Name: Mohamed Salah
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 15 June 1992 Monday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 00:00:00 AM Summer Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins) : 02:00 East of Greenwich
Place of Birth: Nagri
Longitude &Latitude (Deg.Mins) : 30.52 East, 30.58 North
Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 45 Min. 23 Sec.
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter) : Jyeshta – 3
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Vrischika – Kuja
Lagna (Ascendant) – Lagna Lord: Kumbha – Sani
Thidhi (Lunar Day): Pournami, Suklapaksha

Mohamed Salah’s horoscope shows that he is a changeable individual who makes quick decisions without considering all the factors involved. He will be extremely aware of the world around him and will probably live far from the place of birth. His outlook will be markedly different than that of his childhood friends, or members of his community. It is hard for him to tolerate difficult situations. He needs to find someone who trusts him and with whom he can share all the problems.

He tends to look for pleasure in a variety of ways. While self-reliance, strong determination and independent outlook are good qualities, they may cause inconvenience to his progress and thus there may be some impediments to happiness. But he will enjoy a happy married life. He may have to face recrimination and blame for events that he had no part in. He will enjoy a pleasant home, but there may be chances to have problems in the home. Feelings of helplessness may ultimately serve as a guide towards a truer, deeper understanding of God.

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Since he is born in POURNAMI, he admires and takes interest in science, technology, and development. He will be fascinated by technology in general and electronics in particular. His work and abilities may bring him fame. His politeness will bring a good reputation in public. He may earn fame because of his work and abilities. Mohamed Salah’s horoscope shows that he will manifest leadership abilities and such positions become available to him.

The first house of the horoscope represents the personality characteristics, physical structure, status and fame of the person. Based on the position of Lagna the following characteristics may be present in his personality. He
is likely to become a good teacher, writer or speaker. He will be reserved, generous, highly sympathetic and always interested in the welfare of others. He is intelligent and possesses a clear, analytical mind.

He will probably be tall and have a pleasant appearance. He will make friends easily. He can be provoked easily, but his anger subsides just as quickly. He will do well as a writer. He is a bit diffident about his talents. He will be interested in the science of astrology. Taking care of health is very much advisable. Always provide for the future, because there will be ups and downs in financial health.

He will have a wandering mind and will probably enjoy travel. He has a sensitive and discriminating nose. He will
consider himself lucky. Since his Lagna lies in the first Drekkana of its house, there will never be short of money. He’ll earn money in many different ways. He’ll do well in journalism, book publication, and politics. There will
be some fluctuations in his income. He may have problems with his relatives or from enemies.

It’s better to be careful about playing the stock-market or gambling. He will gain from good relationships, friendships, or marriage. The most important years in his life are 16, 24, 25, 29, 35, 46 and 57. His ascendant lord is in the 12th house. He is likely to be a spend-thrift. He is a dual personality, and the two faces of his character must be brought together in order to function in society. If not, he will tend to send mixed signals to people. He does not do well by gambling.

He will do well in the field of academics or education. Business dealings will not be very profitable for him. He enjoys spending money, time, and effort on other people. Therefore, he will do well in public service. Lagna lord is positioned in own house, which indicates that he will rise to positions of power and authority. Jupiter aspects Lagna. He will give importance to wearing good, clean dress and choosing good words in conversations.

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