Cricket is everything for the people in India and we consider Sachin Tendulkar as the God of Cricket. He is regarded as the most famous and greatest cricketer of all time and was the former captain of the Indian cricket team.He was born on 24th April 1973 and started his career at the age of eleven. Tendulkar has really worked hard to achieve a legendary position in his career.

An inspiring quote by Sachin Tendulkar.

” Sometimes it is about being patient and not just about grabbing every opportunity that comes our way “

Name: Sachin Tendulkar
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 24 April 1973 Tuesday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 02:25:00 PM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins) : 05:30 East of Greenwich
Place of Birth: Mumbai
Longitude &Latitude (Deg.Mins) : 72.52 East, 19.4 North
Ayanamsa :Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 29 Min. 19 Sec.
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter) : Purvashada – 4
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord : Dhanu – Guru
Lagna (Ascendant) – Lagna Lord : Simha – Surya
Thidhi (Lunar Day) : Sapthami, Krishnapaksha

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Detailed Horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar

According to the position of Lagna in his horoscope, Sachin Tendulkar will be an ambitious, warm-hearted, cheerful, steady, proud, determined and courageous person. His birth chart shows that he will be quick to anger but possess a very sincere, forgiving and adaptable nature. He will be interested in art, literature, music, the wilderness, and forests. Sachin will love good food. On moving to the physical nature his horoscope points that Sachin is broad-shouldered, magnetic.He loves music. He has the potential to do well in governmental or institutional jobs.

Sachin Tendulkar is extremely concerned about the welfare of his mother and family. He has the capability to lead and encourage family discussions. He will uphold traditional values but is very tolerant. He may suffer from nervous troubles. His hard work and patience will help him in fulfilling his ambitions. Since his Lagna lies in the first Drekkana of its house, Sachin will make money through his own efforts.His horoscope shows that he will do well in the goods and services industry. There may be sudden ups and downs in his financial life.

The important years in Sachin’s life are 21,26,31,33,38,43,50 and 54. Since the ascendant lord is in the 9th, he will be fortunate in many ways. This legend will be well liked by everyone. He will also have a strong religious or spiritual streak in nature. Sachin possesses a very good communication skill and may have a special talent for giving speeches and lectures. He will present a dignified exterior. Sachin will possess courteous and polite nature when dealing with the opposite sex. Horoscope tells us that this person will have a happy home, and will get much happiness from family and children.

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Since Lagna lord is exalted, He is eligible to occupy high posts of authority. Since Mars aspects Lagna, Sachin will have a charitable mind. Saturns virtues are patience and persistence, fortitude and reliability. In his horoscope, it is significant to note that Saturn is in the tenth house.

Some astrologers are of the opinion that this position means initial success will be followed by ultimate defeat. However, many experts feel that Saturn in tenth means he has to tackle serious challenges in professional life but if he is ready to face the problems with courage, ultimate success will be with him. Sachin’s uncompromising attitude often lands in trouble. ‘ sloka 75/1 ‘ The verse from Saravali says that when Saturn is placed in the tenth house, one is rich, learned and courageous.He can become a leader of group, city or village.

Weekday: Tuesday

Birth on a Tuesday indicates that he will show his anger without hesitation.  Sachin will always enjoy adventurous  sports. He might not mind changing his words or decisions. He possesses the energy to go after his goals and achieve results.

Birth Star: Purvashada

Birth in Purvashada shows that he is an imaginative man with a quick wit and clever conversation. The person born in purvashada will advise and criticize others but are not particularly concerned with their opinions.Parental luck will be unsteady, so watch it carefully.This person will find it hard to change his word or break his promises. The early part of his life is spent in supporting his family. The individual born in this birth star does not make or retain good friends early. He will be happy with his life partner and will find relief and comfort in the loving care of his wife.


sachin tendulkar horoscope


Sachin Tendulkar horoscope


Sachin tendulkar horoscope

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