You spend nearly 8-10 hours in your office earning for your sustenance and daily livelihood. So, it’s important to build an office that’s appropriate as per the guidelines of Vaastu tips for office. By following the Vaastu for business guidelines carefully, you can balance the negative and positive energies well and keep your workforce happy and content without much of a hassle.

To maintain your prosperity, you mustn’t ignore the Vaastu aspect under any circumstances. Before we divulge more information about the fact whether your office Vaastu is correct or not, let us understand the basic meaning of the term “Vaastu Shastra”.

What is Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient architectural science that has been prevalent around us for centuries. Designed and developed by ancient Indian saints and rishis, it defines the basic rules of construction for both commercial and private properties.

The right knowledge of Vaastu Shastra is critical across all domains to maintain harmony, prosperity, eliminate the negative energies while giving a considerable boost to the positive energies around you.

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 As per Vaastu, if your office building is in tune with the underlying principles of the cosmic energy, it becomes a vital part of the universe and starts vibrating in harmony with it. A properly designed office that follows the basic rules of hygiene, comfort, space, etc. keeps its inhabitants (your workforce) happy and cheerful, while a poorly designed building can disturb the mindset of the inhabitants. 

Benefits of Vaastu Shastra

In this segment, you learn significant benefits of Vaastu Shastra and how its proper implementation can bring you one step closer to becoming successful.

  • It makes you strong (both physical & mental) and helps you with the inner realization
  • It creates next-to-perfect structures that make the best use of space available, connects with nature, and allow maximum flow of positive energies
  • Vaastu can be used to build an individual’s personality and strengthen interpersonal relationships with each other
  • Knowing Vaastu in true sense boosts your knowledge/interest for spirituality and enhances your mental skills to a great extent. 
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simple office arrangements for success in businessVaastu Tips for Shops

If you’re a shop owner, follow these Vaastu tips for business to bring in more engagement and boost your business the right way:

  • The owner must sit ideally in the South or West so that they always face the North or East direction.
  • The entry of the shop must be either in the East or North-East direction
  • Placing the deity of Goddess Laxmi or Ganesha on the right side of North-East corner is considered a bad omen
  • Loft or mezzanine floor should be in the western, southern or south-western sides
  • Showcases, racks, etc. should be against the west and southern wall
  • Counters should be designed in such a way that the salesmen either faces the East or North and the customer is facing the West or South direction.
  • Cash counters should always open towards the North, while lockers or cash rooms should be constructed towards the South-West opening in the North direction
  • Heavy items or machinery should be kept in west, south and south-west side only
  • A toilet should never be constructed in the North-East corner
  • The best shape for the shop floor is square, and a rectangle is also good.
  • Window and other openings in the shop should be in the North-East corner
  • Electronic items like computers, televisions, etc. must be incorporated in the South-East corner of the shop
  • Also, ensure that the main entry door and other doors aren’t making noise

Vaastu Tips for Offices

  • Office in commercial complexes should have the main entrance from the North-Northeast, East-North-East, and West-North-West and South South-east
  • The reception should be in the East or the Northeast direction. The best direction to sit in the office for the receptionist as per Vaastu is either in the East direction or in the North.
  • According to the Vaastu Shastra for office tips, the staircases must never be constructed in the center of the office to avoid financial losses.
  • The Office building should confront North, North-East or North-West heading
  • Keep your workstation away from the walls to promote openness and encourage conversation. It’s the best direction for your office desk and can inspire you and calm your mind.
  • The interior décor and color of the office should be bright and vibrant as they are known to spread positivity.
  • If you’re the owner, you must sit facing the East or the North direction. West is equally good but ensure that your work desk is not facing the South direction.
  • As an employee, the best direction to sit in the office for you involves the North or the East direction as it improves your productivity.
  • Staff should face the north or east directions
Building a Vastu compliant space can usher in great luck and prosperity to your office. Always consult with your astrologer before making any investment in a property to ensure that the space is auspicious for your business.

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