What is Shani Dasha?

Shani Dasha occurs when the alignment of Saturn in your birth chart in such a way that you are impacted by its negative vices than its virtues. The most important negative impacts caused by this alignment are Shani Sade and Shani ki Mahadasha.

In Shani Sade, a person experiences the negative impacts of this alignment in success, relationships, and finances for a period of 7 and a half years, while the Shani Mahadasha portrays the same impact for a prolonged duration of 19 long years. 

Saturn has a very strong influence in one’s horoscope and the Shani Dasha is one such impact. Saturn is known to judge a person’s previous life by the virtue of his/her merits, good karma, and bad karma in their previous lives. 

People who have known to be humble, kind, and helpful have lived to see the positive side of Saturn’s influence. The opposite impact of Shani Mahadasha is also observed in quite a few cases i.e 19 years of happiness, success, and financial gain.

The significant points that indicate 19 years of happiness are:

*Influential friends
*Marital bliss
*Financial independence
*Abundant Wealth
*Prosperity in family and friends
*Prolonged life span
*Stress-free lives and more

Both these astrological phenomena are very powerful and cause the person affected by it to get sucked into a vortex of financial trouble, depression, and the inability to build or sustain relationships with family members, friends, and co-workers.

The Shani Mahadasha is capable of overshadowing the positive impact of the native planet and lead the person down the road of loss of property, a heavily damaged loved life, difficulty in maintaining relationships with parents, ghastly fights with siblings, homelessness, undertaking a path of treachery and deceit,  being a victim of legal punishments, susceptible to take on divine punishment, and more.

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Factors influencing Shani Dasha

Shani Dasha occurs when Saturn enters a person’s respective sun sign and before the moon sign during the period of birth. In this, Saturn spends 2 and a half years in each and sign and leaves the person’s start chart after completing its period in each of the three signs.

The impact of Sade Sati is different on everyone, while there is little to no influence on people with the moon signs, people with Sun and Leo as their signs are prone to be the victim of the negative influence of this planetary alignment.

Sade Sati just like Shani Mahadasha is divided into three stages:
The Rising Stage
The Peak Stage
The setting stage (end of Saturn Mahadasha)

These 7 and a half years are considered to be extremely challenging for the person, but, when this is taken with the right mindset, has the ability to show the person a path of discipline and hard work.

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Remedies to reduce the impact of Shani Dasha

Shani Mahadasha’s effects can be countered or nullified to a certain degree by performing a combination of mantric and dharmic activities.

Hanuman Chalisa:
The 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa are known to be very powerful as it makes the person chanting it earn merit for attaining the 8 Murtis, 12 Jyotirlingas, 5 Mukhis, and 15 Eyes. Also, Hanuman Chalisa is known to have a controlling effect on the negative influence of Saturn for those in the Saturn Mahadasha or Sade Sati.
People experiencing this planetary alignment should chant the Hanuman Chalisa for eight times on Saturdays and also on Tuesdays if possible.

Participate in a wilful donation:
A Shani Sade or Shani Mahadasha is due to the bad karma one has accumulated in their past lives. By participating in donations and providing those in need, one accumulates good karma which helps in a smoother transition in this period.
Donating black fabric and mustard seeds or mustard oil is considered auspicious and effective in negating the effects of this period.

Feeding the needy:
Feeding the needy with herbivorous food is also considered effective in transitioning smoothly through this period. You could feed a black dog or feed the hungry people around you. Remember, this is not about the remuneration involved in doing the deed, but, the effort you put in as an individual to make that happen. So, instead of buying lots of food from restaurants and distributing it to the needy, make the effort to prepare a home-cooked meal and serve it to them with love. This will add more good karmic points to your table than the latter as the intent here is to serve and not get a job done.

Get on a Detox:
Acts like smoking, consuming alcohol, doing drugs, and marijuana angers the Shani god as it places the human a step away from his conscience and leads him to commit gruesome acts without thinking. Stay away from the above-mentioned activities in your transition period. It affects your body and your karmic chart in a very positive way.

Shani Mantra:
People are generally scared of the Shani Dev in this period. But instead appeasing him and gaining wisdom by praying to him can help negate the negative effects of this period to a certain degree. Chant the General Shani Mantra, Sheena Bheej mantra, and Shani Gayatri Mantra at least once every day.

Do Good:
It is the negative karma of your previous lives that has put you through these trying times. Try to do as much good as possible. Help the needy, feed the poor and donate as much as you can, stay away from unlawful things, be true in your relationships and actively monitor your doings and try to do things that could positively impact your karmic chart than do damage.

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