The first letter of the name can reveal many things about our personality and it also predicts our character. Check out what does the first letter of your name say about you.


The people whose name starts with the letter ‘A’ can be an intellect and reach heights through wisdom. They are clever enough to turn the unpleasant situations into their favour. They can progress through their career and grab the No.1 position in everything they do. The chances of collapse or failure are always low. Good reputations ‘as a person of authority or valour’ might befall. Can make new inventions or discoveries too. These people would be generous, frank and straight talking. If the letter ‘A’ takes some other position in the name, its positive effects will be low.


To have the letter ‘B’ in the name is always good.  These people would live with principles and keep some good ideas or plans in their minds. They might be very efficient and energetic. The world might appreciate its cleverness. These people would not be too ambitious and get satisfied with what they have. They don’t try to be assertive and don’t like to have arguments. They can be a bit shy and might stay away from the crowds. This would cause some people to think about them us ‘self-centred’. The letter ‘B’ will tempt people to be spiritual. These people always follow the right way and would help the needy. They would be calm and tolerant by nature. They won’t show unnecessary hastiness and would do things only after confirming ‘what has to be done’. They might not like the changes and would hate wasting things.

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The letter ‘C’ might tempt people to have some fantasies. These people would be creative and think a lot. They are capable of finding success with their brilliance. They might prove their worth in science and arts. Energy and enthusiasm always stay with them. They may hate to remain idle and always try for improvement or progress. Nothing can be an obstacle for them. The good physical and mental capabilities would help them perform well in everything they try. They always try to keep their honour. Their unnecessary hastiness and the insistence on others to think and act like they could create some problems.  The people with the letter ‘C’ should try to maintain their composure.


The letter ‘D’ stands for self-satisfaction. These people would work hard without taking care of the obstacles that come in their path. This would help them keep on progressing. They tend to be very kind and spiritual. They always appreciate the acts of love, discipline, truth and justice. A clear opinion on everything is their salient feature. Lack of contacts or friendships could be a problem. The people with the letter ‘D’ should take care of their health, particularly for preventing respiratory and digestive disorders. Yoga practice will be good for them.


The letter ‘E’ stands for good manners. These people behave well and would adjust to all people. They are so cautious that the chances for any failure or loss are low in their lives. Luxuries and flattery are not something they like. They think a lot before doing anything. Also, they do what they thought or decided. These people can face challenges without feeling down. Their ability to find solutions would eventually help them to come out of the trouble and to find success. They will be interested in spirituality and might gain knowledge from spiritual books. People of the letter ‘E’ are generally happy and satisfied. In spite of their pleasant demeanour, there are chances that they might keep secrets or troubling thoughts inside their minds. These people would help the poor and those in trouble. They can expect others to help them too.


F for fire and the people with the letter ‘F’ are indeed people with fire. They would be very brave and would have that ferocity to scare away even a stronger enemy. They have the spark to execute things as planned too. This ‘fire’ will help them find success. Their chances to suffer any loss in their lives are feeble. They may also have good health and longevity. These people would be adamant with what they say or believe. They may demand others to follow what they say which might create some problems or disagreements. People with the letter ‘F’ take care of their family. They are devoted to God.


People with the letter ‘G’ in their name are confident and hard working. They would be always ready to take up any sort of physical tasks. They have the tolerance and endurance power to overcome any kind of situations. These people would do well in ruling positions or at any positions of power. Their vision, foresight and the ability to execute plans will make them successful. They would think deep and make some inventions too. These people might relieve quickly from all illnesses. Some qualities they possess might make others envy. Letter ‘G’ at any position in the name can cast these effects. These people should take care to control their emotions.

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Having the letter ‘H’ in the name implies a peaceful living. These people can work in high positions. They would foresee the events in the future and make decisions accordingly. At work, they are capable of bringing things into their favour. There wouldn’t be much problems or troubles in their life. If it happens, they would overcome with their smartness too. They always act with cautiousness. These people might have some weaknesses or tend to spend unnecessarily. Despite all, they would lead a life of happiness and honour. People with the letter ‘H’ would seem heartless outside but are innocent inside.


The letter ‘I’ at the beginning or end of the name will be beneficial. It can make people famous. These people would show guts and determination to achieve what they want. They don’t easily give up and would always maintain their energy and willpower. Their opinions and principles can attract others to them. They have leadership qualities and the ability to control others. People with the letter ‘I’ could be prone to ailments. They should take care of their health, especially to prevent problems related to the nervous system. These people could be very good at making savings. They may have a good amount of money in the bank and live with their interest.


The letter ‘J’ can make people unfixed or fluctuating. These people might find it hard to focus their attention on something or to make decisions. Despite this, they would be confident and efficient. They are goal-oriented people and would work hard to achieve it. They can earn fame and power in their life too. People with the letter ‘J’ can be a bit eccentric. Art & literature are their cup of tea. They may seem like rebels or ferocious people but would have love and kindness inside. They can advocate discipline and make people obey the rules. The ability to analyse a matter from various aspects is another advantage of these people. They can be friendly with all and can perceive their inner thoughts.


Letter ‘K’ implies flair for arts. These people would prove their worth in various art forms. They can do things with determination. They would earn fame, status and money in their life too. People with the letter ‘K’ are keen to help their dear ones and the public. They might earn love, respect and support from the public. Modesty will be their salient feature.


Letter ‘L’ can make people clever or, sometimes, cunning. They may have a pleasant way of speaking. Using this skill, they would convince others and solve problems. These people can formulate big plans in their minds and execute them with their cleverness. Even if they lack any particular skill or ability, they would achieve their goals by finding support from others. The people with the letter ‘L’ would be good at studying the issues and finding out the solutions.

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People with the letter ‘M’ would be smart at works. They use their cleverness in whatever they do. Though they would be of hardworking nature, they may stay away from taking up the responsibilities. These people might not like to rely on others too. Having clear opinions can be a salient feature of these people. They would be adamant with their opinions or principles and this might make others unhappy. They like changes too. Their urge to bring changes in their lifestyle might cause some troubles. The letter ‘M’ can induce a funny nature and these people might entertain others. They would be wise and devoted to God.


People with the letter ‘N’ can reach great heights if they restrict their materialistic desires. These are people who act on their own will. They may sometimes leave their tasks halfway through or uncompleted. They don’t tolerate any kind of insults. Love, kindness and compassion can be their salient features. These people would easily impress and win others’ hearts. Their overindulgence in love, sex and other materialistic pleasures might create problems. They should take care of themselves from falling into a state of depression. The people with the letter ‘N’ love luxuries too. Their finance would be unstable and may have to depend on others. Their health would suffer from gastro problems and ailments affecting blood and nerves.

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People with the letter ‘O’ would try to find novelty in whatever they do. They can come up with new ideas. These people have the knack for easily fulfilling their needs. They can achieve their goals and earn some status. Their thoughtful nature helps them to avoid losses too. Sometimes, these people would be spiritually inclined. They may become aimless in life and less interested in material matters. They would consider the events in life as fate or act of God. The people of the letter ‘O’ might not easily express their inner feelings. Their oral and mental abilities would amaze others and sometimes, they might show extraordinary skills. Their body is prone to ailments. They should take care to control the emotions too.


People with the letter ‘P’ would be blessed with oral skills. They can deliver good speeches and participate in debates. This skill might help them achieve good things in life. Impressed by their words, the listeners might become their followers. They can make others obey them too. The letter ‘P’ in the name would bring fame and status. These people would love the arts and possess a skill for singing. Their personality, creativity and smartness will always be an advantage.


The letter ‘Q’ can help to make great achievements. These people can race towards fulfilling their goals overcoming every obstacle in their path. Nothing would create much trouble for them. If the letter ‘Q’ comes along with the combinations of AI and JY, its benefits would be more. People of the letter ‘Q’ may like power and authority. They might possess the qualities of wisdom, firmness and determination.


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The letter ‘R’ implies self-reliability. These people would act the way they like and achieve success through hard works. There will be a good level of confidence and energy in them. They might not stay idle and would always engage in some activity. The people of the letter ‘R’ can understand other peoples’ minds and feelings. They might wish others to know about them also. To an extent, they could make that too.


The letter ‘S’ creates contradictory characteristics. The people with this letter can be hot-tempered as well as peace loving. They might show a high level of intolerance and, at the same time, they would forgive those who did wrong to them. Chances are there to get good or bad repute. Other people might speak fair or unfair about them. The people with the letter ‘S’ are usually generous. They would readily help their near and dear in case of any difficult situations. They may even support those who are inferior to them. The words these people speak may have a jabbing effect. The letter ‘S’ without the support of other letters with positive traits can be unfavourable. It might cause ill repute or create problems for the dear ones.


The letter ‘T’ implies good health. The people with this letter would be good at heart and would give good advice to others. These people don’t wait for others’ help. They are self-motivating and would take up any challenge boldly. Their determination can help them achieve feats that most people find as difficult. They are firm with their opinions too. Sometimes, they would be so adamant that no one can take them away from their stand. The letter ‘T’ can people rebels. But, their ferocious attitude might not harm others. They may have some fantasies regarding the material pleasures and would enjoy it too.

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People with the letter ‘U’ would be lucky in life. God’s grace may befall over them. They have got the skill to earn money. These people can progress in life with their knowledge and academics. They could learn any skill or subject through their continuous efforts. They can win the trust of others too. Sometimes, these people lack peace of mind but, they don’t fall into agony or depression. People with the letter ‘U’ have control over their mind. Their family life would be happy and they may enjoy a lot of pleasures in life. These people should take care to prevent hypertension.


‘V’ is for victory. People with this letter in the name may have the qualities to win in their life. They would be confident, agile and capable of making decisions without any help. They can study the people around them and may have a good network of friends. The letter ‘V’ can make people devoted to God. They would be unselfish and do some good things in life. Some people may come to them for any help or recommendations. Their helping mentality might earn them a good repute. They would use their contacts to provide financial aid to the dear ones.


People with the letter ‘W’ in the name exhibit calmness and discipline. They don’t like arguing or talking anything boastfully. They would like to obey the rules. These people are generally tolerant and would have a broad-minded vision. Their words can attract everyone. No work or position would be permanent for them. Yet, they find progress in life with their efforts. People with the letter ‘W’ can make achievements through multitasking or experimenting. They have the ability to analyse the various aspects of the matter they are dealing with. They don’t meet with any kind of shortage in life.


People with the letter ‘X’ may go through various transformations in their life. Their energy, courage and ability to apprehend matters would help them achieve what they want. They might keep their pursuit until reaching the goal. The plans in their minds wouldn’t be easily revealed. Whatever they do, they do it with care. These people might not easily trust others. Once they trust, they wouldn’t break up too. People with the letter ‘X’ tend to work for others’ wellness. They might even do some sacrifice. The life of these people would be happy and prosperous.


If the name begins with the letter ‘Y’, it might make people less confident. They may fail in completing their tasks or fulfilling their aims. Sometimes, they may have to rely on others in life. These people should avoid worrying about the past things happened. Despite the negativities, they will be able to achieve progress in life. They can lead a happy life and feel very much satisfied with it. These people would generally have a soft-talking nature. If they include the letter ‘A’ in the name, then they would enjoy more benefits.


The letter ‘Z’ in the name can assure brilliance. The people with this letter would act and behave cleverly. They might possess good communication skills too. They would mind their own business only and achieve success in life. The chances of failure are rare for them. These people are capable of keeping others under their control. It will be good for them to avoid sad situations. The people with the letter ‘Z’ should take care to prevent nervous disorders.

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