Now your smartphone can let you know the cosmic designs deciding your daily luck factors. Install from Play Store, Clickastro’s Daily Horoscope app which can present to you a forecast on your near future. You will get from this app, your personalized daily predictions and valuable astrology guidelines which would let you improve your daily effectiveness. Start your day, knowing the momentary planetary influences on you and the way the things would turn out in your personal & professional lives. This unique app lets you prepare for the daily course of events. Its Hindi and Tamil variants – Daily Horoscope in Hindi (Dainik Rashifal app) and Daily Horoscope in Tamil (Dainik Rasipalan app) are also available in Play Store. Do not wait to check it out!

How does the Daily Horoscope app work? / What makes Daily Horoscope unique?

The Daily Horoscope app is a result of Clickastro’s long-term effort to empower you in your day-to-day activities. Once you enter your birth data – the date, time and place of birth, the app calculates and makes a precise study of your dasa periods. The Dasa system in Vedic Astrology divides an individual’s life into 9 planetary periods know as Dasas. To make a meticulous analysis of life, each of these dasas is further classified into sub-periods such as Antra dasas (Apaharas), Pratyandar dasa and so on.

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The Daily Horoscope app stands unique by calculating up to your Sookshma and Prana dasas which vary in duration from a few hours to a few days. It generates predictions based on your ongoing Sookshma and Prana dasas which will be relevant to your day or the next few hours of your life. The daily horoscope feature (Dainik rashifal in Hindi and daily rasipalan in Tamil) of this app gives you valuable guidelines/predictions based on your current sookshma-prana dasas, specifying its starting and ending timings.

What else does the Daily Horoscope app provide?
In addition to providing a prior understanding of your day, the Daily Horoscope app includes features viz. Vedic Horoscope, Marriage Matching, and Daily Panchang. The Vedic Horoscope feature lets you generate your detailed horoscope that gives an insight into your personality, character, and course of life. The generated horoscope will cover your Birth details, bhava predictions, dasa predictions, favourable periods, yogas, Kuja dosha check, transit predictions, and remedies.

Horoscope Matching is another feature included in the Daily Horoscope app. By installing it on your mobile, you can check your marriage/horoscope compatibility with that of the prospective bride/groom. The feature includes birth star matching, Kuja/Chovva dosha check, papasamya comparison and dasa sandhi check. It also lets you choose the regional style of matching making – North Indian, East Indian, South Indian or Kerala style. Daily Panchanga is the next feature included in this app which lets you know about the various panchanga features and their importance.Thus, installing the Daily Horoscope app lets you know about the daily cosmic designs. It gives you daily personalized guidelines that help you take key decisions of the day and to reap maximum benefits. To install this unique app, you can go to the page ( )

Daily Horoscope in Hindi – Dainik Rashifal app

To get your Sookshma & Prana dasa based Dainik Rashifal in Hindi, you can install this Hindi variant of the Daily Horoscope app. Go to the page ( ) . Daily Horoscope in Hindi – Dainik Rashifal app also provides your Vedic Rashifal (Janm vivaran, shubh kal, bhav bhavishyani, dasa bhavishyani, Kuja dosha, upay, yogas, paragaman purvanuman etc), Kundli Milan and Hindi Panchang (Star, Thidhi, Karana, Nithya Yoga, Sunrise & Sunset time, Day & Night duration, Kalidina Sankhya, Rahu, Gulika & Yamakantakal, Abhijit Muhurtha etc).

Daily Rasipalan / Daily Horoscope in Tamil app

The Tamil variant of the Daily Horoscope app can empower you with your Sookshma and Prana based Daily Rasipalan in Tamil. To install this app, visit ( ). Daily Rasipalan / Daily Horoscope in Tamil app also includes the features – Tamil Josiyam (Janma vivaranam, shubha kalam, bhava pravachanam, dasa pravachanam, Kuja dosham, pariharam, yogam, transit prediction etc), Jathaka Porutham and Tamil Panchangam (weekday, star, thidhi, karanam, nithya yogam, sunrise & sunset time, day & night duration, kalidina sankhya, rahu kalam, gulika kalam & yamakantam and abhijit muhurtham).

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