‘Happiness lies within’ is an often-used simile. Broadly it wants you to satisfy the urges of your heart. Since happiness is not a quantifiable term, science offers no technical ways to get to happiness. But Vedic astrology does. In Vedic Astrology, happiness is quantified, and so there are technical ways to reach happiness.

The Zodiac is a 360-degree view of the universe divided into 12 rashis of 30 degrees each. It is being overlooked by 27 Nakshathras seated in a circle at the edge of the Zodiac. These Rashis are like the field of creation in which all creations exist. It is the Prakriti for the Purusha. The Nakshatras and the planets are the purushas or the creations. It is their combined mix that makes for the physical and mental, or in other words, the worldly aspects of a mortal human being. The 10 ways to happiness in your life lie through them.

Nakshatra (personality)

Nakshatras are the figures seen among stars. They are star constellations. One Nakshatra covers four pada. Nine such pada cover a rashi. 108 such padas cover the entire Zodiac. The pada of the Nakshatra where the Moon was at the time of your birth, defines the traits you were born with. Your inbuilt features, so to speak. This is your personality. This is the slice of Prakriti within you. To keep this Prakriti inside you strong and clear, you should love and nurture the Prakriti outside you. In Vedic astrology, there are 27 trees associated with each of the Nakshatra. Planting this tree and nurturing it will improve your personality traits to their best and brightest version.

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The Sun (the ego)

The Sun is the brightest object in the sky. It is fiery, and it is hot. It is the flame of life which appears inside us as the flame of desires, including the desire for power. To appease the Sun, start your day early in the morning. If possible, experience the therapeutic experience of the Sun rising in silence and with a calm mind. Wear red or saffron clothes during off-beat hours. You can also appease the Sun by respecting elders and the authority they represent. Sunday is the day of the Sun. Devote this day to pursue your selfish yet innocent pursuits. Try to get in touch with your inner Sun through prayer.

The Moon (emotion)

As day belongs to the Sun, the night belongs to the Moon. Within us, the Moon exists in the form of emotions. Moon is the mother, a concern that is at once selfish and selfless. Moon represents art, music, love and loss. Meditation is the best way to keep the Moon appeased. Doing Yoga is another way. The Moon is also connected to water, including the fluids in your body. So, make sure to treat water with the utmost respect. Water is precious. Do not waste it. Mother is the other aspect connected with the Moon. Treat your mother with respect and love. Keep your mother happy. Keep a pet if you have time for one. Spend some quality time with them.

Mars (pride, courage)

Mars is the red planet. The Mars within you represents everything red – blood, aggression, violence, weapons and also discipline, focus and dedication. To appease the Mars within you, you need to gain control over your anger. Uncontrolled anger invariably leads to bad things. Never be angry. Always exercise patience along with giving exercise to your body. It is important that you find some sweet, quality time to spend with your family every now and then. Having red flower plants at home is another way to appease Mars. One of the best ways to appease Mars is through blood donation. So, try to donate blood regularly if your health permits it.

Mercury (Rationale)

Mercury is referred to as the eunuch planet. It represents the middle ground. The Mercury within us is represented by logic, common sense, and that which is obvious. It is also represented by our speech and communication. To appease Mercury appease your daughter, your sisters and your aunties. Try wearing green clothes. Add greens to your diet as well. Eat more vegetables. Show mercy and compassion to lesser beings. Enjoy music once in a while. Use it as a therapy to cleanse your mind of pollutants like greed and selfishness.

Jupiter (knowledge, wisdom)

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. The Jupiter within you is represented by your quest to know more. Wearing yellow coloured clothes is one way to appease your inner Jupiter. Another way is to engage in selfless deeds like charity work, where you stand to make no benefit at all. Caring for cows is also known to appease Jupiter. Be a vegetarian as far as possible and also add turmeric to the dishes made. Also, learn to relax once in a while. Give efforts a break and just lie back idly for some time.

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Venus (beauty, passion)

Venus has long been held as the symbol of the feminine. True enough, the Venus within us is represented by our desire to be beautiful and to relish the pleasures offered by life. Wearing white clothes, or those in shades of pink, helps you to appease the Venus within you. Treat your spouse with respect and love. Give sweets to little girls and widowed women. Take good care of yourself. Be well dressed and well-groomed whenever in public and while interacting with others. Maintain good physical hygiene. Use body perfume if needed.

Saturn (mistakes)

Saturn is the most feared planet. It is considered the planet of karma. It makes you pay for your actions. The Saturn within you exists in the form of fear and anxiety about making mistakes. Making donations to charities is a good way to appease the Saturn in you. Take your profession seriously. Maintain ethics and discipline in your field of work. Walking barefoot on grass, especially on Saturdays, will do good to the Saturn inside you. Get your life organized. Do not let your chores clutter. Live in the present. Stop worrying about what is in the past and what the future may be. Also, be responsible. You cannot run away from your duties.

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Rahu (obsession)

Rahu is a shadow planet. It is more like an energy centre. It is the ascending lunar node. The Rahu inside us is revealed in the form of obsession. Paying respect to your deceased ancestors is one way to appease the Rahu in you. Give names of your ancestors to your accomplishments like a new home. Do not give them your name. Use the East side of the house more for your routine life. Do not eat left-over food or food that has become stale. Have your dinner early. Stay away from intoxicants.

Ketu (detachment)

Ketu is the descending lunar node. The Ketu within you is revealed through the sense of detachment. To appease Ketu in you, keep grey and brown clothes away from your wardrobe. Be nice to your son, nephew and other little boys around you. Be nice to dogs in the street. Take your bath in the shower.

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These are the simple, practical life-improving measures that will lead you to reach a stage of permanent happiness. The various disciplines mentioned above comprise quantifiable aspects of human life. And hence, a technical following of the measures will eventually result in attaining happiness. Start your journey to permanent happiness today.

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