Novel coronavirus has made a huge impact across the entire world with many wondering if the global economy will ever get back to normalcy. The virus outbreak that originated in China has infected more than a million people across the globe. Its spread has also killed several thousands of people and brought almost every aspect of our lives to a halt.

The coronavirus disease is extremely contagious and could lead to massive havoc in the world if it isn’t controlled soon. People also wish that they could have dealt with it differently, or at least, stopped it from spreading on a large scale if they were warned of this crisis earlier. However, its prediction and the effect it will have on the entire world was already made in the ancient Hindu texts. Read on to find out what our ancient texts have to say about COVID-19, its impact, and predictions for the future. 

Narada Samhita speaks about the Coronavirus outbreak: What are the astrological reasons behind it?

According to the ancient religious texts of Narada Samhita, the prediction about the Coronavirus outbreak was made more than 10,000 years ago. The verses had also mentioned about the accurate time at which the pandemic was supposed to occur. 

Narada Samhita described how the climatic changes will worsen and the virus outbreak will arise and start spreading in late 2019. The predictions are based on astrological calculations that say – the year when Saturn becomes the ruling planet will probably result in an epidemic that could bring respiratory diseases and throat infections. The coronavirus is the result of the malefic effect of Saturn and Rahu on planet Earth. Furthermore, the year 2020 sums up to four, which happens to be the number of Rahu.

Famous Psychic Sylvia Browne had made a similar prediction about a virus outbreak that would cause pneumonia-like disease. French astrologer, Nostradamus, is also credited for his accurate coronavirus astrology predictions so far.

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 What’s next for coronavirus according to astrology predictions?

When will corona end: Top astrologers weigh in

As the number of positive cases of Coronavirus rise in India on a daily basis, renowned astrologer, Acharya Vinod Kumar has predicted that the perils of the virus will soon subside in India. According to his predictions, the spreading of the coronavirus will end in India between September and November. 

In a post mentioning his prediction, Kumar writes that Jupiter is the ruling planet for India for this year. After entering Capricorn from 30th June, Jupiter will hold the place until 20th November. We can expect to see some level of control during the period, but the virus would have a major impact on the world by then. Answering the questions on when will corona end in India, Kumar says that complete control over the pandemic would be possible only between September and November.

He states that there were many reasons for the coronavirus outbreak, and our collective karmic cycle is one of the primary ones. This is Mother Nature’s way of settling the scores. He advises people to follow a ‘Satvik’ lifestyle, avoid over consumption and overuse of resources, cut down on the consumption of fish and meat, or turn vegetarian altogether, if possible.

It doesn’t matter which religion you follow; you need to be kinder than before and spend more time praying for relief and peace. Although it may sound silly, going back to the roots and living a holistic lifestyle is the only way out, says Kumar.

Many other astrologers have predicted that the effects of coronavirus will soon come to an end. Ashish Mehta said in a video that as Guru leaves Ketu’s alliance and enters Capricorn, we will see that the spread of the virus will start to diminish.

Acharya Sandeep Bhargava, a UAE-based astrologer said that the world will see the end of the pandemic by the 11th of May. Upendra Shastri, another astrologer based in Dubai, seems to have made similar calculations. He says that things will take a positive turn from May.

Prominent astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishnan Panicker, who used to be the personal astrologer to former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa, predicted that India will witness the eradication of coronavirus only after May although a few patients of coronavirus may still be left here. As the summer season has begun in many parts of the country, the spread of the virus will now be stopped. He recommends chanting the ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra’ to be safe in this period. He said that the pandemic happened due to the rarely occurring planetary combination of dosham yogam, Vasundhara yogam and kala sarpa yogam at the same time.

Moreover, many astrologers also believe that the coronavirus pandemic episode is temporary and will pass soon. It is better to optimistic, and there’s no need to panic as that will worsen matters. During this situation, we all need to be hopeful that things will soon work out for the better and everything will fall in place.

Coronavirus Astrology

Coronavirus: What does astrology say about the outbreak?

How will COVID affect your life this year?

The coronavirus outbreak has petrified the whole world by affecting thousands of people in its grip. It has put everything on hold, whether it is economy, growth, or life. Vedic astrology can give us better insights into the past and future by studying the positions of the nine planets, twenty-seven lunar constellations (Nakshatras), and other celestial bodies. Let’s see how it can impact your career, business, and marriage prospects.

How will it impact my career and business?

After the announcement of lockdown, some professionals have been putting in extra hours in their jobs to cope up with the loss that the economy is bearing. On the other hand, people in jobs that require their physical presence at the workplace have no other option but to sit idle in their homes. Whatever the situation may be, people are worried about the future of their jobs, career, and businesses considering the evolving economic crisis during this quarantine. 

In this adverse time, when it’s quite tough to find what’s going to happen next, what else could be better than tapping into the ancient science and knowledge of Vedic astrology? Some things are beyond your control, but there are still many things that you can control. Get in touch with us for your free astrology online reading on career and business.

How will COVID affect my marriage prospects?

Following the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19, many people had to re-plan and cancel their weddings. Most of the weddings that were planned in the recent months have been postponed to a later date in the year, and many people who have plans of getting married in the near future hope that things get better soon.

It is widely believed that a marriage can be a blessed event when the birth charts of the bride and groom are in the goodwill of the planets. Know what the future has in store for you. Check online for your free marriage prediction to find out more about what the planets have in store.

What can we do at this time?

Although the year 2020 has seen a bad start for everyone, it is just a phase that won’t last long. India will surely win the battle against the coronavirus, but it might take a bit longer than earlier expected. Better days are anticipated from the month of June as per most of the predictions. At this time, it is essential to adhere to the social distancing guidelines prescribed by the government and cut down on all non-essential travel. 

We should take all necessary precautions such as wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, sanitizing frequently, and avoid smoking and alcohol to boost our immunity. A return to the Sattvic diet and lifestyle can also help us maintain our overall health and avoid other illnesses that may cause complications. 

Scientists are working on the vaccines for coronavirus, and until the coronavirus vaccine is ready, we need to stay positive, stay at home, and follow the guidelines laid out by the WHO and our government. Only strict adherence to these guidelines and ample caution against the virus can help us stay safe against possible infection.

Coronavirus: How do different zodiac signs respond to it?

COVID 19- What does the future hold?

General forecast:

It’s predicted that the COVID-19’s intensity will hit its peak early April, and will begin to slow down later that month. After which the Sun will enter Aries, and since it’s the king of all planets it’s sure to give us strength and immunity. However, patients who are already affected by COVID-19 will continue being sick until the transition is complete and the month of April comes to an end.

By the beginning of May, people all over the world will begin to see healing through the month; they will be in a position to gain control over the virus and reduce the death toll as well. The cure for COVID-19 won’t be certain until some medicine or vaccine is produced.

The virus potency will decrease by mid-September, this is because the Dragon’s tail will exit Moola Nakshatra.

Political Forecast:

After the 15th of May 2020, the world will phase-out of this pandemic, and enter a future that’s full of growth and expansion. Until then, it’s predicted that major world leaders will remain stressed for a certain period. 

It’s predicted that world leaders like Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Shinzo Abe will excel at their careers and rise to the top and will be successful in combating rising anti-incumbency sentiment. Shinzo Abe will emerge to become a powerful leader. 

From September, the USA will recover from the economic slowdown in eight months. Russia and America will work together and join their forces to find ways that will help their people. This relationship will boost the economies of both countries and increase the migrant flow from Russia to the US.

Some predictions say India, the USA, Russia, Japan, and Korea will start working together to make progress. The economy will flourish in India and Prime Minister Modi will make big changes in the monetary and fiscal codes. The Indian economy will complete a full recovery from the COVID crisis by the year 2021.

Coronavirus Astrology predictions

Nature Forecast-

COVID 19 is a stark reminder that we aren’t the masters of nature but merely a part of it. Our attempts at deforestation, abusing animals, and not respecting nature’s boundaries are the root cause behind this pandemic. Post the COVID crisis, we need to realize that our idea of business, as usual, is unsustainable and can cause utter chaos. 

We need to focus on rebuilding natural habitats and reduce the damage that we are inflicting on the environment. As governments look at getting the economy back on track and announcing stimulus packages, they must be careful to stimulate growth in a sustainable manner or the threat of nature’s fury is ever looming.

Governments need to use this time to align their economic models to the natural law of the planet. Although there has been a lot of devastation due to the COVID crisis, this is an opportunity for us to hit the reset button. These efforts will require strong government policy, civil activism and great cooperation from the public, however, the struggles that we face during this public have brought us closer together and the shared pain will help us unite to find the solution.

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