. 

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Impacts of Sun transit in Aquarius for LEO

Sun is the ruler of the Leo sign, and it is placed in the house of long-term relations, while directly aspecting the house of the self, will bear auspicious results for you in every sphere. Your relationship with your spouse will improve, and if you are single, you are likely to find some new love interest as well. You will witness more positivity in your workplace to improve your bond with your colleagues and even your business partners. You will see a major improvement in your personality during this transit, and you will be filled with new energy and vitality. You will have more confidence to deal with difficult issues, which will help you lead your team in times of distress. Your health will also improve, and if you have been suffering from some minor ailments, that might also be cured. It is also an excellent time for businesses. 

2021 Sun transit in Aquarius impacts on VIRGO

The Sun transit to Aquarius places the Sun in your 6th house, and this will give you favourable results. This places you in a position of advantage against your enemies, and you will easily triumph over them. You are also very likely to overcome difficulties that you had been facing as of late, and your health will also improve and any persisting illness will subside. This is a very good time for foreign travel, and you may need to take work trips abroad. Your professional life will be at a high, and there are chances of getting jobs in the government sector if you have been preparing for competitive exams. You are also likely to win in legal battles. This transit will boost your confidence and win you appreciation from all. However, you may have some digestive distress, so pay close attention to what you eat. 

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How Sun transit in Aquarius affects LIBRA

This Sun transit will give good results in your professional life but might have many undesirable impacts on your personal life. While you will grow in your career, and your income will increase, you may have to go through many changes before seeing the results turn favourable. If you invest in metals or stocks, you are likely to register huge profits now, and people in the government sector may also have a good time professionally. However, according to astrology, this transit may take a toll on your personal life. You may have several arguments with your spouse or partner. So, do not be frivolous in such matters and deal it with a calm mind. Your relationship with your children might also come under focus, and it might get strained if you do not act more maturely as you cannot expect the same from them. 

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Impacts of Sun transit in Aquarius for SCORPIO

The Sun is placed in your 4th house in this transit, and while you will get success in your career, you may be down with ill health and troubles in the family. Since the lord of your 10th house is directly aspecting the 10th house of career, you will see a tremendous boost in name, fame, and success in your professional life. You will get many new opportunities during this transit, particularly if you are self-employed or a freelancer. If you are in the government sector, you will get recognition for your work and may even be rewarded in the form of a promotion. Success here might make you aggressive and dominating, and this might lead to troubles with all your personal relations. Your mother’s health might also deteriorate now, and even your health might get worse. If you are prone to headaches, this phase will be particularly bad for you. 

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Impacts of Sun transit in Aquarius for SAGITTARIUS

This Sun transit will prove to be very good for you in all the sectors, and you will find growth in your career and bliss in your personal life. Sun in the 3rd house will boost your courage and confidence, and this will help you deal with any difficulties effortlessly. With the Sun aspecting the 9th house, you will find many new opportunities in your work life and gain recognition for your colleagues and seniors’ contribution. You may also meet some important figures, and this will inspire you to strive for your goal. You may take some short trips as well, and this will rejuvenate you. If you are taking a religious trip, you will find bliss, and your attitude towards everything will improve a lot. You will come across as more amiable and accommodating, and this will improve others’ perception of you.

2021 Sun transit in Aquarius impacts on CAPRICORN

The sun transit to Aquarius will not prove to be very favourable for you, and you may experience losses and obstructions in your endeavours, along with some minor health ailments. It would be best if you took care of yourself, particularly your eyes and oral hygiene, as well as of your finances during this time, as they will be on the downward side now. The Sun is placed in your 2nd house, and this means unnecessary expenses on your part, especially on luxuries and other related items, which you might not even need. It would help if you avoided risky ventures like the stock market now, and it is better to stay low key in your office as well, as there are high chances of arguments. Your rash attitude may also create troubles in the family, and you need to watch over what you say or do at home. However, it is a good time for students to excel in academics. 

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How Sun transit in Aquarius affects AQUARIUS

The Sun transit to the 1st house of the Aquarians will produce the most auspicious results, and you will see a lot of improvements in your personality and conduct. You will find new motivation and strength to do any task and will be filled with vital energy. You will put into use your learning from your past experiences and start new professional endeavours. Sun in the 1st house will make you conscious of how you look, and what others feel about you, but this might also make you more self-centred. It would help if you kept your temper in check, and then with the newfound energy, you can win over any difficult situation that you might face. Sun here aspects the 7th house, so your relationship with your business partners will also improve, but keep a watch over your health, as your skin and stomach may be a bit troublesome now. 

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Impacts of Sun transit in Aquarius for PISCES

This transit of the Sun will not prove to be beneficial for you in most matters. You will see a steady decline in your health, and this might even lead to a period of prolonged bed rest as well. Keep an eye on your expenses and cut down unnecessary expenditure as you might be faced with severe financial stress during this transit. Your health needs might also generate additional expenditure for you, so financial prudence is advisable. As per astrology, this is also a time where you might get into trouble with your competitors and enemies, so keep your attitude and conduct in check and do not aggravate the situation. Avoid any argument or conflict. However, if you have been planning to move abroad, or start a business with international links, this is a good time for it. 


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