Jupiter Retrogression in June

Jupiter, the planet for luck, fortune, foreign travels, and children, is currently in Aquarius and will start its slow down by June 20, 2021. Retrogression is a phase where the planet reduces its speed and eventually enters the previous sign. 

Jupiter will be back in Capricorn on September 14, 2021, Tuesday at 02:13 PM. Jupiter will be in a progressive mode by October 18, 2021, Monday at 01:30 PM.

The whole world is going through the chaos of Covid and when Jupiter moved out from Capricorn to Aquarius, on April 6, 2021, the second wave of Covid appeared in many countries so, naturally, we can assume that the second wave will gradually disappear as the planet Jupiter slowly enters Capricorn. The third wave will appear once Jupiter starts transiting towards Aquarius on November 21, 2021, or when it moves into Pisces in late 2022, as Pisces is the sign indicating hospitalization, diseases, and isolation. 

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Generally, retrogression is seen as a kind of strength in astrology, which comes under the strength named the group Shadbala. Like every other astrological aspect, retrogression also has a positive as well as negative impact. 

When retrogression happens, the qualities of the planet will be evident.


For Aries, Jupiter will be slowing down in the 11th house of hopes, teams, friendships, and collaborations. So, naturally, you will have to face obstacles on these matters. You will have issues with your teammates and that will extend for a long duration. The slowing phase also indicates the need for adjustments in teamwork. There will be a lot of activities with the team, but arguments can also come up. You will have to be careful with your team members and stay away from arguments. 


During this Jupiter retrograde 2021, Jupiter will impact your career. The development will be slow and you will have to argue with your managers. There will be some hindrances in the workplace, so you should be careful. If you get any new job offers, then you should not be in a hurry to accept. At home, you will have plans like relocation, traveling, and family meetings. 


During this Jupiter retrograde 2021 time, you will have issues with travel plans. There will be some opportunities for foreign travel and you must plan wisely. You will be interested in learning and teaching new skills. This is also a good time to study something which you have failed at previously. Those who appear for exams have to be careful, as the retrogression phase is not very good. Relationships with teachers and fatherly figures will be slightly challenging as well. 


Your financial matters will gain a lot of importance and that will not always be in a positive mode. Please avoid heavy expenses as the incoming gains will be very less. There will be a lot of arguments revolving around money and you have to keep an account of whatever you spend. Otherwise, there will be arguments regarding money with family as well as business partners. You should be very careful when you form any new partnerships during this Jupiter transit. There will be some issues arising from tax, PF, and insurances as well. 


During this time, Jupiter will mainly impact your relationships. Be it personal or professional relationships, you will have to be careful with all those as Jupiter is not the indicator of romance and partnership. It is the planet of high spirituality and it is moving through the house of lust and desire. You will have to be very respectful with your partner, otherwise, the relationship can worsen. However, this is a good time to improve your existing relationships. 


Your workplace and health will be the primary focus during this Jupiter retrograde 2021 time. This is not a great phase for your work, but this is surely a good time for improving productivity and relationships at the workplace. Jupiter is the planet for righteousness and spirituality, so you will have to be careful with your work. Please don’t take any short cut at work as you need to shed your sweat to reach perfection. Otherwise, you will face long-term challenges. You will have to be careful with your health as well. 


This will be a challenge for your teamwork and you should not be careless with it. You will have to be very careful with your children and family as well. There will be a lot of confusion regarding family matters. You will have to take care of your children’s life as well. There will be some obstacles in the creative projects too. If you get a chance to join a new team, then you should think twice before making the decision.


This is a very important time for your family. You will have to be careful with your family members. Jupiter brings happiness to the fourth house of home and family but since Jupiter is in a slowdown mode you will have to be careful with the family matters. There will be some real estate deals. Family meetings and problem-solving within the family are seen. The career sector will also be active and you have to be careful with your duties. There may be some rework required in the existing projects as well. 


During this Jupiter retrograde 2021 time, you will have to be careful with your ventures and finances. Team discussions will come up and there are high chances of arguments. You may get sales, writing, editing, health, media, or electronics projects thanks to your communication skills. Please cross-check your projects before the final submission. Your health sector is also slightly volatile. The neck to shoulder area will be very sensitive and you need to be very careful. Relationships with siblings will be very important. They will have a lot of concerns regarding their life. You will have to take care of your finances too.


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Throughout this phase, you will have concerns regarding your money and esteem. You are trying to manage your finances. This is a good time to search for part-time ventures. You must start a saving plan. You will have a lot of temptation to spend, but please control. Your work sector will be very happening. New job offers can come up but you should be very careful when you start a new job. Your personal life will go through a lot of turbulence, so you will have to be righteous. 


During this Jupiter retrograde 2021 time, you will have a lot of focus on yourself and your emotional needs. Your personal life is going through a lot of transformation. More than physical changes, there will be emotional hurdles that will come up and they will move out slowly. An interest in spirituality will develop and you will start reading spiritual stuff. Please avoid debates based on spirituality, religion, and faith. Otherwise, there will be a lot of arguments. You may plan for long trips. They can even be spiritual retreats. Emotional hurdles and minor physical issues are seen. This is not a great time to take a risk with your personal life.


This transit will impact your collective projects and emotional needs. Team discussions will come up and there are high chances for arguments. There may be projects from the scientific and technical domains. You may see many changes in your long-term relations as well. New people may enter your life. This is not a time to take any risk with your relationships. There will be some emotional hurdles and you should stay away from all controversies. Your mental health is very important during this transit.

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