How to deal with misfortune

When misfortune strikes, it is natural for any individual to slow down and reflect on their journey. This time also offers one the opportunity to get in touch with the energies that surround them and drive them. Vedic astrology, along with the understanding of planetary influences offers several remedies for misfortunes that can help redeem the individual from afflictions, otherwise known as doshas. 

When the stars and planets in one’s chart are not in their favor, they can follow one of the remedies from below. And while it is not possible to avoid and erase all misfortune, its impact can be reduced. Here are a few tips on how to remove bad luck:

Salt: Salt plays an important role in the eradication of negative energies, according to Vastu Shastra. A pinch of salt in a bucket of water, used to mop the floor, can help remove negative energies in the house. It is extremely relevant in today’s day, when most cities are cramped with apartments that may not be Vastu Shastra compliant, and thereby suffer from Vastu Dosha.

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How to remove nazar with salt: Alternatively, placing a glass bowl or bottle filled with water and sea salt, at the entrance of the house, can help get rid of negative energies that may enter the house. A cob of salt wrapped in red cloth, and hung at the main entrance, can also help achieve the same result. 

Horseshoe: Hanging a horseshoe at the main entrance of the house is a common practice in some parts of India. It is treated like a good luck charm and is known to bring good luck to the residents of the house. Note that the shoe must always be facing upward.

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Some people also recommend wearing a ring, made of iron from a horseshoe, on the middle finger to ward off evil energies.

Incense: In most parts of the world, incense plays an important role in improving the atmosphere of a house and getting rid of bad energies. Burning incense is especially effective in removing bad luck in relation to diseases and illness. Burning incense is also effective in fighting mental and psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety, as it is a mood lifter. 

In fact, burning incense is part of many religious practices, and is done at the start of anything auspicious.

Gemstones: Gemstones play a rather important role in astrology, as every planet is associated with a gemstone. Every gemstone reflects the qualities of the planet it is associated with, and it either amplifies or diminishes the effect of doshas in his/her birth chart. However, it is key to receive advice regarding gemstones, from a learned astrologer.

Results of gemstones in getting rid of bad luck are subjective. An astrologer will recommend a gemstone to the individual based on their horoscope, their ruling planet, and the position of planets in their birth chart, at the time.

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Camphor: Camphor, another popular element in Hindu pujas, is known for its cleansing and healing qualities. The fragrance of camphor fills the atmosphere with positivity and freshness. And being a part of pujas, it uplifts the overall vibe of the house, alongside hymns, chants, and prayers, dispelling negative energy. Camphor is also known to be used in the treatment of skin infections.

Mirror: The reflecting quality of a mirror is said to be strong enough to reflect the evil eye straight back to where it originated from. Therefore, placing a mirror at the entrance of the house can help get rid of negative energies. Nowadays, people have started incorporating mirrors in decorating the interiors of their homes, in jewelry, such as bracelets and pendants, and in their accessories, such as bags, wallets, and stoles.

Palm leaves: Collect 21 palm leaves and tie them into a knot in the shape of a garland and wave it around the afflicted person. Next, take a pot and place the garland, an old shoe, and a broom in the room of the person overnight, keeping the items covered. The next morning, dispose of the pot’s contents at a crossroad or burn the garland outside the compound of the property.

To find out whether the force of the evil eye has been removed, place three fresh drops of oil into a pan of fresh water. If the drops remain round and distinct, the eye is gone.

Lemon: Lemon is another common household ingredient that is used to ward off evil. Lemon tied to a string (sometimes alongside green chilies), is hung at the entrances of houses, shops, offices, and other business establishments to ward off negative energy. It is also popularly used among truck and lorry drivers in India, who hang these strings in front of their vehicles. After a good amount of time, this lemon is discarded either by burning on coal or immersing it in flowing water.

Another method of fighting the evil eye with lemon is to hold one lemon in each hand and wave them in a circular manner from the legs to the head in a clockwise direction. The lemon is said to capture the negative thoughts, energies surrounding the person/area.

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Red chilies: Red chilies are a very common kitchen ingredient in Indian houses. And most Indian households follow this method to ward off evil eyes. How it is done:  An odd number of red chilies and salt is held in the fist. The closed fist is then waved across the person afflicted with the evil eye. First from bottom to top, and then in circular motions. The mixture is then burnt on coal. Upon burning, if the mixture does not emanate spice in the air, it is said the evil has been removed.

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