Coronavirus: Understanding the astrology behind it

The COVID-19 pandemic that originated from Wuhan city in China has hit the world hard affecting more than a million lives. Nations and scientists are still grappling with this new strain of COVID-19 virus, they are trying to look for a vaccine or a cure for the virus and also looking at the past to understand the virus better.

While the scientists look at it from a perspective of disease and cause and effect, astrologers are looking at it from an astrological viewpoint to help unravel its mysteries and what it portends for the future.

According to astrological symbolism, the coronavirus turning into a pandemic isn’t just a coincidence but the specific out-turn of the alignment of the planets. Astrologers have been talking about the astrological significance of the year 2020 for the past few years due to intense astrological transits and the rare retrograde movement of the planets. It was already predicted that 2020 is going to be a difficult year, and now, here we are going through it as the coronavirus spreads globally.

At the forefront of 2020’s astrology are the conjunctions formed by Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter among one another throughout the year in Capricorn. In addition to being slow-moving, Saturn and Jupiter are termed as social planets while Pluto is a generational planet. Therefore, their combined effect will cause an impact on the entire world’s population as a whole.

Saturn is known to govern restrictions and boundaries, while Pluto is associated with viruses and death. Jupiter, on the other hand, brings abundance and amplifies everything that comes it’s way. Being the largest planet in the solar system, it also represents the world.

What’s next for coronavirus according to astrology predictions?

What does astrology say about the outbreak?

It can be said that the coronavirus was the consequence of the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that happened on the 12th of January. From what is speculated, the virus probably came from bats or snakes, both of which are ruled by Pluto. Symbolically, bats depict death and snakes are believed to be an ancient sign of transformation and rebirth.

Moreover, the combination of Pluto and Saturn and their deadly impact can be seen with this virus. As death is Pluto’s territory, and separation is Saturn’s domain, we can clearly talk about a virus that has killed thousands of people and separated everyone by forcing them to stay in quarantine for weeks on end.

The devastating impacts of the Saturn and Pluto conjunctions can be observed back in time as well. Some of them to mention are World War I and II, the Great Depression, and even the AIDS epidemic. Hence, it is important to be aware of the times in which we are currently living and understand what we are dealing with here as you can see how the Saturn-Pluto transits can bring long-term and life-changing consequences.

However, that’s not all there is to it. There are other factors involved as well otherwise the impacts would have been the same, and we would have lived through the same conditions again and again. Although Saturn and Pluto are majorly responsible for the pandemic, other celestial aspects and combinations augmented to create the perfect storm.

Back in December, when the world was beginning to see the first outbreak of the virus, Saturn was just two degrees away from coming in contact with Pluto. But the virus got its major push when Mars formed a conjunction with the south node of the moon, also in Capricorn on February 25. In astrological terms, Mars is a malefic planet that governs energy, while the south node of the moon is a point that releases energy. As the nodes of the moon affect each of us, the release of energy on the entire planet marked the death of several people due to the virus. Mars is especially malicious when in Capricorn, it has always led to the times of great terror, martial law and brought challenges to governments. The appalling incident of 9/11 also happened during this combination.

Additionally, there was this uncertain conjunction forming between the Sun and the Neptune in Pisces that almost went unnoticed. Neptune is associated with pandemics and the dissolution of boundaries. And it was exactly during the peak of 2020’s Sun-Neptune conjunction on March 7 when the pandemic grew to unmanageable levels.

Like Pluto, Neptune is a generational planet as well. It rules Pisces, and therefore, its current position in this sign makes Neptune incredibly strong. Every year, the flu season makes a strong hit on people when the Sun is in Pisces. During this time, the coronavirus first started manifesting which also included a retrograding Mercury in the same Pisces sign. Mercury rules the lungs according to medical astrology.
Finally, we can say that it’s going to take a long time, probably the whole year, to completely deal with this coronavirus pandemic and its social and economic implications as is the case with all Saturn-Pluto conjunctions.

The following aspects of the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions can indicate the further impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: How do different zodiac signs respond to it?

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius:

The social isolation may intensify fear and anger among us. This is probably going to be the darkest time of the pandemic.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in the summer and the fall:

This will bring about a shift in the governmental and financial areas as we try to rebuild and grow.

Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn:

Conflict and rage may surface among us leading to moments of crisis. Many of us will also realize the need for collective transformation.

Retrograde movements of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter:

As Saturn and Pluto retrograde and lose power, the world will eventually be able to contain the virus.

Neptune retrogrades in Pisces:

As Neptune caused the virus to reach the pandemic level, its retrograde will mean lower contagion.

Pluto goes in Capricorn and Mars square Pluto:

New cases of coronavirus infection could surface as Pluto’s regains its power. It could also bring power struggles and call for socio-political transformations in the world.

Sun squares Pluto and Saturn:

As we see that the pandemic isn’t over yet, frustration and depression could be the result.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn:

This time period marks the brand-new start of the age of Aquarius, where we might see progressive and sustainable industries and new millionaires.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius:

This is the most crucial time of the year. This conjunction brings a promise of a new vaccine or treatment to eradicate coronavirus for once and for all. This event will officially imply the new beginning and awakening for humanity.

The signs of the cosmos clearly reveal that it is time to take a break and introspect about ourselves as a species and the impact we have on mother nature. This is a time for all of us to focus on our health and reassess our unsustainable lifestyles. Most importantly, this is a time to be around people who love you and practice gratitude.

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