Shape of plots

Triangular, Pentagonal, Polygonal and Odd Shaped plots are not recommended.

Plots with a square shape is the best. Ideal if there are roads on all sides.

Rectangular Shape

In case of rectangular shaped plots, the ratio of width to length should not be more than 1 or 2. It is better to have east and west dimension more than that of north and south.
A plot with length too large compared to the width is not preferred.

Square Shape

Big and square shaped plots where sufficient open spaces can be left all around the building is the best proposition one can look forward to.

Circular Shape

Circular plots are not recommended. Pentagonal Shape Sites with five corners and those with very odd shapes are not good and should be avoided. It is believed to cause all kinds of problems and poverty.

Triangular Shape

Triangular plots are not good as it is believed to affect progress and invites problems from government and authorities.

Lion Faced Plots

Lion faced plots, which are wider in front and narrow at the back are acceptable for commercial buildings but not for residential ones.

Cow Faced Plots

Cow Faced plots that are narrow at the front but wider at the back is considered auspicious for residential purposes, especially if there are roads on the south or western sides of the plot. Cow faced plots are not recommended for commercial buildings.

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