Jupiter Transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius

Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio now, and it is the sign of finances, emotional issues, joint ventures, mysticism, mystics, tax, insurance etc.  Jupiter indicates so many things in life, like children, happiness, finances, husband, higher studies, spirituality, and adventures. For each sign, the effect will be different, but for all, there will be a focus on the above-said matters. On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 06:42 AM, Jupiter enters dual nature fire sign Sagittarius and it will remain there, till Sunday 29 March 2020, 7:08 pm. After that, it will transit to Capricorn for about 3 months in retrograde and come back to Sagittarius on June 29, 2020, and remains there till 20th November 2020.

How this Jupiter Transit 2019 impact each Zodiac Signs?

Jupiter Transit 2019 – Effect on Aries

During this transit, Jupiter will bring a lot of opportunities from foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. This is a time to work with a lot of foreign collaborations. Writers and publishers also will be getting new and multiple opportunities. This is also a time to work with international organizations as well. According to the placement of Jupiter in your birth chart, the results can vary. The interest in spirituality will increase for various reasons. At the same time, please stay away from all arguments; otherwise you may lose your energy. You will be focussed on studies and teaching as well. Pilgrimages can also be a part of this transit. During this transit, you are going to be working on multiple projects. This influence will be there for a while. During these days, you will be busy in multi-tasking and short travels, up-skilling and communications. Due to this busy schedule, you may have to go through minor physical issues as well. Those who have settled down in a foreign country should stay away from all illegal matters. New work with media also will come up. You may buy new electronic equipment.  

 Impact of  Jupiter Transit 2019 on Taurus

During this transit, there will be some changes regarding your finances. A lot of focus will be on financial dealings and discussions. It will be good if you stay away from the wrong financial dealings. Otherwise, there can be long-lasting complications. Please don’t invest in any quick money-making deals. New partnerships can come up, but you need to be careful as this is a complex time. Throughout the year, unexpected expenses can come up. So, you need to be prepared. You will be trying to improve your values so, that you add your worth. As a part of this, you may get new certifications. This is also a sector for part-time projects. You will be busy in making your financial sector growing. The full moon indicates completions, so you may complete a project or a certification program.

 Effect of Jupiter Transit 2019 on Gemini

During this transit, your personal and professional relationships will be very prominent. It can be personal as well as professional relationships. You will have to be very careful with people from the personal and professional sectors. This is a new phase for your relationships. This change can also come in the professional sector as well. You may get new contracts and business deals too. Throughout the transit phase, your personal life also will get highlighted. Your views and perspective are going to bring a big change in your life. Always take a second opinion regarding your decisions. Minor physical issues also can come up. You get into new long term projects or new teams. Affiliations with international organizations are also seen. This is also a good time for studies.

Jupiter Transit 2019 – Effect on Cancer

During this transit, you will have to be very careful with your work and colleagues. There can be some hurdles regarding your work. Be dedicated and just at work. For that, you must take a lot of effort. Various projects from various domains are waiting for you. Your mind is very active and a little disturbed. So, don’t get into any controversial situations. Stay away from office politics and gossip. Try to follow your Karma than getting into any disputes. Your lower employees or colleagues can have some misunderstanding regarding your moves. Most of the challenges can come from them. Give them enough respect, but stay away from further meaningless communications. You will have to be very careful with your physical and mental health throughout this transit. There will be multiple discussions with your bosses. Financial liabilities can also be a part of this transit. During this transit, you will be more focused on your career, health, and finances.

 Effect of Jupiter Transit 2019 on Leo

Your creative energies are very high during this transit, and you will get mujupiter transitltiple opportunities to improve your creative skills. New creative projects can come up and that will make you very zealous. This is a good phase to exhibit your skills. Job seekers in the entertainment industry should take this transit as a productive transit. There will be social gatherings and entertainment events also going to come up during this transit. You will see your romantic nature coming out, so singles should get ready to mingle. Matters regarding children and the young group also will be very prominent.

During this transit, you will witness changes in the long term relationships. Your long term projects and collective projects will get highlighted. This is, of course, a sensitive time for your friendships and professional relationships. It can act in multiple ways. Don’t take any risk with your long term relationships from the personal or professional domain. Then you have to suffer for the long term. Projects from finances and technical domains also may end. This is also a time to work with foreign collaborations and big groups. Career-related studies and training can also come up. Your spiritual self also will get highlighted during this transit.

 Impact of  Jupiter Transit 2019 on Virgo

Your family life will get much highlighted during this transit. Infect your personal life will deserve much attention and then your career as well. More changes in your family will come up. You have to solve multiple issues like plans regarding relocation, construction, and repair. Don’t get into any real estate deal without a second thought as multiple planets mean distraction. Family meets ups and you will be solving issues with your relatives as well. There will be some discussion regarding construction or some real estate deals. At work, your responsibilities can increase, and you have to take up some challenges. You can have some changes in the physical environment of your work as well. Your managers can be very demanding and you will have to complete some urgent work. Don’t get defocussed at work. This is not the right time to take any risk as well. There will be some financial transactions and this is not a great transit for your finances. So, don’t take any risk with that.  


 Impact of  Jupiter Transit 2019 on Libra

You will be entering a busy phase of your life during this Jupiter transit. This transit will increase your communication and workload. Writers, teachers and sales professionals will be spending their energy a lot. Job seekers from this domain will be getting more projects, so they need to find this as an important time. You will even try to start own ventures. There will be more interaction with siblings throughout this phase. During this transit, you will be focusing on foreign travels. Projects from foreign lands are another speciality of this transit. You will be interacting with a foreign community. Travelling and studies will be a big part of this transit. Spiritual inclination will be very high during this transit. However, there can be some concerns regarding your relationships as well. There will be new contracts and deals as well. Relationships with your business as well as life partners also will be important. You have to be careful with them; otherwise, there will be some hurdles. 

 Effect of Jupiter Transit 2019 on Scorpio

 During this transit, your major focus will be on your finances. Throughout the transit, you should stay away from complex financial transactions. There can be some unexpected expenses as well. Business owners should be careful with new business plans. Similarly, avoid all that discussion regarding quick money-making plans as well. They may not be generally genuine. So, don’t take any risk with your savings. 

jupiter transit 2019

 There are chances for issues with your partners. It can be regarding personal or business relationships. Some endings can come up; it can be in the issues as well. However, this is a sensitive phase. You will have too many wild thoughts during this full moon phase and you should control them. This is a complex phase for relationships and doesn’t be in a haste to take up any decisions. Lending and borrowing and other financial moves also will be a major part of this transit. There are some concerns regarding your work as well. Your colleagues can be very demanding and you need to take care of that. At work, your managers also can have different views.

 Effect of Jupiter Transit 2019 in Sagittarius

Your personal life is going to change heavily during this transit. There will be some changes in your health as well as perspective. After this transit, you will be changing as a new person. Physical health will be very important during this transit. New people can come up in your life. They can bring some new projects as well. This is the time of over expectations, but you should try to be realistic. Arguments can also be a part of this phase, so you need to control your emotions.

 There can be some changes in the partnerships as well. Some relationships may end as well. This is a time when you get yes or no regarding personal or professional relationships. You should not take any risk regarding existing relationships as well. Your opponents are also active, so you need to move carefully. During this transit, you will try to do some projects of your own. Your creative energies will get expand. You will be spending more time on children and young groups, foreign trips and collaborations also can come up.

Jupiter Transit 2019 – Effect on Capricorn

During this transit, you will be more spiritual and prayerful. Jupiter will trigger the need for spirituality in you. Most of these challenges can be emotional than physical. The most mysterious portion of your birth chart is currently activated. So, you will be interested in mysterious matters as well. Your physical health also will need more care. There can be some issues regarding foreign travel or foreign settlement as well.

 Jupiter will aspect the sector work, colleagues, and health. This will be activating your workplace, so you have to complete some projects. This can be a sensitive time for your work as well as health. You will have to be very careful with your colleagues as well. They can have more expectations from you. This is not the time to take a risk with your job. Don’t get into any verbal spats. Otherwise, there can be a hard time at work. You should do justice to your work as well. Minor health issues can also be a part of this transit. Your family matters also will get highlighted during this transit. Multiple issues at home can surface. You will try to do some real estate deals as well. 

Jupiter Transit 2019

Jupiter Transit 2019 – Effect on Aquarius

During this transit, your long term projects and friendships will be getting evolved. So, there will be some opportunities as well as challenges during this transit, that too from team settings. During this transit, you will have increased activities regarding long term plans. It can be about your personal as well as professional sector. You are planning a lot for your future. You are looking only for your profits and gains. Some of the projects can come up with some profits. 

 Your creative skills will also get highlighted during this transit. You will have new beginnings in romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion, and speculative businesses. This is not the right time to get into any romance. You should avoid any risky business especially speculative ventures as well. You will participate in social gatherings as well. Working with children and youth groups also can be a big part of this transit. You should not take any risks in speculative businesses. There will be a lot of projects coming up on your way. Meetings with siblings will be the main feature of this transit.

 Impact of  Jupiter Transit 2019 on Pisces

During this transit, you will have to be ultra-careful regarding your career. Jupiter will be not in a safe mode for you, so take care of your official responsibilities and social status. Both will be in a sensitive mode that will be according to the placement of Jupiter in your birth chart. You will have to be very polite with your reporting managers. At work, you can get more responsibilities. You may even get a new role as well. There will be new projects regarding teaching, administration, and counselling. This Jupiter will be for the family matters. New real estate deals can come up. Family functions and discussions regarding the family property are also seen. You will have to give more care to elderly female figures at home. Your work also will be noticed by your managers. Stay away from unwanted discussions with colleagues. Minor health issues can also be a part of this transit. You need to be careful with your finances as well.


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