Taking India’s Independence Day as the birth date and analyzing the country’s horoscope, let us check how the coming year will be for the country and the public. This prediction is based on a Horoscope check, Gochara results, Bhava strengths, etc. Below is the zodiac chart and navamsaka chart of India.

This year, Independence Day is on Tuesday. Let’s check what the result would be if the birthday is on Tuesday. The result is sickness, enemy harm, etc. Here, India being a country, one can expect instability, invasion by enemy countries, and contagious diseases. There is a possibility for a price hike also. Guru transits in the Tenth and Shani in the Eighth if contemplated by Gochara. You will have to face challenges in the field of karma. As far as the country is concerned, there may be instability in the areas of internal affairs, construction and investment sectors, exports, foreign relations, and administration of states. Ashtama Shani indicates that challenges may arise in the health sector of the country. There may be a shortage of medicines and infectious diseases in some of the regions. A positive change can be expected in May 2024. The economy will improve and the country will create a feeling of progress.

The Nakshatra of our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi’s is Anizham (Anuradha). As it is the period of the Charavasal Guru in the 6th and of Shani in 4th (Kandaka Shani) there is the possibility of a collective attack from the opposition. Even though allegations may pop from many quarters, his Jataka Yogas can keep them at bay to some extent. But still, unprecedented opposition may arise.indepth horoscope

At present, India’s Dasha is Shukra Apahara in Chandra Dasha. As both planets are associated with water, the entire country may experience an abundance of water. Unprecedented rainfall may be experienced in many places. As the Moon is in the 3rd Rashi and Venus is in the 6th Rashi, there is a possibility of a flood. There may be laws or benefits in favor of the female population. The financial sector is likely to improve after May 2024. The change will be visible in areas like trading and the share market. Though crops will perish in the first half, the agricultural sector will see a boost after May. The service sector can also be expected to overcome challenges.

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