Our life is a very complex journey, and it has good and bad phases. As humans, we never know what we have to face in the next moment. Good events improve our happiness. Meanwhile, the challenging events will leave us confused and sad. Medical issues are one such thing that can give us a lot of stress and money loss. Naturally, we want a healthy life, and at times we take a risk with our life by having a bad lifestyle.

Medical issues give us stress, but they give us financial loss as well. There is an active medical mafia that loots people for a simple surgery. Still, allopathic medication always comes up with some kind of side effects. Nowadays, people are thinking more about ancient methods of healing, and they are very effective also.

Vedic astrology is a great method to understand your body, and it also can tell the possible medical issues. It can also inform you when these diseases will appear in your body. It is an ancient science that solves people’s problems by looking at the position of the planets and constellations.

Why medical astrology?

There are many success stories of medical astrology where people could detect the issues and take adequate measures to reduce the damage. This science can provide the right help at the right time by detecting the disease in time and taking measures related to it. Our horoscope can give details of all the events of our lives, and if we are conscious of this in advance, we can avoid many coming calamities.

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology which has evolved a lot in recent years. This area deals with health-related matters only. This study is based on the changes and calculations of the zodiac signs and planets in the horoscope. Determining when a disease can enter a person’s life and what effect it will have on that person’s life comes under medical astrology.

It is very important to check the full horoscope to check the health condition. Hence it can be easily said that medical astrology plays a major role in our life.

Houses in medical astrology

In the horoscope, the sixth house represents illness. The eighth house shows the sudden changes in the environment and whether the native has to face some surgery or death soon. Finally, the 12th house shows hospitalization and losses through medical issues.

The physical issues will come up in the dasa of the sixth, eighth and the twelfth house. Still, the promise in the horoscope is very important. First, the horoscope should show weak health; then, only the physical issues will come up during the dasa of the lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses.

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Planets and their part in our health


Health problems related to heart, spleen, mind, vitality, vision, and eyes. When the Sun is damaged, the native will have low self-esteem, and he has to take care of his heart.

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Problems related to tongue, hands, hair, lungs and nose. Mercury indicates nerves, so it’s natural for a person with complex Mercury to go through nervous breakdowns.

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internal organs, skin colour, ovaries, nervous system, dilation problems. Venus indicates sperm, so a complex Venus indicates challenges in sperm count.


Health problems related to external organs, headache, liver, motility and digestive system. A complex Mars indicates anger issues and lack of energy too.

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Problems related to blood circulation, hips, legs and thigh. If Jupiter is bad, the native can go through lifestyle diseases.

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Hearing, joint pain, teeth and skin problems.
Saturn always indicates joint-related issues. If Saturn is debilitated, the native will have joint pains for a long time.

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Rahu an Ketu

If Rahu is too complex, the native will have many illusions, and Ketu indicates detachment. But, on the other hand, if Ketu is very strong, the native will hesitate to take care of his responsibilities, which shows his mental condition.

Health Predictions in Vedic Astrology

Medical astrology has been known for many years to give accurate health predictions; hence it is not a new area under Vedic astrology. It has been a part of it for centuries and used by many sages.

These sages used Vedic astrology techniques to help people. As a result, they could predict a wide variety of diseases. Among these were mental depression, visual impairment, hearing impairment and diabetes.

The facts and figures obtained from calculations help us predict the inherent health problem in any horoscope. For example, suppose a patient is suffering from chronic health problems. In that case, his Lagna plays a major role in diagnosing and resolving the problems.

We can analyze the health by looking at the placement of the planets in the 6th, 8th and 12th house of the birth chart. There are other divisional charts to see the health condition too. For example, suppose the ascendant lord is afflicted in the first and eleventh house. Then, in this situation, we can expect bad results. Medical science gives important information about the overall health of a person.

The placement of the 6th lord shows the weakest point in our body. Therefore, the placement, aspect and conjunction of the 6th lord are very important in identifying the medical issue.

The weak points in the body can be indicated through the axis of Rahu Ketu. Whichever planets and houses come in the Rahu Ketu axis will have some weaknesses. The body parts indicated by these houses and planets will have some weaknesses.

Astrology can say about the beauty and the appearance of the person. However, it can not only say about the physical issues but also about emotional issues. Nowadays, researchers are connecting astrology through the path of psychology, and many psychologists are learning this to understand mental health.

The Moon is the indicator of the mind, so looking at the condition of the Moon, we can understand how peaceful the person is. However, if the Moon is conjuncting with any complex planet, the native will face emotional issues. Certain conditions in the horoscope show depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and other mental diseases.

Fatal diseases also can be identified through astrology. Still, there are no superficial remedies for medical issues. Medical issues always need remedies from licensed doctors.

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