Solar Eclipse is an astronomical event that carries great significance in the scientific community and the religious community. Astrology is a harmonious blend of science and religion.

When is Solar Eclipse 2021?

The first solar eclipse of this year is on June 10, 2021. This will be a ring-shaped eclipse and not a total solar eclipse. It will occur from 1.42 pm till 6.41 pm. It will not be visible in India but can be seen from countries closer to the North Pole.

This solar eclipse is falling on the special occasion of Shani Jayanti. Shani or Saturn is considered the offspring of the Sun. On this day, married women observe Vrat for the long life of their husbands. The Solar Eclipse will remain under the influence of Rahu and Ketu. Still, it will also have the presence of Mercury and Moon along with it.

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During the solar eclipse, the Sun, along with Moon and Mercury, will be in the first phase of Mrigashirsha Nakshatra, ruled by Mars. While the Lunar eclipse affects the mind and soul, the Solar Eclipse affects the body and other outer surroundings.

The effect of the Solar Eclipse 2021 on each of the zodiacs is given below.


Aries-born people have to be careful about their health. There may be worries, frustration, and problems with the eye or lower jaw. The health of a family member may be affected. There may be disagreements over money and property. This is a good time to try for a child if you want to start a family. Those with children may have trouble because of them. There may be unexpected expenses. Do not change jobs at this time. Do not borrow money either. There may be work-related travel, which may be successful. New ventures and business success may happen. Married life may get better. Elder siblings may help you. You may benefit from your friends’ circle.


There may be problems with physical and emotional health. There may be a confidence crisis. It is better to postpone making decisions to another time. Otherwise, shame, money loss, and stress are likely to happen. You should keep track of your expenses. There may be harmony within the family. Children may have a good time and perform well in their field. There may be new job opportunities. There may be promotion and a rise in income. There may be disagreements with your spouse. Those awaiting marriage may have to wait further. This is not an ideal time for investments and real estate deals.


There may be minor health problems. There may be problems with the eye, stomach, and lower back. You may also suffer from stress. There may be problems at home. There may be health issues for family members. There may be unexpected expenses. Couples awaiting a child may get happy news. There may be attempts of deceit and defamation against you. Be content with what you get, and do not be greedy. Married life may be moderate. There may be travel. Students may find success. The business may suffer. There may be ups and downs. You may be dissatisfied with your career. You may seek a change of job. Expenses may become more than income.


There may be financial gain and progress in life. Long-standing issues may be solved. You may sell or purchase new property. You may also gain property through inheritance. There may be conflicts within the family. Relationships with elder siblings may be strained. There may be disagreements with friends as well. Avoid getting angry. Students may have to work harder. Had you been waiting for a child, the wait would continue.

The business may be moderate. There may be nothing special career-wise. Married life may generally be calm. You may make improvements in life if you put your mind to it. It is a favorable time for new investments.


There may be health troubles. There may be a pain in the stomach, lower back, eye, or joints. There may be problems in the family. You may experience stress and anger. The health of parents may be affected. Take care to maintain cordial relationships with those around you. Friends and siblings may support you. This is a favorable time for children also. Those seeking love may find it. This is an unfavorable time for jobs and businesses. There may be transfer and demotion. Pending problems may continue to persist. This is not a good time for real estate deals. Take care of your expenses. There may be travel.


There may be emotional issues. You may suffer from stress, anxiety and may have difficulty sleeping. However, long-standing conflicts within the family may get resolved. You may have to be careful with your expenses. This may be a good time for a job, business, and long-term investment. There may be obstacles to new ventures and religious activities. There may be some problems in married life. Those waiting for marriage to happen may have to prolong their wait. There may be conflicts with friends. There may be conflicts with elder siblings. You are advised to maintain distance. There may be help from maternal relatives.


There may be hardship, suffering, defamations, and diseases. There may be confusion over the property. There may be conflicts in the family. There may be disagreements over ancestral properties. Short-term investments may bring profits. Those waiting for a child may get the good news. However, there is a risk of miscarriage. There may be stomach problems. There may be digestion problems. This is not a favorable time for a job or business. You may feel disinterested in your work. Students may find it hard to focus and suffer from a crisis of confidence. There may be a marriage in the family. This is a good time for religious activity.


There may be moderate effects on health. This is a good time for investments in real estate. But you are advised to be cautious and thoughtful before signing any documents. There may be unexpected expenses. There may be disagreements with partners and colleagues. There may be attempts to deceive you. Do not lend or borrow money. Do not try to earn quick bucks. Chances of profits are bleak. You may end up suffering loss. There may be difficulties for children. Had you been waiting to have children, the wait may continue. Married couples may have a tough time. There may be occasional turbulence.


You may overcome enemies. There may be growth in happiness. Health may be good. There may be stress. There may be a wedding in the family. You may find love. Your relationship with your life partner may become more intimate. There may be new beginnings and fresh starts. However, there is a possibility of miscommunications. There may be pressure at work. You may have to take more load. You may go for new experiences in life. However, do not mess with the law. While you may be able to overcome enemies, try avoiding animosity. Be careful while on the road. Drive safely. Stay good with friends.


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You may be worried about fulfilling your responsibilities. Those wanting to get married or waiting for children may have to prolong their wait. There may be disagreements and arguments with friends. You may experience delays. Postpone any decisions to be taken to a future date. You may enjoy a good financial situation. This is a good time for a job and business. But students may have a tough time with their studies. There may be new and better job opportunities. Or, there may be a promotion and raise in pay. You may get your property renovated. There may be business changes, but progress may be slow.


Health may be fine. Any persisting diseases may vanish. The immunity level may increase. There may be problems with the health of your mother. You may enjoy good relationships with friends. New alliances may happen. There may be unexpected expenses. Your budget may be affected. There may be legal fights over property matters. There may be an increase in tensions and frustrations because of it. You may be able to sell the old property. Short-term investments may prove beneficial. You may fulfill your objectives. There may be delays. There may be a considerable workload. There may be travel, change of location, and job transfer.


You may enjoy success and gain wealth. There may be changes at home and in private life. Issues related to properties may be resolved. You may come to own new properties. There may be some chaos over it—exercise caution before putting pen to paper. There may be health problems. There may be stomach problems, stress, and diseases related to the skin. Relationships with neighbors may strain. Students may experience moderate success. You may enjoy good relationships with friends. There may be few problems within the family. There may be obstructions and misfortunes. There is a possibility of a religious trip.

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