We will witness the last solar eclipse this year on December 26th. This solar eclipse is occurring in the fire sign of Sagittarius and there will be multiple planets in that sign. Multiple planets in one sign always indicate stress, and India as a nation is going through a lot of stress regarding the new law. During this eclipse six planets will be intensely active, they are the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu, and the Moon. Rahu will be opposing these energies and that will create massive energy, which is more towards a negative form.

The nakshatra which is participating in this eclipse is Moola as so many planets are placed in the Moola nakshatra. So, the Moola nakshatra will be highly active on this day. Moola is the nakshatra ruled by Ketu and it means roots, the centre or the core. So, this eclipse days will be the centre of many changes, which is going to impact our lives for the long term

According to western astrology, the impact of the eclipse will last for a minimum of 6 months. The Sign of Sagittarius is the sign for law, rulers, luck, money, administers, ministers, adventure, submission, and spirituality. For the long term, this eclipse is going to impact all the above-said area.

So, let’s see which are the factors will be triggered for a long term for each sign

Solar Eclipse Impact on Aries

This eclipse will be triggering the 9th house and the sign of Sagittarius This sign also represents communication-related activities. Writing, publishing, preaching, teaching, and counselling are the main features of this house. Sagittarius is the sign of higher visions. You may get an opportunity to expand your horizons. This is a good time to learn new skills. Spiritual debates are seen. You will interact with an international community. This is a good time to learn a foreign language too. Opportunities for writing, publishing and long travel is also seen

How this solar eclipse affect Taurus?

This eclipse will trigger your 8th house of finances, emotional relationships, and transformations. You will have a lot of communications regarding your finances. You will try to start a new project. It can be a shared project. Your primary focus will be on solving your financial issues. One to one meetings are also seen. Your partners will have important information to share with you. There can some emotional stress and you should not suppress it. Share it with learned people and get rid of it. Issues related to joint assets and inheritances can come up.

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Effect of Solar Eclipse on Gemini

This eclipse will trigger the 7th house of spouse, marriage, business relations, and open enemies. You will have a lot of communication regarding relationships. These communications can make or break relationships. So, Please be careful with your communications. Sagittarius is the sign of expansion so; naturally, you will tend to talk too much. You will have a lot of one to one meetings. You want to start a new relationship. It can be a job offer or a new business relationship as well. Your open enemies are also active, so please think twice before you speak.

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Solar Eclipse Impact on Cancer

This eclipse will trigger the fire sign of Sagittarius and it will trigger your 6th house of work, colleagues, liabilities, health, and pets. You will have to be multi-tasking at work. This is a crucial time for projects with your communication skills. Work from electronics, technology, and media are also seen. You may career-related training as well. Your colleagues will share their views with you. Your health is also an important matter this week. You will take up a new diet or a new health program. Pets will take your time. You will get interested in animals. Your financial matters also need new adjustments.

How this solar eclipse affect Leo?

This eclipse will trigger the 5th house of romance, entertainment, creativity, self-promotion, and speculative businesses. Mercury is the planet of communication and you will have a lot of communication regarding your ventures. You may go to networking events. These events will give you ideas for own ventures. Please use this time carefully. This house also represents romance and sexual activities. You may get enough opportunities to find what you need from your romantic life. This may not be a great time to make decisions. Your creative energies are really important and you will try to start a new creative venture. Please plan well, so that you can use these creative ideas to bring you profit in the future.

Impact of the solar eclipse on Virgo


This eclipse will trigger the fire sign of Sagittarius and it will trigger your 4th house of family, home, parents, ancestral property and emotional security. You will have a lot of communication with your family members. Your parents will take a different view regarding your personal life. Some of you may travel from home. Working from home is also seen. Real estate deals are likely to come up. You may try to furnish your house. Your relatives may share their views with you. You have to solve or settle some issues at home as well. Inheritances related issues can come up. You have to keep a balance between home and family as well.

How this solar eclipse affect Libra?

This eclipse will trigger the Sagittarius and it will trigger the 3rd house of short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This will bring a communicative environment in the 3rd house matters. You will have to multitask a lot and it can make you tired. You will go to career-related training. Opportunities from communication-related domains are also seen. Your siblings will be very active and they will have different expectations from you. You must try to be active with them too. They have small issues to solve. Those who work in the teaching and training sectors will have busy days. They may have to be very active. Whenever any planet moves through the 3rd house, you will be multi-tasking.

Is this Solar Eclipse good for Scorpio?

This eclipse will trigger the 2nd house of money, material possessions, and finances. For the next few days, whatever communications you make, there will be a tint of finances. You are looking for new financial projects. A part-time job is under consideration. You are trying to improve your self-worth. You may look for a new course. Your career and social status are also seen through this house, so there can be some important conversation regarding your career and social honour.

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Impact of the solar eclipse on Sagittarius

This eclipse will trigger the Sagittarius and it will trigger your 1st house of self, personality, perspective and personal life. Mercury means communication, technology, and media, so you will have a lot of communication. Your communications can be all about your personal life and ambitions. You want new beginnings in your life. You will try to learn new skills. Travelling to distant places is also seen. You may use this time to empower yourself. New friends can come into your life. Your personal life is slowly transforming. This transformation will be based on philosophical discussions. You will take part in spiritual debates too. Since Mercury means communication and it is in the sign of Sagittarius, your communications will be mostly about higher dimensions


Effect of Solar Eclipse on Capricorn

This eclipse will trigger the 12th house of hidden emotions, foreign settlements, spirituality, isolation, detachment, and healing. Mercury then moves into the house of emotional struggles, it will make you do a lot of research. You will make new plans for the future. You will have emotional hurdles, but this time is not to spend time on futile matters. You may try to understand yourself from a different perspective. Foreign travel-related plans can come up. You may even try for a foreign settlement. Healing and spiritual debates are also seen. Minor physical issues are also seen during this time. This is not a time to experiment with your life. Try to be free, and then your life will be easy and light. Otherwise, you may lag with a lot of burdens.


How this solar eclipse affect Aquarius?

This eclipse will trigger the 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term projects, children, profits and youth groups. Mercury will bring new ideas for long-term relationships. There will be a lot of communication regarding your future projects. You will have to be a result, oriented person. You will have team discussions. Ideas provided by you will be highly appreciated. There are chances to join new groups. New friends will get your attention. Visible changes in friendships are also seen. A lot of team activity can come up. Charity programs are also seen. This is a crucial time for your future. You will be busy planning for your profits and gains.

Is this Solar Eclipse good for Pisces?

This eclipse will trigger the 10th house of career, bosses and social status. You will get a lot of opportunities to connect with a lot of people. This is a good time to work with your communication skills. Your bosses will share their views with you. Those who work in technology, media, and communication sector will have a lot of work. These projects can be short-term in nature. Your bosses and mentors will ask for your inputs. There will be multi-tasking. This is a very busy week for you. Please try to keep a schedule and follow it. Otherwise, you may miss some important assignments.

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