Longest lunar eclipse in 500 years

Here comes another partial lunar eclipse! November 19 will see the earth come between the sun and the Moon from 12.48 pm to 4.17 pm. Though eclipses are year-round events, this partial eclipse is extraordinary. What makes this event special is the time length of the eclipse. The earth will be shielding the Moon from the sun’s glory partially for a total of 3 hours, 28 minutes and 24 seconds. A partial eclipse of this duration has not happened for the last 580 years.

This eclipse is unique for our century, as the last one of this length happened on February 18, 1440. The next one is scheduled to take place on February 8, 2669. This obviously means that the November 19 partial lunar eclipse is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the people of our generation. So let’s get those cameras or telescopes out and point them towards the sky.

Where can you see it?

People in North America, much of Europe and Asia, Australia, North/West Africa, South America will get front row seats to the heavenly spectacle. Eclipse enthusiasts in the Northeast and small parts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh can head to the watchpoints in India. The final phase of the eclipse will be visible in some parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. The rest of India will have to tune in online to enjoy the eclipse. Sorry, you guys can pack your cameras and hope to enjoy the eclipse photos online.

Astrological significance

Astronomically this is an exciting event — being once in 500 years and all. But astrologically, it might be a dampener. Lunar eclipses happen during full moons. So there is that to keep in mind for astrology followers. In India, the calendar will be marking Kartik Purnima.

Moon is connected to our mind and mother. It is creative, critical and analytical. It is also nourishing and takes care of everything around her. To know more about Moon in astrology, read our blog Planet Moon in Astrology.

Also, there is another major celestial event happening in November that is very significant in astrology. Jupiter, the largest planet of all, is transiting from the sign of Capricorn to Aquarius on November 20. This too means a lot of changes for all zodiac signs. To know more about this major transit, read our blog on Jupiter Transit and its importance.

What lunar eclipse means in astrology?

Things may speed up when there is a lunar eclipse happening. But, on the other hand, it might be chaotic as shocking information may come through unexpectedly. On top of that, as the light of the Moon is blocked, the information that comes through might not be complete. This could lead to confusion and turmoil.

But all is not bad with a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are a way for the universe to get us going on our way. You may be launched out of your comfort zone a little too faster than you expected, but it is good as otherwise, you might not have taken that step. Knowing and being prepared is the best way forward with lunar eclipses.

The November 19 Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings in some significant changes for all, but these four signs need to pay particular attention to it.

Watch out, Taurus; it’s a big change

The eclipse itself is happening in your sign, so you know this will be big. It will be the high point of all that you have felt over the last several months. Do not expect an epiphany, but a slow, slightly painful, realisation of what you are, your goals, your interactions and your values. It is difficult for you to change, so the next few months may be difficult for you. But that is you trying to shed your old skin and bring out the shiny, glorious self. Concentrate on what makes you confident, and sure, remove everything else.

Leos, you are the heroes at work

Yes, it is happening! Your hard work and innovative ideas are finally bringing you the results. Your professional life will light up with recognition. At the same time, it will open up avenues for realising your ambition and for a thorough analysis of the current trajectory. It might be a breakthrough moment if you move your pieces well. If you have been facing a lull phase at your work, this lunar eclipse might be the wake-up call for your bosses. It will push you out to the limelight bringing out your qualities for them to appreciate.

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Look forward, Scorpios; it’s time to move on

Take a look at the people in your life. Everyone other than those who are necessary can bid goodbye. Yes. But do you want to do it is the big question? So, this lunar eclipse prompts you to look at your contacts — romantic, platonic, and business relationship — and take what you can from them and move forward. Look at how they make you feel and how you feel around them. If it helps you keep at it; if not, prepare to leave it. These might be sudden changes, but they will turn out to be for the best ultimately. It is just another way the universe pushes you to be your best. Even better is the fact that now you have more time and space for everything good. You can look at more fulfilling relationships that help you be a better person.

Sensitive times for Aquarius

You may be reaching for a tissue on and off during this lunar eclipse as things at home and the family front comes to a brimming point. Your more delicate sentiments may need attention. You will need to pay attention to what is happening at home. It may leave you feeling raw and hurt, but that is okay. Sit with those emotions and feelings and understand the source. Study your insecurities and sentiments so that you have a better grip the next time. Then, you can let go of those which you do not need.

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