Diamonds have long been considered as symbol of affluence and purity. Diamonds stand out from other gemstones due to its dazzle and brilliance. Therefore, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and first love. These timeless stones are carved to perfection and are nothing short of works of beauty and art. Gifting diamonds to someone makes them feel instantly delighted and elated. It is widely believed that diamond provides its wearer a sense of power, glimmer, and magnificence. Aside from their incredible beauty and durability, diamonds have a greater significance in terms of astrological benefits.

According to astrology, diamonds are believed to be blessed by the divine powers and influence of the planet Venus or Shukra. The ruling planet of diamond is Venus. Venus represent love, luxury, allure of life and all lovely things according to astrology and is considered a benefic planet. Hence, diamonds are best suited for those who work in the field of entertainment and creative industries. Spiritualists and astrologers consider that wearing a diamond can usher in good luck, fortune, and at the same time it can also bring in bad luck and evil to the individual’s life. The best way to determine whether it is suitable or not is to thoroughly analyse one’s horoscope.

Find the Benefic and Malefic Planets in Birth chart

Attributes of Diamond

Since diamond represents beauty and purity that are associated with women, it is most beneficial for those who are professionally connected to products and businesses that cater to the women. If Venus is placed in an advantageous position, then wearing the diamond will prove beneficial to you. However, if Venus is in a malefic position, then wearing diamond may give adverse results. It is also advisable for people who are undergoing the Venus Mahadasha or Antardasha as diamond tends to nullify the malefic results of these dasha periods.

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Astrology indicates that while other gemstones are attributed with appeasing the planets and nullifying their malefic effects, diamonds on the other hand can induce an opposite effect as it helps in amplifying the beneficial effects of Venus in the horoscope.

According to astrology, wearing the right gemstone can induce health, prosperity, and happiness. Diamond has several advantages attached to it and surpasses all other gemstones in their effects. Diamonds are believed to possess heavenly powers. While diamonds may be appropriate for all zodiac signs, Virgos and Librans are the ones who gain the most from wearing the diamonds. Diamond helps to overcome anxiety, depression and desperation and provide peace of mind to the wearer.

Which Rasis can wear diamond?

Usually, gemstones are recommended by astrologers based on the zodiac sign of the wearer and after a thorough analysis of their birth chart. Certain rasis should avoid wearing diamonds as it may cause disharmony in their life. Such Rasis may be suggested to wear diamond under certain conditions in their natal chart.

However, a few rasis can wear diamonds as it boosts fortune, good luck, and prosperity for people in those rasis.
Well, you must be wondering which are those, Rasis. Let us explain the conditions for each rasi to wear diamond.

Aries Ascendant

Those with Aries Ascendant must avoid wearing diamonds. In this ascendant Venus rules the second and seventh houses and is considered as a malefic planet as it rules the second and seventh houses and therefore wearing diamond would induce adverse effects.

Wearing diamond is only advisable for Aries ascendant only if Venus is posited in its own sign of Taurus or Libra as well as in its exalted position in Pisces. Aside from being in posited in own sign or exalted if the native is also undergoing Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Aries ascendants can gain beneficial results of Venus.

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Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendants diamond is a highly recommended lucky stone. Venus is the lord of the ascendant; therefore, it is advantageous to them. Wearing diamond ushers in health harmony, social integration, happiness, and overall well-being.

Taurus ascendants who are in the main period or sub-period of Venus will enjoy extremely beneficial results wearing the diamond gemstone.

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Gemini Ascendant

For the Gemini Ascendant Venus rules the fifth and twelfth houses and governs memory, intellectual ability, mental fortitude, kids, and their development. Venus, as fifth house lord, is a beneficial planet that can yield abundant memory, intelligence, and assertiveness.

Diamond is a powerful and lucky stone for Gemini ascendant and produces evident results during Venus’ 20-year running period. Diamond when combined with Emerald, the ascendant lord’s gem, can produce incredibly effective results.

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Cancer Ascendant

Wearing a diamond is not advisable for those born with the Cancer ascendant. Parashara astrology indicates that Venus rules the 4th and 11th houses, which can be unfavourable to Gemini ascendant and therefore, Cancer ascendants should avoid wearing a diamond.

An exception for Cancer ascendants occurs when Venus is exalted in Pisces and in its own sign in Taurus and Libra as well as those undergoing the Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha at the same time can enjoy visible beneficial outcomes.

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Leo Ascendant

Leo Ascendants should avoid wearing diamonds as for this ascendant Venus rules the third and the tenth houses. Vedic astrology indicates this to be a malevolent planet.

Exceptional condition applies for Leo ascendants to wear diamond includes if the Leo Ascendant is in Venus’ Mahadasha and Antardasha period and if the Venus is in its own sign on exalted in Pisces. If the Leo ascendant wears the diamond during the Mahadasha period of Venus, then it can yield positions of power, authority, financial success, prosperity, professional and career success, etc.

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Virgo Ascendant

For the Virgo ascendants, Venus rules the 2nd and 9th houses, therefore wearing diamond is highly recommended as Venus is beneficial for Virgo ascendants. Diamonds can be extremely beneficial to this ascendant as a spiritual gem as it can yield good fortune. Spiritual growth, financial success, social success, prosperity, name, and recognition.

It can also counteract the malefic effects of Venus if it debilitated in Virgo and afflicted by malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Sun. Diamond when worn with Emerald, the ascendant Lords’ gemstone, which accentuate the results.

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Libra Ascendant

Wearing diamond for a Libra ascendant can be a blessing as it rules the ascendant and the eighth house. Diamond being the ruler of the ascendant can help improve health, accentuate wisdom, personality, power, authority, courage, wealth, and overall success.

Vedic astrology specifically advises wearing diamond when Venus is weak in the in the 12th house of Virgo and combusted by the Sun. Aside from that, it can be used to counteract the negative effects and afflictions of Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu on the planet Venus. Better outcomes are achieved during Venus’s Mahadasha and Antardasha

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Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio ascendants are advised to avoid wearing diamonds. For this ascendant, Venus is malefic as it rules the 7th and 12th houses. Wearing diamond will only accentuate the malefic effects.

Exceptions for this ascendant are only allowed when Venus is in its own of Libra or Taurus and during Venus’ Mahadasha and Antardasha. During Venus’s Mahadasha period, it is exalted in the fifth house for Scorpio ascendant. Wearing diamond can increase marital happiness. It can be of great assistance if Scorpio ascendants face difficulty finding the right life partner.

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Sagittarius Ascendant

Diamond is not recommended for Sagittarius ascendant as Venus rules the 6th and 10th houses for this ascendant and is considered a malevolent planet.

Exceptions to wear diamond for Sagittarius ascendant is only allowed when Venus is in Mahadasha and Antardasha period and when Venus is in its own sign of Taurus and Libra or exalted in Pisces. During such period wearing a diamond can yield success in professional success, career growth, business success, etc. and aid in the elimination of debt, chronic diseases, and enemies.

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Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn ascendants should wear the diamond as it is highly recommended for them since Venus is considered benefic planet for this ascendant. Venus rules 5th and 9th houses for this ascendant.

The wearer will be blessed with professional success, career, and business growth, etc. Students will find it highly effective as it will boost their aspirations for academic success.

Wearing the diamond during Venus’ Mahadasha period will accentuate the beneficial outcomes. The wearer will gain the most effective results when diamond is worn with Blue Sapphire which is the gemstone of the ascendant lord.

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Aquarius Ascendant

Wearing diamond is beneficial for those born under Aquarius ascendant. In this ascendant, Venus is the lord of the fourth and ninth houses and is considered to benefic for the wearer.

Wearing diamond throughout the life is strongly recommended for this ascendant as it counteracts the negative effects of Venus in their horoscope. If Venus is afflicted, diamond can function as remedial measure to overcome the malefic effects of Mars, Ketu, Rahu, Saturn, and the Sun.

More beneficial outcomes of wearing diamond are experienced during Venus’ Mahadasha and Antardasha period, as it provides happiness, prosperity, helpful friends, professional growth, and success, etc.

Wearing the diamond with the blue sapphire will enhance the beneficial outcomes as Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of the ascendant lord, Saturn.

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Pisces Ascendant

For a Pisces Ascendant Vedic astrology does not recommend wearing the diamond, as Venus is the lord of the 3rd and 8th house proving to be a malefic planet for this ascendant.

Exceptions can be granted provided the native under the guidance of an expert astrologer. It may be recommended for Pisces ascendants during Venus’ Mahadasha period and when the Venus is positioned in the 3rd and 8th house in own sign or it is exalted in the Pisces.

During such condition, wearing the diamond can enhance longevity of life, impart courage, power, authority, etc. and can strengthen relationships with siblings.

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How to Wear Gemstone Diamond

The method of wearing the diamond as an astrological gemstone is quite crucial to enhance its effects. First, an expert astrologer should strengthen the diamond to maximise its effect for the wearer.

The diamond is energized by dipping it in fresh milk, honey, and pure water for 20 to 30 mins. The astrologer strengthens the gemstones by chanting the mantras to attain the blessings of Shukra (Venus). This helps in providing the maximum benefit of the diamond to the wearer.

One must ensure that the diamond does not have any black spots or should not be damaged as such stones will not be useful.

Given below are the rules to wear the diamond

Auspicious day to wear the diamond: Diamond should be worn on a Shukla Paksha Friday in the early morning hours.

Metal to be used: Silver or white gold

The finger for Diamond: Middle finger or last finger.

Mantra: ||Om Shukraaya namaha||

Benefits of Wearing Diamond Stone

It improves a person’s name, popularity, and artistic ability; it keeps evil spells and people at bay; it bestows comfort and peace on the wearer; and it boosts sex drive.

It aids in the treatment of conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infection, and skin infection. It assures the wearer luxury, romance, and partnership

It aids in making quick decisions and avoiding delays; it enhances the wearer’s social standing; it promotes marital success; and it fosters love and understandability between lovers.

It enhances the wearer’s source of wealth and aids in spiritual development.

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