Astrology is a very intense science, and that is why it is called “Param Sastra”. The scientific discoveries made by Western scientists were already recorded in our Vedic texts. The Sunspots, Earth’s circumference, the distance between the planets, eclipses, and so many things are mentioned by the Rishis in the sacred books. All these facts are backed by Vedic stories too.

Retrogression is one such phenomenon that is mentioned in our ancient texts. In many Vedic texts, the retrogression time and speed are mentioned correctly by the Vedic sages. Astrology uses this phenomenon beautifully in its calculations. The retrograde of planets is the main theme in astrology, and it is very important to know its meaning.

There is no unanimous opinion about the retrogression of any planets in astrology. This phenomenon has been interpreted on a positive and negative note by many astrology experts. Many classical texts say retrogression is a positive factor, and they are auspicious. However, retrogression always indicates a delay in the horoscope. It can be interpreted in two ways,

  1. delays for good
  2. bad results through delays
Suppose a person has a retrograde planet in the second house; he will naturally have a delay in making money. On the other hand, if a person has a retrograde planet in the seventh house, his marriage will get delayed, but it will be a good and strong marriage when he gets married.

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The retrogression in transit and birth chart should be interpreted differently. The retrogression in transit does not have a long term impact if that planet is also in retrogression in your birth horoscope. For example, Mercury is the planet for communication and analysis. When it is retrograde in the horoscope, the native will face challenges according to the house in which it is present. In transit, it will bring communication issues and damage to electronic devices, but in a temporary mode.

When the planets are in retrograde, the planet’s distance from the Sun increases, and it is closer to the Earth. It is natural that the closer the planet is to Earth, the more it will affect the person. However, this does not change a person’s conditions or create turmoil in his life. Instead, what happens is that the energy, invisible sound and vibrations emanating from the planets temporarily change the person’s mood.

The movement of the planets is delayed, so the effects of the houses with which that planet is related in the horoscope also get delayed. For example, Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence. Due to its retrograde, the balance between the movement of the planet and the mind of the person gets disturbed. As a result, the person quibbles unnecessarily or becomes silent where it is necessary to speak. This is more challenging when retrogression occurs in the horoscope.

This is how retrograde planets affect your life. The retrograde planets sometimes remove problems and also give auspicious results. For example, retrograde Venus indicates delay in love affairs or unconventional love affairs. If Saturn is retrograde, then loneliness increases at the level of perception. That native doesn’t want to dominate anyone. The person himself gets entangled in the work and then also gets disturbed.

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There has been a lot of fear and doubt about retrograde planets.

Mars successfully controls anger with its retrograde movement, but for some time. If Mars is a slowdown in the horoscope, the native will be highly short-tempered. If Jupiter is retrograde, then the native will have a huge inclination towards spirituality, but he will be egoistic about his spiritual knowledge.

He acquires knowledge not by accepting from someone else but by studying himself. There are many billionaires with retrograde Jupiter, but in some horoscopes, Jupiter retrograde means lack of wealth or bad wealth management.

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The Sun and Moon are never retrograde among the nine planets; both these planets always move with a straight path. Similarly, the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. Still, there are horoscopes with Rahu and Ketu in direct motion, which is not common. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn move in a retrograde mode. The outer planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also move in a slow down mode, but they are not considered as main influencers in Vedic astrology.

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When do the retrograde planets give auspicious results?

Horasara says that if the retrograde planets stay in their exalted position, then they gives auspicious results. As the exalted position of Mars in Capricorn, if Mars is retrograde while staying in Capricorn, it will give auspicious results. It has also been said in Horasara that if a Vakri, being the lord of an auspicious house, stays in an auspicious house, he bestows wealth, fame, respect, fame, and glory. Still, there are many different opinions as well.

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It is said in the Saravali text that if a planet becomes the lord of auspicious places and retrogrades in exalted, own house, trizona, Kendra and in the house of friends, then the person gets its auspicious results. The Jataka Tatva text also supports the point that if a planet becomes the ruler of auspicious places and retrogrades inauspicious places, then Raja Yoga is obtained.

In the Vipareeta Rajayoga, if the sixth, eighth and the twelfth lord is in his own house of sixth in eighth or twelfth, the eighth lord in sixth or twelfth, or the twelfth lord in sixth or eighth and of any of these planets are in retrogression, then this Rajayoga is seen as a very strong yoga.

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In Phaldeepika, it is even said that the planet of Vakri is like a planet of the exalted planet. Such a planet gives auspicious results even if it is in a durstana house of an enemy planet or in the house of its enemy. It has also been said in some texts that if a malefic planet is retrograde, it gives auspicious results, and if an auspicious planet is retrograde, it gives inauspicious results.

The retrograde planets are very important in the transit as well as in the horoscope. However, their results are not clearly confirmed any. For some horoscopes they are good but majorly it brings complex results.

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