The Sun transits to the Aries on 14th April 2021, and the same day is celebrated pan India as a day of new beginnings. It is considered an auspicious time for starting something new, and as such, many people celebrate New Year on this date. Being placed in Aries, the Sun is very powerful, and this will have important implications for all, and the results are auspicious for many people. Here we are discussing How the Sun transit in Aries going to impact all the zodiac signs?

Impacts of Sun transit in Aries for ARIES

The Sun will be moving to the first house in an exalted state is a very good omen for Aries natives, and you are likely to achieve a lot during this transit, both personally and professionally. You will have a lot of fresh energy and confidence and may want to start things afresh. Thinking out of the box will boost your standing professionally, and your confidence will also soar. You will rise to new peaks now. However, try not to become a narcissist and dominate any relation, whether personal or professional. Personally, you will enjoy a good time with your loved ones if you avoid any display of rudeness or arrogance. Married people will enjoy marital bliss, while the singles might meet someone new. Your children may also be the source of your happiness as their success will make you proud. Your health will also be good now. 

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How Sun transit in Aries affects TAURUS?

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As the exalted Sun transits to your 12th house and directly aspects your 6th house, this transit will prove favourable for you. On the professional front, you are likely to deal with foreign clients or even travel to foreign lands owing to your work. You may also relocate to a new place. However, do not assert your authority at the workplace and try to maintain a cordial relationship with your seniors and juniors alike. You are also likely to deal in real estate now and sell some ancestral property. This is a good time to win over competitors and enemies, and any legal battle is likely to turn in your favour. However, be mindful of your finances and avoid extravagance. Your family life will also be positive now, and both your parents will make progress in some way or the other. Be careful of your health as well. 

Impacts of Sun transit in Aries for GEMINI

The Sun’s transit to Aries holds significance for your professional life, where you are likely to make great strides during this transit. This is a period of professional growth as the exalted Sun is in your 11th house, and you will have a good time at the workplace where you will get a lot of support and encouragement from your seniors and subordinates alike. You will get a lot of opportunities as well. Businesses are also likely to register great profits, and you may even start a new venture now. Personally, your friends and family will give you strength, and your siblings will be your support in times of distress. You may want to catch up on old friends now, but make sure not to be too arrogant or assertive during this transit as this will put off many people close to you. 

2021 Sun transit in Aries impacts on CANCER

The transit of the Sun to the 10th house will prove to have good consequences for you. This is the house of career and will have very beneficial results for your professional life, and you will be filled with a lot of energy and vitality to start anything new. You will find a lot of new opportunities now and may even get promoted. It is a good time to start a new job or even change one. You will receive praise and recognition for your good work, and businesses will also make great profits now, which may come from government contracts as well. As the Sun directly aspects your 4th house, you are likely to benefit from the sale of ancestral property, and your relationship with your father will also improve considerably. However, with all the success, try to be humble and do not display aggression unnecessarily. 

Impacts of Sun transit in Aries for LEO

This transit will be of special significance to Leo as you will witness luck and fortune pouring in as the Sun is placed in the 9th house. It is a very good time to start out on new projects and make new investments as you will gain immensely from these. For the working professionals, this transit will raise your stature at your workplace, and you will gain name and fame now. Your seniors will be happy with our performance, and you may even get a salary hike or a promotion. Businesses will also make good profits, so starting a new venture now is recommended. This is also a good time for travel, especially business or spiritual ones. However, your relationship with your father might get a bit strained now, so keep your attitude in check and avoid any kind of confrontation with him. 

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2021 Sun transit in Aries impacts on VIRGO

This Sun transit will not be particularly pleasant for you, and you might have to face more challenges that have opportunities now, especially in career and health. This is not the time to start any new venture or make new investments, as these are likely to bring losses and obstacles. Do not do any unlawful activity that might land you in trouble with the government, and refrain from travelling during this transit. Watch over your expenses now, as even though you might benefit from the ancestral property, you will find it difficult to save. Your health is also on the downward side, and there may be instances of fever and headache, so be careful on this front. Your father’s health might also be a cause of concern now. However, your relationship with your in-laws will improve considerably, and your spouse will gain greater recognition at work.

How Sun transit in Aries affects LIBRA?

The good period lies ahead with the Sun transiting to the 7th house and directly aspecting the 1st house. This transit opens opportunities in the field of business, and working in partnership will prove vastly beneficial for you. It is a good time to start a new venture or make new investments as there are many opportunities to earn profit now. You will also gain recognition at your workplace and may even get a raise. As this is a period of travel, undertaking one will benefit you greatly. Your health will also be good during this transit, but with your improved professional life, you should not become too self-centred so as to jeopardize your personal relations, especially with your spouse. Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with your spouse and instead focus on nurturing your hobbies now, as these are likely to enhance your personality even more. 

Impacts of Sun transit in Aries for SCORPIO

The transit promises great growth opportunities for you as the exalted Sun is placed in the 6th house. You will have a lot of strength to deal with any challenges that might come your way. This will also enable you to gain an edge over your competitors and enemies, and you may win legal battles during this time. You are also likely to pay off your debts and instead benefit from some old investments made. This period promises great opportunities, and if you have been preparing for some exam, you are likely to make it to the cut. This period will also witness an improvement in your father’s professional life. You are likely to get some relief from old ailments, and you may even start a new exercise regime and start looking after your wellbeing even more, and this will benefit you greatly during this period. 

Impacts of Sun transit in Aries for SAGITTARIUS

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This transit will bring favourable results for you, particularly for your professional life. There are many opportunities during this period, and you will also get ample scope to increase your earnings. You will feel all enthusiastic and pumped up, and this will help you grow immensely professionally. However, stay away from any kind of risky ventures, and it is advisable to invest only after careful consideration. You should try to be more flexible in your approach, especially in your personal life, or you may have troubles with your spouse and family members. The progress of your spouse and children will bring happiness to the family, so be careful not to pick up fights easily as this may disturb the family bliss. It is advisable to have a watchful eye over your food as you are likely to suffer from digestive distress during this transit. 

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2021 Sun transit in Aries impacts on CAPRICORN

The Sun’s transit to Aries will not be particularly pleasant for you as you may have to face multiple obstacles. While there are some opportunities of gaining from ancestral property and chances also for research students, most of you will find this transit a difficult one but do not take much stress as it will be over soon. You may have to face difficult situations at work, so keeping calm and acting with a cool head becomes very important. Avoid confrontations of any kind, at the office or even at home, as it might disturb the environment. Keep your dominating attitude in check in order to maintain peace at home, and refrain from any innovation work at home as it may spiral your already increasing expenses. Your mother’s health might also be frail during this period. However, amidst the rising expenses, the rise in your spouse’s income might come as a relief. 

How Sun transit in Aries affects AQUARIUS?

As Sun transits to your 3rd house, this period will bring mostly auspicious results. You will get recognition for your good work, and people will take note of your skills and expertise. You will feel new energy, and that will help you complete even difficult tasks with great ease. You may be willing to take risks, and this is a time when you can trust your luck to help you. It is also a good period of undertaking journeys, and you may travel because of your professional commitments. Your relationship with your wife will also improve considerably, and if you are single, you may meet someone new during this period. However, with all the good developments, ensure that you do not get rude or arrogant and try to maintain good communication with everyone, especially with your siblings, as some problems with them are likely. 

Impacts of Sun transit in Aries for PISCES

As the Sun transits to your 2nd house, the period will open up many chances of gaining wealth and fortune. You are likely to benefit greatly in your professional life, and your plans of expansion will get on track. You may get loans if you have been trying for the same, or you may even settle your old debts. There are chances of making profits from old investments, but investing in a risky venture should be avoided now. Those who are preparing for government jobs are likely to get one during this transit. However, there is a possibility of a rift at home, so try to behave well with your spouse and family members and do not hurt them with your actions. Try to be wise with your spending as well, else you might have financial difficulties, and your spouse’s ill health may also open new avenues for expenses. 

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