Vastu Tips for Shops

  1. Loft or mezzanine floor should be in the western, southern or south-western sides.
  2. Showcases, racks etc should be against the west and southern wall.
  3. Counters should be designed in such a way that the salesmen either face east or north and the customer face west or south.
  4. Heavy items or machinery should be kept in west, south and south-west side only.
  5. A toilet should not be in the north-east corner.
  6. The best shape for shop floor is square, and a rectangle is also good.
  7. Window and other openings in the shop should be in the north-east corner.

Tips for Interior Decoration

simple office arrangements for success in business

Vastu Tips for Offices

  1. Office in commercial complexes should have the main entrance from the north-northeast, east-north-east and from west-north-west and south south-east.
  2. Office building should confront north, north-east or north-west heading.
  3. Staff should face the north or east directions.

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